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  1. I have tried the tap zoom, but none of my cards have the option to bury when I zoom in. It says bury an item, I have 3 items, but it only seems to give me the option to bury weapons.
  2. I am having the same issue on crow bait with Merisel. That said, I have run into this issue multiple times in quest mode as well when I got the bury items on damage scenario power. In quest mode I am usually able to forfeit the scenario to get out of it, but I cannot do that in story mode.
  3. So Playing on either quest or story mode, there is sometimes a scenario effect that forces you to bury an item when you take combat damage. If you have a weapon in your discard pile you are good, but if not the interface pops up with a list of items to bury, but you cannot bury anything. Further, the interface stays stuck this way preventing you from doing anything else.
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