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  1. In order, Crow Bait, Guard Tower, Amiri, damage, I can't remember the abilities or cards I used, and it was a Bandit. he card I was forced to discard and bury is the Guide.
  2. After being required to bury a card I discarded from taking damage, I find myself unable to push any buttons. This means no Next Turn, no Discard, no other characters... and no options. Which means no forfeiting. Resetting the app and going back into quest mode just takes me back to it demanding I bury the Guide and start all over again. What do?
  3. Frankly, I don't want stretch goals in the form of immediate new features. I want them in the form of promises for guaranteed DLC or the like. That way they can focus all of the Kickstarter money into making sure that whatever they're already planning on making is the best thing it could possibly be, and then tuck whatever's left over away for future support.
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