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  1. Thanks for the responses. I do accept that part of my lack of success in Quest mode is due to not having access to better cards (I assume I will if I hit level 30? Is that when you unlock the next tier of adventure deck cards?) and more power feats. However, the jump from breezing through Heroic quests pre-, and often with risky dice rolls, to being over-cautious with dice rolls and failing much more considerably post- is just something I can't reconcile, particularly with the petty punishment of not rewarding XP for failing a quest, so I can't potentially move faster to a higher levels where I can improve my characters and get access to better cards.
  2. Been playing this on my iPad for a while. Completed all Story campaigns on all difficulties no problems. Quest mode is highly frustrating. In my 20's with my Quest mode characters and ever since the last update, I've noticed a significant leap in failure, I usually did Heroic with 4 chars and barely ever ran out of time, now it's 1 in 3 that end in failing a quest from blessings running out. Why am I failing? Either I'm rolling a lot of 1s or 2s regardless of die, or I'm failing checks by 1, or henchmen/villains are consistently at/near the bottom of their decks. With my die rolls, I'm now always being over cautious, treating each die as half its value rounded down, then adding 1 or 2 extra die through blessings r other means. But still about half the time, I'm getting the aforementioned failure through rolling 1s or failing by 1. Is this by design to slow progression? It's not fun anymore. I spend 15+ mins on a quest digging through decks as fast as I can only to fail and I get nothing. A stupid waste of time. I understand no gold for failing but why no XP?
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