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  1. Thanks for the responses. I do accept that part of my lack of success in Quest mode is due to not having access to better cards (I assume I will if I hit level 30? Is that when you unlock the next tier of adventure deck cards?) and more power feats. However, the jump from breezing through Heroic quests pre-, and often with risky dice rolls, to being over-cautious with dice rolls and failing much more considerably post- is just something I can't reconcile, particularly with the petty punishment of not rewarding XP for failing a quest, so I can't potentially move faster to a hi
  2. Been playing this on my iPad for a while. Completed all Story campaigns on all difficulties no problems. Quest mode is highly frustrating. In my 20's with my Quest mode characters and ever since the last update, I've noticed a significant leap in failure, I usually did Heroic with 4 chars and barely ever ran out of time, now it's 1 in 3 that end in failing a quest from blessings running out. Why am I failing? Either I'm rolling a lot of 1s or 2s regardless of die, or I'm failing checks by 1, or henchmen/villains are consistently at/near the bottom of their decks. With my die rolls, I'm now
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