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  1. Short answer: no. PoTD difficulty has not been made easier. How do you know? How can you explain what I found if it has not been made easier? patch notes lol
  2. it's like having a dm that hides total lack of narrative ambition under cliche hooks and groaner jokes and puns. attempts at bring lighthearted and funny has to succeed in order to get credit for it
  3. But that's not my point, not even close. That completely misses what I'm talking about. I'm not interested in boats as such, I simply think it's a bad idea and not at all realistic that the moment you've boarded a ship, it blinks out of existence. >complaining about minor "realism" quibbles in fantasy crpg how come you guys never have avatars
  4. xzar there's a game called sid meier's pirates! you should play it instead if you were hoping for fun on a boat
  5. the raedcerans are definitely plays on southern baptists and mormons but the children of the danwstars and stuff demonstrably do good in eora. the clinic in the gullet, for example i liked it, i'm almost certain eder is doing a texas thing and i love that
  6. It's an issue if you really want to play with full fledged party members and not just a bunch of people that are just there. I get the feeling that Obsidian simply hates priests. In the first game we have Durance who is such a dumb and annoying character that I just kill him every time I enter the area where you can pick him up. Xoti is no exception. She's also an idiot and possibly even more annoying because not only is she incredibly stupid, she has the most obnoxious accent and is fanatically religious. There is no way to like this character if you are of average intelligence or higher. And in beast of Winter we get a guy who spearheads a bunch of lunatics and looks like he died 5 times. I'm serious it's on purpose. They're all a bunch of deranged idiots. well i think you're making an err in judgement that you think you have to like characters as people for them to be interesting. durance is incredibly important to the plot of that game so good job on killing him its crazy how much people hate southern accents lol are you a yank or euro
  7. well i don't think she can be described as a mary sue, that involves being an author self-insert and being extremely good at everything and everyone loves them and all their jokes are insanely good and they are lovers of the most incredible caliber etc idk what people think mary sue means these days but it came from actual star trek fan fiction where mary sue arrives on board the enterprise and very rapidly becomes the most important and beloved member of the crew and in fact demonstrates herself to be smarter and more capable than kirk and spock and instead of being suspicious or annoyed by this they fall in love with her. as i recall. my opinion? i liked xoti. shes not a fav like eder, tekehu or ydwin but i like the southern accents in this game overall its nice to move away from stilted english accents for no reason. she says some funny things, i think her quest is cool. i thought gaun is really cool, the apotheosis of the harvest, all that mythic stuff is good for me i like that kind of thing. i think the dark ending for it kinda toes the line of being edgecheese but i'm also kind of reminded of like xmen and rogue being evil or something. she's very very reminiscent of rogue who i really like. also she's a lot of fun to play as a contemplative
  8. I actually liked the fact that your actions don't matter to Eothas. He's a natural disaster, an act of god. Your actions don't matter in the face of Eothas any more than they do in the face of an earthquake or a tsunami. He just happens. yeah seems like there's this idea that there's a stone tablet inscribed with rules about how your player character has to be able to have agency over the entire game-world is honestly just trying to limit potential artistic statements with arbitrary market rules. probably some kind of rigid game design academia leaking out into folk wisdom i think the inevitability and unstoppable nature of eothas and the disruptive and permanent change he brings is at least partly a metaphor for climate change
  9. how is it strange that a class that existed when the game came out had reactivity with a quest in the base game that the new class added with a patch almost six months later does not, are you getting that part or nah they added to the game for free and you complain about it no thats actually good thank you, investor and patron of black isle my lord
  10. the differences in graphics/palates in poe1/poe2 remind me of baldur's gate, the first being more down to earth, so the settings more mundane and natural, realistic whereas the second game is more sprawling and epic, the settings and situations more fantastic
  11. Here's my answer: Because these games are mainly designed as escapist power fantasy for an incredibly conservative male audience who want precisely that and would get royally angry if it were any other way. i'm a history and political science degree holder and i think youre over politicizing this this new liberal gamer trend about shaming power fantasies in rpgs is asinine, go play games the way you want to i want to crush nazis with tanks **** you lol
  12. Well, since there is no truth to be found, it could not go anywhere else. There is no such a thing as "good" design and "bad" design. There is only design some people like while others don't. nah man there's badly made games for sure, cynical, buggy, time wasting, counter intuitive, self indulgent
  13. well there's a couple things about this but most of the discussion about sales is in relation to catalouging every way the game failed to be good enough to sell a lot of copies which imo is extremely bad analysis and moot. its one of those things that feeds into whatever nerdcore hate boner people have for every little flaw the game has and how we have these guys with no avatar showing up to complain about stuff like "i hit max level too soon" which is still not an actual complaint its just stupid and annoying crap honestly. "would the game sell better if we didn't have ship to ship combat" i mean its not great but it that hard to hit buttons and ram the other ship then nuke the crew, guys, hey? i've seen bad game elements fail harder than this for sure. yeah i wish sid meiers pirates and a d&d game were merged together into a glorious whole but they didn't manage to do it this time. i've been playing xcom 2 for the past month or so and it sold a ton of copies and has many, many, many flaws. i wonder if it didn't sell if people would be on the forums like "new brazil consists of most of the former gran colombia and a small sliver of northern amazon, the least populated part of brazil. do you think if these guys googled south america once the game would have sold better?" i'm still not sure that the story makes sense and its big "twist" is like "i thought i was already supposed to know this" and yet still its one of the most fun squad rpgs to play. and one of those flaws seems to be that midgame is more difficult than the end game save for the final assault of course second i wish we could just enjoy the 2 epic role playing games we have right now instead of worrying about future sequels which may not be any good anyway lastly as a 90s gamer sometimes your best selling fallout 2 doesn't get a sequel for ten years and then its made by todd howard
  14. The Pathfinder franchise has a much larger and more established fanbase really. Familiarity can make something seem better in comparison to something new. So basically the system they are already comfortable with makes more sense. The new system by comparison is illogical. Even though both are complete abstractions that don't stay completely logical or consistent. its weird to me how often negative user reviews for their competition end in "unlike pathfinder kingmaker which is amazing" pathfinder table top always seemed like the system for suckers who didnt get juiced on books enough from 3.5
  15. yeah i think this has more to do with the internet being unreasonable, mid major tiyles like this game get way more scutiny and weird dogpiling than the love in for aaa titles like overwatch that only now is getting backlash for what its always been a very ptetty and one dimensional gane with loot crates
  16. did pathfinder devs hire a bunch of eastern europeans to ****post about other games tho seriously
  17. I have read (and contributed to) feedback that says, "It would be a good idea if it was possible to turn the narrator off", which is entirely legitimate and inoffensive. The likelihood of this causing umbrage in a realistically-inclined professional is nil. its still dumb criticism like most of the crit of this game
  18. South Park is in the hands of Ubisoft south park ip does not belong to obsidian
  19. man how cool is this guy telling people how little he cares and thinks, don't strain yourself typing a sentence there tony twist
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