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  1. Sorry for the delays on the patch. We kept finding stupid things at the last moment and we would get it fixed late in the week and it kept pushing it out because the bosses don't like late week patches and not wanting us to have to work weekends to support said patch.
  2. By the way, that challenge name sounds very much like something I would say in a Han/Lando voice.
  3. “We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” -Bob Ross
  4. OES has responded to the message, rdgoock... God have mercy on your soul!
  5. Nope, no GoG. We actually had it ready and in a depot ready to go at the same time as Steam but having an online feature (whether it is used or not) wasn't allowed.
  6. Oh, and I'll see if I can get something less spooky for Valentines.
  7. It was *supposed* to be Tuesday but we found this awesome progression break... We have one more thing to fix before 1.2.9 is coming out. I am finishing up the patch notes right now.
  8. is coming. Trying to get it to you folks early next week if possible. Definitely taking on the Valeros thing, some additional Unicode fixes, Ranzak's Ransack fix, and card sorting issues. The fix for Valeros' recharge might be a global thing for all recharge powers. We hope so, at least. Something more official and verbose will be coming from Aarik/Mikey. -F P.S. Ethics is reading our thoughts!
  9. Checking it out now. Strangely, it looks like you got all the items at approximately 11:13am on November 30th. -F
  10. Take a look at the unclaimed tab now. Support is trying different ways to get stuff done and we aren't entirely sure it is working. -F
  11. Hey Achilles, I was taking a peek at your account and you go the following items: 5000 Gold - Nov. 13th 9:49pm Boots of Speed - Nov. 13th 9:49pm Trusty Scale Mail - Nov. 13th 9:49pm Farmer's Daughter - Nov. 13th 3:58pm Tankard - Nov. 13th 3:58pm Old Friend - Nov. 13th 3:58pm I also show them still in your inventory. By chance, have you check the "Unclaimed" tab in deck management? Please let me know if they are there. Oh, and those items are the first time we have the "Owner" trait on cards. Meaning, you can't sell them but if you banish them they will always come back. So check Valeros specifically to make sure they aren't just waiting for him and him alone. Thanks, -F
  12. I still think Mummy's Mask is probably easier to be done mechanic-wise. I am still trying to think of a good way to implement the ship. -F
  13. I agree. Paizo definitely will NOT allow us to have their Iconics do bad things though. That is why we had to split the Rise of the Goblins from Runelords. Now when they have very ebil characters purposely doing very ebil things in their own adventure, they are okay with it. Unfortunately, I think it would be kind of goofy to try to shoehorn Nyctessa the Dhampir Wizard into the Goblin decks (which is the only thing we have that is remotely ebil). -F
  14. You've been so quiet, I don't know if you haven't been checking your messenger or you are hating on me... -F
  15. Just to add, all progression is tied to the characters themselves, not the party they are in. If you delete a party you are just making them free agents again. That's also why we allow nicknames for the characters, so if you wanted to make a new party with Lem you could use some of the other characters with a low level clone of them. -F
  16. That's all right, TheMightyBojangles, you have to take care of yourself as a priority. Oh, and Hannibal... The next stuffz ain't Pirates. -F
  17. Paizo sends up a copy of their Pathfinder decks as they are released. Just today I was looking at Hell's Vengeance Class Deck 2. They pull in some neat stuff that uses things from Wrath, Mummy, and S&S, but they work with all Base Decks. So whenever we do decks, we are sometimes implementing more modern cards into the game depending on where we are at in production. -F
  18. Haunted = Spooky. When looking at the PlayFab servers they are labelled as "Spooky" and when we made the event we just called them that even though in-game they are "Haunted". They are Spooky though! I'm stoked you guys got some! Keep up the good work. -F
  19. Correct, Amentep. Most of the time we spend our weekends crying into beer. Alone... In all seriousness I am looking into SumOfALLForms' account. I was kind of hoping that would have fixed the issue.
  20. Ugh. Sending this to the Programmer. I'm not sure this would even generate a log file but if you did get one, that would be helpful. They can usually be found in places like C:\Users\FlounderIsRad\Documents\PACG1_SAVE_GAMES\logs
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