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  1. start game(steam or mobile phone huaweip9 Android7.0) start → select→ new →add character →load existing i can see only 7 character! but i have 13!!!! i had 6 character in other part but i cant see anyone them then contuiue (cant see 6 character in this part)→main menu→start → select→ new →add character →load existing now i can see 13 character in it WTF!!!!!! I dare not let them(the 6 character i cant see at first) leave because my druid(nikename lini)is vanish when i let her leave part now I can only use vanish 6 character part what should i do????
  2. i lose her when i change my part i change some card to other character After a while i cant find her when i want to rejoin her
  3. PFID-D6AF4080403D003C ranzak(Ranzak) Flaming Returning Throwing Axe +1 Shock Longbow +1 rogue(Harsk) Flaming Returning Throwing Axe +1 Frost Longbow +1 Frost Longbow +1 Light Crossbow +1 and lini(druid) character with her all cards
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