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  1. I remember testing things out by attacking VTC people (don't remember which exactly) and Pallegina immediately became hostile. More recently, I attacked the VTC headquarters Five Suns Honor Guards but nothing happened. Might have to attack the right people?
  2. Might be a little late to the party here, but is there a way to edit the effects of Afflicitons without having to edit every status effect that has it? For example, Hobbled is defined as: "StatuseffectIDs: a: -5 Dex and b: cannot run" But every ability that causes Hobbled references both these ids, i.e., as "StatuseffectIDs: a: -5 Dex and b: cannot run" So if I want to add an effect to Hobbled, I have to add it to every status effect that causes Hobbled, which isn't great for mod compatibility. I do have a hacky way of doing this where I add extra statuseffectIDs as children to an existing one, but this has the disadvantage that it doesn't show up on tooltips.
  3. Added keywords to all the Druid spells. Includes spells that are part of other subclasses (e.g., Berath's Touch of Rot), as well as some item spells, though I probably didn't catch all of them. Right now Druids are pretty heavy on Conjuration though I did manage to balance it out a bit. I also only edited the abilities.gamedatabundle. This is sufficient for PL bonuses, but I think some more esoteric effects, like the +10 Defense against Evocation/Transmutation/Illusions attacks on Aloth's armour, require me to also edit the attacks.gamedatabundle, which I probably won't get to doing for a while. druid ability keywords.zip
  4. I'll put it on Nexus when it's finished. Not too familiar with Steam Workshop but I could give it a go. Straw poll for the group: Should "Storm" spells (e.g., Returning Storm, Maelstrom, Blizzard) be Conjuration or Evocation? Edit: my instinct is Conjuration but so far Druids have been 90% Conjuration
  5. Added the Restoration keywords for Chanters. Has the side effect of Restoration PLs also benefiting the offensive hit of "...And Evil Turned Away", but couldn't figure out how to make it only effect the healing. Also had a look at some of the spell lists to see what spell schools everything could fit in. Assuming I try to fit *every* spell into a school, some thoughts: Most buff spells I found fit best under Enchantment, so an Enchanter multiclassed with a Priest or Chanter would be pretty solid Ciphers are obviously going to be mostly Illusions and Enchantment. Come to think of it, Enchanters may get way too much if I do add Wizard tags to everything Druids sure do have a lot of stuff that fits either Conjuration or Transmutation Will probably also remove the PL penalty to Restoration (but keep the one for Rejuvenation) from Lifegivers, to keep it in line with how multiclassed Wizards would behave with the new tags. chanter healing keywords abilities.zip
  6. Editing some of the caster classes' passives to improve their synergy with other caster classes when multiclassing. Current effects: Fury: Bonus range and penetration now works with Fire/Frost/Electricity/etc. spells from all classes, rather than just Druid "Elements" spells. Lifegiver: Bonus and penalty to Power Level now also applies to Restoration spells, rather than just Druid "Rejuvenation" spells. The passive +2 bonus to Restoration doesn't work right now despite the pop-up showing it, can't really figure out why, but the +5 when Spiritshifted and -5 after Spiritshift does. Cipher: "The Empty Soul" now adds +10 to all spells vs. Will, rather than just Cipher spells. Stuff I might add: Adding "Restoration/Rejuvenation" keywords to other classes' healing spells: I think this will mainly cover Chanters so it shouldn't be too much work. Allowing passives to apply to non-spell effects: For example, allowing the Fury bonus to apply to a Paladin's Flames of Devotions. Not married to this idea, could go either way on it. Adding cross-class spell keywords: For example, adding "Evocation" to spells like the Priest's Pillar of Holy Fire, or "Deception" to something like the Wizard's "Confusion". This would allow bonuses (and penalties) from subclasses like Evoker or Beguiler to apply to more spells. It would be an enormous amount of work, though, and I probably couldn't apply the tags evenly at all. It also might restrict Wizard subclasses from learning another class' spell if it has a non-allowed keyword (e.g., a Conjurer might not be able to learn a Druid's Dancing Bolts if it's tagged "Evocation"). Haven't decided if that's behaviour I would want, or how I would get around it (changing the Wizard subclass school penalty from restriction to a Power Level malus might work). Just did some quick testing, the Wizard subclass spell school restriction only applies to Wizard spells. Probably will keep it that way if I ever get around to doing this. Caster multiclass synergy.zip
  7. Tactician/Streetfighter looks like it could have a fun interaction, flavour-wise. When they're not Flanked (and meet the other requirements), they'll get Brillinat Tactician, but have increased recovery from Streetfighter. When they're Flanked, they'll have Shaken and Confused, but get the damage and speed bonuses from Streetfighter. Like they're a slow, methodical fighter who also panics and lashes out when they're under pressure.
  8. Brilliant Tactician: Fighter gains the Brilliant Inspiration whenever all foes are Flanked and no allies are Flanked Tactical Dilemma: Fighter is Shaken and Confused while Flanked
  9. Sort of. Fighter gets +20 defense against int, per, con afflictions, while Paladin gets +20 against res, dex, mig. All 6 covered, but not really split into body and mind. Also, these are increased defenses, not actual resist. PotD Fampyr will still dominate you through that. Boots of Stone give might resist. There are a number of necklaces that give con resist. Gwyn's Marital Band or something. Devil of Caroc's armor for all phys or all mind resists, though apparently that's getting nerfed in 1.1. Crusaders can indeed get capital-R Resistance to every Affliction type, in addition to the +20 defense to all Afflictions. Fearless, Unstoppable and Body Control on the Fighter side, and Iron Gut, Clear Head and Mental Fortress on the Paladin side.
  10. Open statuseffects.gamedatabundle. Look for "Battle_Forged_SE_AttackOnMeleeHit" and "Battle_Forged_SE_ArmorRating". In both of those sections there should be a subsection labelled "Power level scaling". Try adjusting the "ValueAdjustment" and setting "UseCharacterLevel" to "true". I haven't edited this passive in particular or used character level scaling but I have had success making other passives scale with PL, so let me know if it works.
  11. Semi-serious suggestion: -2 Diplomacy Serious suggestion: I think reducing overall Rage pool would have a similar effect to increased Rage cost but not be quite as punitive?
  12. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/59/ Wanted to add some more bite to the hard CCs without making them too powerful as they (arguably) were in PoE. For example, it was weird to me that Paralyzed targets weren't any easier to Hit with Deflection attacks, so I gave Paralyzed a -10 Deflection penalty. Also changed the effect of the Swift and Courageous Inspirations since they didn't seem too good to me. Haven't tested this for balance at all, so feedback in that regard is welcome. I'm not too clear on how compatibility works at this point, but this edited many entries in the statuseffects.gamedatabundle file, so it's probably incompatible with anything else that edits this. Might update this in future to edit more Afflictions/Inspirations, or change some of the effects. Current changes: Courageous: Replaces the Interrupt Immunity effect to 25% incoming Crit to Hit conversion Paralyzed: -10 Deflection Petrified:-10 Deflection and +40% incoming damage Quick, Nimble: +20 Disengagement Defense Swift: +20 Disengagement Defense and replaces Engagement Immunity with -50% Recovery Stunned: -10 Reflex and WIll Terrified: Immune to Concentration (same effect as the Thick Grew Their Tongues phrase)
  13. Cheers, TKDancer. So I've been experimenting and managed to edit the individual effects, e.g., changing "Paralyzed_SE_DexterityDebuff" from -5 Dex to -10 All Defenses, but I can't seem to change or add effects to an Affliction. I've tried adding additional IDs or replacing them in the "StatusEffectsValueIDs" field in "AFF_Paralyzed", but no difference. However, each ability that causes Paralysis, e.g., Shadowflame, has its own "StatusEffectsValueIDs" list, that's the same as the one in "AFF_Paralyzed". If you change or add IDs to that field, it'll add/change effects to Paralysis, but only for Shadowflame, and not other abilities that cause it. For example, I found the ID for the -10 Deflection malus of Stunned and added it to Shadowflame, which added -10 Deflection to Shadowflame's Paralysis effect (including the tooltip), but not to other abilities. tl;dr of this is if you want to change the way an Affliction (I imagine Inspirations work the same way) works, you can do that fairly easily by editing the individual debuffs, but if you want to add effects to an Affliction, you have to edit abilities one-by-one. Unless somebody has any other ideas? lmao was really overthinking this, just need to Find+Replace UPDATE: Looks like the effects in the generic AFF_Paralyzed/Immobilized/etc. field are applied in cases of Resistance/Weakness, e.g., I changed the StatusEffectsValueIDs of Immobilized to the ones for Enfeebled. When I cast a Paralysis effect on someone with Dex Afflictions Resistance, it applied the effects for Enfeebled.
  14. It's a good idea. I think Passionate is a better opposite for Stoic than Clever, though I can't really think of what Clever would oppose.
  15. Anyone have any idea where to edit the effects of Afflictions/Inspirations? Had a look in statuseffects.gamedatabundle but couldn't make heads or tails of it.
  16. Sneak Attack scales with Power Level now. We don't know yet what the upper limit on it with respect to multi vs single class, though.
  17. chris is quickly becoming the most relatable (ex) obsidian: constantly mad online, never stops posting
  18. buddy have i got good news for you Everything in Deadfire is per-encounter except item spellbinds and Empower, a universal per-rest resource that supercharges your abilities or restores per-encounter resources.
  19. I'm hoping this just means they finally implemented Power Level scaling for Sneak Attack and other passives.
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