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  1. I have played 10+ hours if turn base combat PoTD and it's been a cake walk so far and think the biggest part of this is the initiative being usless, Dex as well.And also skills that improve initiative dual welding, modals light armor etc. My builds now are everyone wears heavy armor Dex is at 5 so - accuracy can be negated by having aura or buff from priest, and stack up as much defence as possible. Buff in a first round since encounter have a hard time reaching you And you are done. My suggestion is Either make initiative matter like having high initiative characters go more times in a turn, or wearing light armor(high initiative), makes you run faster so enemies are can reach you in first round and can actually hurt you. The second approch will only give enemies advantage in first turn so I'm leaning more towards to initiative changes decides turn order but having 2x initiative should make characters go 2x In a turn as oppose to characters characters having low initiative, and not to make it op maybe cap it like max 2-3x in character can go in one turn or make offensive abilities that hurt enemies inaccable. After they been used initially Second point I want to raise is the interupt I have not noticed any advantage when using interupt skill is it broken? Because when successfully interupted does not push them down the queue or skip turn. Nothing really happens.
  2. Thank you for the replay, I have tried your suggestions but changing these values does not make any difference. it it kind of strange to me that there are so many adjustments to one skill in 3 different tables. attack.gamedatabundle(min-max dmg), statuseffect.gamedatabundle(PowerLevelScaling) and abilities.gamedatabundle(PowerLevelScaling) Interesting thing i have found is when i go to abilities and I add ID from attack table to the Battle_Forged, the skill does display in a tool tip attack dmg scaling up(as it should). but it seem like it is an active skill now not a passive, with recovery time and penetration rating, and there is an extra static base dmg as well not quite sure why is this happening apparently I cannot post image here It would help you understand of what i mean
  3. hello, I'm trying to create a mod for a passive skill of fire godlike battle forge, for dmg to scale up with the characters level, so the race ability is not useless after lvl 3. I changed some values in the abilities.gamedatabundle the in particular damage adjustment from 1.05 to 1.5 and max lvl to 20, but that does not have any affect, so I went to into the attacks.gamedatabundle found the Battle_Forged_Melee and adjusted the minimum and maximum values, however this appears to be static change, It does not scale up when gaining new level. does anybody know how to enable passive abilities like battle forged to automatically lvl up with the character lvl?
  4. Also I have not found conditional Target: Infliction - has Market Prey, can it be added,? or did someone found a solution for an AI to use skills only on market targets? also I have not found it any behavior for companions
  5. if anyone would have some time and compile all the community made portraits and put them into zip for download, would have my eternal gratitude
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