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  1. Yeah the problem as cited is that those level 8-9 abilities are not created equal among classes. Wizard lvl 8 but especially lvl 9 abilities are godtier quality Monk, barbarian, priest lvl8-9 abilities are strong Druid is "serviceable" until you see what a single class priest or omg a single class wizard can do Rogue while not great is again serviceable at those levels Chanter, Paladin, Fighter and Chanter are weak at lvl8-9 abilities especially the "active" abilities not the passives. Completely agree, i just rank Priest slightly lower due to Wizard envy.
  2. Agreed, the time spent debuffing fort and finding synergies in a party is kind of a waste of time, since you can just kill the mobs faster with a different approach, often with straight up melee damage.
  3. Personal thoughts after 300 hours in P2: 1) certain multiclass combinations are significantly more powerful than other combinations. Not to start a nerf storm, but once you understand the mechanics of POTD and which variables are important, you realize which classes deliver the most in those key categories. 2) so many wasted skills in classes that players never take (outside of pure role playing reasons), due to high costs or simply ineffective compared to other abilities. 3) beat to death in other posts, but two weapon style is vastly superior due to full attack mechanics (greater weapon enchants to a lesser extent). Furthermore, many weapons and/or modals are ineffective in POTD (if you care about efficiency of your build). 4) spell cast times for mediocre spells (Priest) should be reduced and while we are at it, why do priests and druids have to spend level-up points in spells, while Wizards basically get a free pass with grimoires? 5) recurring theme, but armor is an all-or-nothing proposition. Either you build for armor to be effective or just fight fast and light. The only time I consider the middle ground is if the enchants of the armor are helpful for a specific build.
  4. Hi, this is my list of the tastiest food in the world. I never even tried any of those, but that doesn't mean the list is useless! There is a site, called Wikipedia, that provides information on events, cultures, geography, etc. I think it has “decent” utilization... Oddly enough, the vast majority of the community of authors never met Napoleon, summited K2, or spent extensive time with Blue Whales, but there it is... mankind’s attempt to list events, describe the character of historical figures, and rationalize the world around us. Someone may find Wikipedia useless, admittedly weak in areas, but for a significant number of people it serves a purpose. Feel free to disagree with any list... that’s why accessible admin privileges were created in most Wiki communities. For these boards, I hope we all continue to share our opinions and help improve the content. No need to mock somoneone’s work, unless you get off on that kind of thing.
  5. Is this list perfect? No, but with an internet full of opinions, what could ever satisfy the ravenous maw of debate? Personally, I like lists because they “attempt” to provide some structure of classification that can be debated and refined over time. To say, “you never used it” so your list is meaningless is simply absurd, borderline obstinate. Are these lists ideal? No, but far from useless. University professors may spend lifetimes researching ancient weapons and armor, but is their work pointless because they never thrust a drusus into the heart of a charging opponent? The answer is no... they do their best studying available opinions, researching ancient accounts, comparing the metallurgy, etc. In short, doing their best with the available numbers, data points, and reports. The original poster did a decent job with the classification lists, and he or she should be commended for their effort. What we, as a productive community, should do, is help constructively refine this list through debate and sharing experiences. My suggestion... we’ve already flogged the author... instead, let’s help refine the list. Yes, there will always be exceptions around certain builds, but to say we can’t distinguish the superiority of Devil of Caroc armor or Magran’s Favor axe is just being stubborn.
  6. I’m pretty sure most players would appreciate a chance to wipe that righteous smile off of Eothas’ face... Ideal option, have the watcher and the other 7-8 god join him/her in a group combat against Eothas. Think Battle of Cad Nua, but instead you have a huge open area with Eothas on one side and The Watcher, Magran, Galwain, Skaen, Berath, Hylea, Woedica, etc. on the other side. Even better, allow The Watcher a chance to pick his 6 person god crew! Yeah, everyone might die, but it would be infinitely more rewarding than to listen to Doctor Manhattan, I mean Eothas, tell me for the zillionth time, “He is doing this for our own good..” Foook him, bring on the god-brawl!
  7. Quick thoughts: Good: New content New slot use (trinkets) Less pirates OK: Most items are average (Deck of OK Things... am I missing the good stuff?) Some potions and trinkets seem OP Problem solving is a bit tedious with lots of backtracking and gates Bad: Not enough boss monsters Not enough new types of monsters Need more open environments... every map is a habitrail of tunnels and gates Overall: B work
  8. Memorable combos... Chanters War Caller (fighter/unbroken and chanter/troubadour) Herald (paladin/anything and chanter/troubadour) This adventurer is never a main and simply a low-micro support tank with the ability to heal, buff, summon, and law down some nasty frost damage at point-blank-range. Wizards barbarian(berserker) and wiz paladin(anything) and wiz fighter(devoted) and wiz monk(anything) and wiz rogue(streetfighter) and wiz All great, all deadly in slightly different ways, and to indicate how much I enjoy these combos, I had two full play-throughs with my main as pali/wiz and zerker/wiz. Wiz is always vanilla, unless envoker build. Rogue Holy Slayer (pali/anything and rogue/trickster) Great fun, when played as a low-micro, tanky flanker that is perfectly comfortable moving rapidly to the rear casters and causing havoc. I always start sword and shield, cast Ryngrim’s and Deflection-buff, and eventually move to dual wield if chopping down a caster. Druid druid/shifter and monk/helwalker druid/shifter and rogue/streetfighter Wow... and I mean wow! Nothing destroys a back row of casters faster (outside of a pure caster throwing an empowered level 9 spell). Fun, fairly tanky, but if built correctly will put out the most efficient melee numbers... wow. My nod goes to streetfighter, simply because he can move to back-row faster with escape. In summary, these combos were unreal for me, while I found (for my play style) other combos underwhelming (priest/pali, druid/fighter, etc.) or not as fun for whatever reason. Lastly, pure, single class options are troubling. The pure melee classes are competent, but never shine... and certainly never outshine a multi-melee. Pure casters start slower, but by level 14, with the right gear and planning, most fights are one or two cast clears... which becomes old quickly. Here’s the problem, pure casters (wiz) can also become really tanky with buffs/gear at higher levels and still out DPS entire parties with the right, empowered spells. Pure melee just doesn’t compare... if you wanted the ultimate party, 5 single class casters would obliterate anything (because of empowered stacking dynamics)... and have no need for tanks/melee. Multis strike the best balance between competent and fun at all levels. Yet no matter how deadly some multis are, a pure caster will always be better at higher levels. 1 second fully buffed, 3 seconds later, screen full of enemies disappears.
  9. I love Citzal’s, but it breaks some fundamental rules compared to other melee-delivery-mechanisms. To be fair, if it was fixed, I’d like to see the cast time cut by a third.
  10. Some people believe the frequent posters on these boards are “entitled” or “elite,” but the reality is devs don’t have the time (or interest) to play 300 hours of POE2 at this point in the release cycle. However, you have numerous dedicated and rational players that are seeking to make the game more enjoyable. With that said. I’m perplexed by the devs’ choice to skip the balancing issues this patch, especially with the expansion content coming. My biggest concern with the game is the number of useless skills, abilities, and spells. To clarify, “useless” is defined as one or more of the following issues inherent in a skill/spell: 1) cast/activation time is too long for the power output 2) resource cost too high for the power output 3) duration being too low, regardless of time/resource 4) power output (damage, healing, debuffs, buffs, etc.) being too low, regardless of time/resource I believe the majority of spells/skills can be fixed by simply tweaking activation costs or cast times (#1 and #2 above). This might be the easiest and most expedient fix. If a power is substandard, moving the cast time down or cutting resource costs are equally efficient for balance. If spell and ability useage is/was tracked, you could let the data from veterans players answer this question (Which spells/skills are rarely used?) This isn’t a great fix, but it would go a long way if done correctly. Think about the time it takes a dev to design and animate a skill/spell from cast animation to output/effect. An investment of time was made and all existing skills/spells should be made an asset (or for the inexperienced player, don’t make it a liability if selected). In summary, why offer a skill or ability if it offers little benefit relative to time or resource cost? I was hoping this would be addressed pre-expansion, but now we must either ignore the expansion or simply play with the understanding that some classes still have 50% useless skills/spells. Yes mods help, but mods shouldn’t be the answer to questions successful games rarely ponder. The game is good, but it could be great with some much needed balancing fixes.
  11. Huge fan of Sanguine, Ryona’s, White Crest, Ill Payment, Autumn, Blaidh, Sun Touched, etc. Still think POE armor > POE2 armor I hope the DLC/expansions add more content or there are always mods.
  12. Pretty sure there is a mod for walk speed for you However, I’ve never felt walking turned the tide of battle, but you must be an expert kiter!
  13. The point of these types of discussions is to identify outliers and discuss if action “should” be taken. This isn’t a PvP or MMO where detuning a build imperils a player’s rating or combat advantage. We can all play any class or combo, so equality is guaranteed. Furthermore, if we must rely upon mods for balance, why touch any class after release (outside of bugs)? Don’t like? Mod it! Not that I believe this is the answer... but fun. If we lose the power of discourse, we can just go to YouTube for builds, strategies, and walkthroughs. I like the banter, witty or half-witted, it keeps me interested in the game and hopefully helps the devs gain some perspective.
  14. Contrast reflects positive and nagative disparities. Devs could: 1) Nerf overachievers -easier task, but sadder community 2) Buff underachievers - harder task, but happier community Would love #2, either way, worthwhile discussion.
  15. It’s the passives that are off the chart and accessibility to multi-class builds. They are fine, if other classes had similar efficiency, but there is a noticeable performance gap I observe in my Rogue (and Monk) builds. Ultimately, the devs don’t have to fix anything... it would be nice if the decision around melee-multi was a tougher decision than it is presently. Not earth shattering stuff, but overtuned classes never benefit a game.
  16. Evoked or Vanilla are my current picks. I’m sure you can make the other classes work or just do it for flavor. The trade-offs just aren’t balanced enough outside of Evoker (for me). To be fair, there are bigger balancing issues in the game, but worth revisiting later since the current penalties are rough.
  17. Yeah, Devoted/Druid works, it is just far less efficient than other combos, most notably multi Monk or Rogue and leveraging Beast Mode. In fact, it opened my eyes to the melee-gulf between Fighter vs. Monk or Rogue. Fighter has situationally better survivability, which is easily replicated with potions and/scrolls, but pure DPS is the best defense in POE2.
  18. I never understood why anyone would take a signature spell and make it common/available to everyone. They should have capped scrolls to level 4 and under... Otherwise create a Skill called “Discipline” and allow any class to create and find unique abilities... my Fighter or Paladin would love Crippling Strike Better solution, just make the scrolls 25% as effective as the real spell. Problem solved.
  19. Well, to say Monks are OK is like calling a Nuclear-MIRV an appropriate response. Monks and Rogues just make other classes/multis envious of their DPS, synergy, efficiency, etc. Also, agree on items... I think the unique item abilities made balancing a nightmare and he decs should focus more on making legendary weapons better with the basic stats as well... probably less pitfalls of what if class “x” gets hand on this weapon. Either way, more items are always better than less... in both type and appearance. Back to Rogues, they are overtuned post 1.2?
  20. I never thought I would say this, but Rogues seem overpowered, especially when multiclassed. The sub level 7 passives are insane and provide nasty synergy, but the actives are very efficient and can filet bosses or mobs with equal speed. Add in their “get-out-of-trouble” skills and movement abilities... yeah, no real weaknesses. Oddly enough, I don’t find solo Rogues terrifying (certainly competent additions), but multi-Rogue is hideous. It’s my new Monk, unless I multi with Monk... Am I missing something here and overvaluing the Rogues impact on battle? Lately, I’m just wondering why the other 4 people in my party have a job. Thoughts?
  21. I really am trying to build a Devoted/Druid specializing in Firebrand and it really is lame. My Streetfighter/Druid and a prior run with a Helwalker/Druid shredded stuff from the start 3x faster. Firebrand is nice, but outclassed by Beast-mode at all levels.
  22. One person’s insanity, is another person’s baseline... What’s the old saying... “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Just change it to... “Sanity is in the eye the Watcher.”
  23. This bug was fixed by: 1) going naked (every piece of armor, weapon, and accessory) 2) resting naked 3) saving 4) dropping out of game. 5) reboot 6) load 7) play put on gear 9) problem solved I honestly thought someone was joking when hey said “Did you try stripping?” Marked as closed.
  24. I ageee, Leather (superb+) looks great.... The magic stuff looks too common. Maybe that was the look they were going for, conservative-bland... somewhere between wow-esque and bland is a happy medium. Better yet, offer everything and let the players decide
  25. Running a human, Warden (Druid-Lifegiver/Fighter-Devoted). I specialize in Great Sword (Devoted) I cast Firebrand. I have -10 Accuracy (Devoted penalty) WTH? Description is clearly a great sword: “a powerful sword of pure fire” that requires two hands to use.” Please fix the Devoted conflict with Druid-casted Firebrand.
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