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  1. I agree with this point. If I had to compare it, in POE1 it was a LIMITED nuclear strike, because in "regular" battles you would use a smaller number of per-encounter resources (e.g., spell mastery). This created some cooler/subtler moments of the battles being won in different ways, from different characters. In POE2, with everything becoming per-encounter resources, I see your point... it is a FULL nuclear strike, often devolving into a race of who-hits-who first, focusing upon sheer damage, de-buffs, and cc. I now find myself buffing my party less and less, since the best offense is now the best defense. In my current party (5-casters), I can't even determine who is hitting hardest or impacting the the tide of battle more (unless I parse the combat log). My tactics have become chain-casting 5x spells each round/time sequence, until there is nothing left on the screen. I often end battles with 3-4 extra spells going off with no one left to hit, since the spells were already cued-up in the action cycle. I suppose I can exhibit some self-restraint and not chain-nuke in every battle and diversify my group by adding an intrepid archer or a cunning rogue (what I did for earlier runs through the game). However, if you are after speed, efficiency, and flexibility (all the way to the end-game bosses), you realize you want to maximize the most potent per-encounter resources (with spells/chants/focus offering the greatest value from a selection of potent: buffs, de-buffs, healing, cc, damage, raw damage, etc.).
  2. Experiential data suggests: 1) Enervating blows is good if you can fit it into a build, but you won't miss it, 2) Max is correct, yet another reason Duality is one of the stronger skills in the game, and 3) I tend to take it, since inflicting enemies with any debuff is fun.
  3. "cipher weapons - because ciphers (except for psion) are very phys. dps dependent. And just switching weapons may either lead to lower dps" Yes. (also agree with heavy armor, but weapon on Cipher is key)
  4. are you seriously finishing all post-level 9 fights in under 20 seconds/before a priest can take a second action? i find that extremely hard to believe. maybe late game by opening with a bunch of empowered nukes, but at level 10... Yeah, even on POTD, 5x casters chucking nukes becomes hideous. What adds to the pain: 1) Stacking PL items -- Fire caster, Lightning caster, etc. (you really have one that specializes in Fire PL, Frost PL, Lightning, etc. - you will still cast other key-word Damage or CC spells when you face a creature resistant to your PL-specialty damage, but you will hit hard with your specialty). 2) Monk + caster... Might bonuses + Int bonuses + Dex bonuses = a field of death with high starting PER 3) Knowing your enemies' weaknesses - raw damage spells and grimoire swaps are helpful here - If the mob has high defense to your available damage type and you can't swap spells (druids and cipher) you can always contribute with AOE cc or debuffs. 4) Most battles have a natural "terrain funnel" to take advantage of grouping mobs, so 5 spells are hitting almost everyone for damage - but in open fields, AOE is still your friend, but Point-Blank spells start to shine in this limited case. 5) Knowing your ranges and cast times... after enough casts, running at a certain clock speed in combat, I know roughly 1 inch of screen distance on my monitor is 0.5 secs of cast time. Making sure you hit as many buggers a possible. 6) Always design s good point person (vanguard), that happily welcomes the flood of mobs. Should have good defenses (deflection, armor, concentration, etc.) and still is going to cast offensively (typically Fighter/Cipher or Pali/Wiz for me). Foe-only AOE or any point-blank spell is fun here. 7) Nuke yourself... risky, but if regular-mobs are inside the perimeter, odds are your saves and/or armor are better, especially with the right gear. I never tire of hearing, "I never thought you had the nerve..."
  5. I use to take this spell, but I started to doubt the benefit when the battles after level 9 were already over and the priest never took a second action. For me, 3.0 second cast and 4.0 second base recover is FOREVER in POE (non-turn-base) for a +5 PER & miss-to-graze, party-wide buff... When I look at party efficiency (bleeding-edge), I start to think about... Monk+Caster doesn't need the 3rd-party Aware buff (helwalker) and is already launching nukes at an insane rate and with an extreme AOE (duality) Fighter+Caster doesn't need the 3rd-party Aware buff (disciplined/tactical barrage) and is already launching nukes with concentration, at an expanded AOE Zerker+Caster, Rogue+Caster, and Paladin+Caster don't have the inherent Aware/Aware-like buff (other the Paladin's stacking accuracy group-buff). In this case, this is where the wizard is helpful with Eldritch Aim (Aware). It is a level 1 spell that lasts for 10 seconds, but with a high intelligence it is 15-18 seconds, which is plenty in any battle. Most importantly... the cast time is 0.4 seconds, with 0.0 seconds recovery! This means the nuking can begin almost instantaneously... Group-level efficiency lately makes me build: melee classes + casters. Looking at access to certain buffs you might consider: Monk + Druid or Fighter + Druid Fighter + Cipher or Monk + Cipher Rogue + Wiz Pali + Wiz Zerker + Wiz The classes with inherent, rapid self-buffs, you pair with non-Wiz casters For the melee classes that could use added survivability or accuracy buffs, go Wiz. Ultimately, you only need to invest in 2-3 buffs (for longer, harder battles) for a wiz, or just swap grimoires (Llengraths Martial, Brawler, Katrenn's, etc.). The order of preference is: armor, deflection, accuracy... typically casting one armor buff to avoid the stray over-pen, destructive blow. In regular battles, I don't use buffs with cast times over 0.4 second casts, unless entering a mega-boss battle (see above, swap grimoires for those battles). In the end, 5x casters launching nukes/cc/debuffs in under 3 secs define 99% of the game for me, so why not optimize around that sequence, other than flavor (I have done pure solo-class and pure-melee runs, which were definitely fun). Clearly, my current vantage point is more of an edge-case, where I am trying to find teams that control and destroy battles at the fastest rate, while still being able to plow into mega-bosses without the need to respec. Again, I'm just sharing some experiental lessons I learned over the course of multiple runs. I have played dozens of fun builds, utilizing highly diversified parties (no same class twice), that are capable of going through on POTD without too many concerns. However, after so many runs, what I find myself lingering upon, is how to do it all over again, more efficiently. As always, I'm open to new ideas and different tactics!
  6. I agree, the “static” grimoire in POE2 felt like a step backwards. In addition, I agree with the narrow spell choices of a priest. You cherry-pick the best spells and reapec into one or two for situational battles. If priests gained 2 spells at each PL it might help. I’m still bummed about the speed on priest buffs and I know their buffs will never be measured in milliseconds like a Wiz, but 6 seconds from action to recovery (baseline) is insane. In most fights you are better chucking a CC and/or a Nuke in the same window. In my experience, you are better off immediately nuking/cc-one in any fight, rather than lose 6 secs. I like wiz because I can rip two buffs (+deflection and +armor) for survivability and then start to cc/nuke within a fraction of a second. Yes, you could have a dedicated buffer, but why? Unless playing glass cannons, most frontline melee can survive unbuffed in combat (and have their own rapid healing or buffs), and with the right back line of caster, there is nothing left after two rounds of casting (outside of boss battles). I think priest buffs (and healing) work fine until level 10-12, but after that, battles become nuclear strikes, with the first side to initiate a spell-launch is the winning side (due to cc, interrupts, damage, debuffs, etc). If you build a party around all hybrid casters that are sturdy without buffs even (monk/wiz, pali/Druid, etc.), in the first 3 seconds a full-party of casters can effectively deliver 5,000+ points of damage in an AOE... the nuclear strike really removes the need for any buffing, but if you had to buff, it’s nice to do it in a half second and still participate in a 3-4 second spell salvo. For the record, every class is fun, but my preference focuses on battle efficiency for group-tactics and the it is hard to counter a 5x-caster spell assault (especially if targeting a foe’s weakness).
  7. It is a full attack, but I recommend 2-handed on one or two characters because having 2x legendary weapons of the same damage type for each character is rough (resources and available options). Mid game, a couple of good two-handers come as legendary weapons and offer a cheap way to have a non-shield option. Players can get away with superb quality weapons for PL stacking builds (Lord Darryn’s), but outside of PL stacking characters should try to have legendary weapons across all slots.
  8. I would go heavy plate, because I feel damage reduction (reduced pen) and passive healing go hand in hand. Just take a pet that reduces armor recovery. For weapons, make sure you have blunt option and slash/pierce setups. I would keep one option with a shield in case you need more defense, but the other option should be dual weapons or two-handed. For example, if you go flail and shield, your other option could be two-hand sword. However, is you go Sabre/sabre, you other option could be war hammer and shield. By the way, I haven’t tested it, but with all of the passive healing, you could legitimately run 5x Sacred immolation...
  9. To be clear, I completely understand a Wizard is a selfish bastard with self-only buffs, BUT they are lightning fast and rock! I can slap on 6x wiz buffs and my priest is still recovering from his first action. My point is, all classes can be fun and enjoyable, but when squeezing out the 99.99% of efficiency in group play you just pair 3-4 classes with wiz for survivabiity, combined with flexibility to cc, debuff, dps, etc. A priest, outside of diversity and flavor, is not in the same zip code as a wiz.
  10. If I had to go all-in with one clone, I agree, Troub/Wayfarer would be a block of iron plowing through mobs at a consistent pace on AI.
  11. Guess you misse the, “before I cause a riot” clause where I acknowledge any class can be effective. I’m simply pointing out that other classes (no mods) do the priest’s job better (healing, dps, debuffs, etc) and party-wise buffs are too slow compared to how quickly combat is resolved at higher levels.
  12. Lost me at “playing a priest” Without mods, priests are uninspiring, but should you go down this path you will eventually realize other classes do everything better and faster. I keep pushing the “priests are mediocre” point in case devs still read this board. Just wish 4.2 had some priest love... my biggest issues are cast times, especially for buffs, and potency/effectiveness of mid-tier spells. PL8-9 there are some good spells, but need pure priest then and other pure-classes are better (opinion). Before I cause a riot, all classes can be effective, but my point is that Priest could use a strong look at spell values and cast times PL 1-7. If you put a global 30% reduction on cast and recovery it might help... I just feel like my mages are roadrunners compared to my priests (especially with buffs).
  13. Chanter (Troubadour) / Paladin (Goldpact) Chanter (Troubadour) / Monk (Helwalker) Chanter (Troubadour) / Fighter (Unbroken) Chanter (Troubadour) / Rogue (Streetfighter) Chanter (Troubadour) / Ranger (Arcane) Heal chants, then damage shield later, with kindness later Paladin does heal chant as well Everyone is weapon and shield for default - defense Give monk Toutolos (sp) and fist Give fighter two handed weapon Give rogue rapier and spear Give paladin two handed weapon or just keep weapon and shield Give ranger a bow or arquebus Should be able to facetank everything after level 10 on auto attacking, with minor AI edits and some positioning to make sure party is in range of buffs. Speaking of buff range, attributes should be in the neighborhood of STR 15-17 CON 7-8 DEX 10 PER 18 INT 16-18 RES 7-10
  14. Always use custom parties... my favs 1) Anything Cipher... cipher (single class), cipher/fighter, cipher/pali, etc. This class really grew on me over my hours in POE2. It starts fairly strong and turns into a beast, with multiple ways to spec and play. I tend to favor SB with shred-hybrid casting capabilities, plus buffing/debuffing for survivability. Lots of fun and would be a monster if there was ever PvP. 2) Anything Wiz... wiz (single), wiz/rogue, wiz/monk, wiz/pali, and wiz/fighter. Nothing beats the versatility of a Wiz, due to: 1) multi-grimoires, 2) fast, useful buffs, 3) DPS at your fingertips, 4) ability to endure long fights, especially melee hybrids in boss/mega-boss battles. Just wow... not as fun as Cipher (for me), but great versatility, survivability, and DPS. Lots of ways to spec, but I still enjoy Wiz/Fighter with Citzals, plus buffing. I also marvel at the deadliness of a buffed Rogue in combat, as well as the stability of a Wiz/Pali. Let's not forget the AOE-speedster-monster a Wiz/Monk becomes. If this game had PvP, it would be hard to ignore this class. Yeah, I always have Wizards in every party... just can't avoid their power-to-party-slot-ratio. 3) Rogue, Monk, Fighter, and Pali... The melee quadruplets always find a home in my party. Want a class to hit harder, pair it with Rogue. Need speed and increased intelligence for a caster, Monk is your friend. Care for better survivability and still have some punch, pair anything with Pali or Fighter. To be clear, I rarely play these as single-classes. I think their best stuff (barring Monk), happens below PL7 and provides a huge lift to any class. 4) The Druid... Very quietly worked into my Top 5 (treating the melee quadruplets as one). This class has great flexibility... Need a healer? This class could be viewed as the top healer in the game (without mods). Need DPS... a solo Druid is one of the best DPS casters in the game, thanks to Maelstrom, Plague of insects, Returning storm, etc. Oh yeah, I can also spec one of the hardest hitting melee combos in the game (Shifter/Rogue or Shifter/Monk). Fun, dynamic, versatile... yeah, the Druid might deserve my #3 slot. 5) Chanters... This class baffles me, since it is highly reliable with renewable resources, but much of the game it is too slow to impact regular battles past level 8ish. Once a Wiz or Druid has decent nukes (that can be cast in under 2 secs), the Chanter is still humming away. To be fair, a Chanter provides reliable buffs to the party, decent healing, and flexibility (summons, dps, etc.). Chanters do shine in long battles (megabosses), but they aren't as much fun for me, possibly because everything happens so fast at upper levels (for 99% of battles). 6) Priests... without mods, every other class does the Priest's job better (kind of sad). Buffs take too long and DPS is inconsistent, unless solo and focusing on higher-level spells. I do agree, some solo priests are solid and have some great higher-tier debuffs, but not better than other classes (for me). Oddly enough, Priest was a top-3 favorite for me in POE1. 7) Ranger and Zerker... I'm not much into ranged attacks (besides spells), so I have a natural bias against Rangers. As the devs tried to compensate for Rangers starting on the wrong foot (release), they became a jumbled patchwork of skills. A ranger can certainly be powerful, but outside of the summon (which I also avoid), I feel like a ranger struggles for an identity, lost between a rogue and/or fighter. As for the Zerker, I know they can be a strong single-class and add some speed to a caster, but here are my concerns... I don't like the whole "I YELL REALLY LOUD" skill sets of the Zerker... really should be a chanter skill, but not a big deal. I feel like one of the Devs spent too much time playing Diablo for inspiration instead of reading Conan comics/books. When pairing a caster I pick the Monk every time over the Zerker, since they do everything better (opinion) from greater buffs, speed, survivability, etc. Yeah, I don't believe I've played either one of these classes start-to-finish on any run, since I just like every other class better. Latest play-through: Cipher Wiz/Fighter Wiz/Pali Druid/Monk Rogue/Monk
  15. I completely agree in solo games or using smaller parties, Wiz/Bloodmage, Fighter/Tactician, Chanters, and Ciphers are incredibly helpful, since they have renewable resources. However, my prior answer considers: 1) The base game on POTD is easy "for an experienced POE player" and you can use whatever your want (naked runs are possible for some classes) -which reminds me they should have a god challenge that blocks you from using any magic item or weapon. 2) For megabosses, my tactics almost always rely upon buffed melee grinding down the enemy, with a few heals and/or debuffs sprinkled in there 3) Most of my "full party runs" have a Blood, Tact, Chanter and/or Cipher in the mix to provide some renewable resources, but not a requirement to win When it comes to megabosses (1% of the game), for solo-play you should definitely choose a tanky-class with renewable resource (Chanter/Pali, Blood/Tact, Cipher solo or Cipher/Blood, etc. there are lots of combos). For a full party, you can still win any battle without renewable resources (since melee/ranged weapons are renewable), so I don't sweat choosing one class over another. To be fair, 99% of the fights past level 10 can be won with a well placed, empowered spell with corresponding PL-gear (and carefully selected to enemy defenses). I recently played through SSS and my front line rarely entered melee, since the back line nuked everything to dust in the first 8 seconds... scary, but that's all it takes, outside of survivor battles.
  16. Both games were a lot of fun and consumed hours of time. With that said, any game can always be better... POE1 Pros Great story (superior to POE2, but certainly not winning a Pulitzer any time soon) More immersive setting Decent selection of loot, that progresses with your character's experience Epic dungeon run Good companion development, not great, but compelling at times Casters are gods POE1 Cons Clumsy interface at times (pathfinding) Less polished graphically Casters are gods POE2 Pros Polished graphically (spell effects, combat moves, etc.) and technically (pathfinding, interface, etc.) Greater class choices and decent balancing considering all the combinations Better replay value on story lines and longer DLCs POE2 Cons Soulless story (no pun intended) Uninspiring ending... then again, I'm never emotionally invested in any battle or decision (odd, I feel like a mercenary hired to finish some other hero's epic adventure) Pirate theme wears on you after 100+ hours (for some reason, I don't have this problem with horses, woods, or more land-based campaigns) Lame loot that never seems to improve after level 14... not looking for OP items, just useful improvements for the 40-50 hours of content at level 18+ (also, some really ugly, tribal-themed equipment, but again personal opinion) Grimoires you can't edit... grrr Drugs, food, potions, miscellaneous buffs, are the true causes of balance issues... basically could do without eating, resting, stacking buffs, etc., which I end up doing any way. Seriously what's a bigger issue, PL stacking or ability nerfs? Depth of companions seems a mile wide (options) and an inch deep (what we really do or know about them in POE2) The winner is... POE1. Then again, my favorite beer is Coors Light... no accounting for taste.
  17. 99% of the game an Evoker crushes over the Bloodmage. Bloodmages are helpful in megaboss battles, but mostly as buffed-up-warriors swinging a weapon, not as DPS casters (for me, opinion only). My regular mages had enough buffs to last Duro battle... so maybe the Bloodmage is overrated. Before someone posts a link showing a Bloodmage casting 100x Slickens... it really doesn't matter when an Evoker nukes a room to ash. Lastly no helmet is game-changing in POE2... nice to have only. However, many of the godlike became uglier in POE2 (I blame Eothas for turning the Nature godlike into leprechauns and Death godlike into vegetable heads) and it really leaves you some mediocre options (unless modded).
  18. The first time I did it, my party was mostly composed of wiz/fighter, wiz/pali, wiz/roguei, etc. and my standard operating procedure is to buff everyone to the hilt and then wolfpack each sigil. I thought the fight was easy and didn't think twice about it. Fast forward to a few weeks ago... ouch. My party was less wiz-heavy, but I thought we handled much of the game faster. However, when we entered the Auranic's room, we were battered around like a piñata at an eight-year-old's birthday party. My early run was so easy, I left my tactics at the door and paid for it dearly. Three-fifths of the party dropped and if it wasn't for some lucky reflections, all would have been lost. The healing power of the Pali/Chanter and the Fighter/Chanter grinded it out in full defensive mode with potions, scrolls (both 15 arcana), per-rest powers, etc. Although slower and less flashy, it made me think I should run through the entire game with that duo. Anyway, spell shields are helpful and targeted the DPS obelisks first were key for me. Once DPS obelisks are down, the battle swings in your favor.
  19. I was recalling my last play-through and comparing it to other runs, specifically thinking about which battles were the toughest. I would like to hear everyone's opinion. Without parsing data, this is my gut-check list, playing on POTD upscaled: Regular battles: 1) Hanging Sepulchers I saw another thread on this and it triggered my memory of odd-scaling issues. I typically hit this at level 7-9 (memory) and I always tread carefully, since the skeletal rogues can gut a non-buffed/non-tank character in 3 hits. 2) Gorecci Street No matter how proud I am of my 3rd-4th level party, I always approach this zone with caution (southern approach feels safer than northern approach). 3) Fampyr battles, without Captain's Banquet buff or select items, this can turn sideways with a charmed (bad roll) DPS character 4) Early ship battles (on deck combat), sometimes scales unfavorably below level 7 (opinion only) 5) Bog battle, forget the name, but it has the tree in the back, with the group of killer vines and some bog-witch - if you approach from the side it is easier, but head-on this can become messy at a lower level Mega-boss battles: 1) Doru - long fight, that is tricky if you want zero deaths in a full party 2) Hauani - positioning and keeping parts separated is key, but can still suffer from unlucky splits 3) Auranic - oddly enough, I had one full party that destroyed her easily and another group, that was stronger through the main game, but struggled keeping everyone alive (without egregious use of potions, scrolls, etc.). 4) Crystal - lots of different tactics to defeat, all are manageable (with a decent group)
  20. If you want a fire-and-forget experience, with minimal micro, might I suggest... Troub-Fighter(any) - I like Tactician for mega-bosses Troub-Wiz(any) - I like vanilla class (without mods) or Blood Mage, and investing in Wall of Draining for mega-bosses Troub-Druid(any) - I would simply avoid shifter variant, since healer, fury, and vanilla all offer better support or damage Troub-Cipher(any) - All subs offer something, really depends on your play style or interest. I would arm them all with Weapon and Shield, with the secondary weapon groups for Ranged and/or Two-Handed or Two-Weapon for offensive punch when desired. I would have two of them able to cast higher-level scrolls. I would wouldn't fear playing more of a glass-cannon as a my main with this level of support. Could you squeeze in a priest? Yeah, and if you did it, I would ax the Fighter, since your main is the star of melee damage. Low level, chant Soft Winds of Death... 4x Mid level, chant Soft Winds of Death + Courage Thick Steel... 4x High level, chant Soft Winds + Ancient Memory... 3x / Soft Winds + Mercy & Kindness 1x... I'm sure there are even better combos, but that's all I ever bothered with. Your quad-troubs can idly summon stuff, buff stuff, throw down some elemental damage, etc. (on AI mode), etc. The secondary classes (Wiz, Druid, etc.) can debuff, buff, cc, and throw some AOE damage (except the Fighter), but this is more micro. This makes your main character the star of the show and you should be able to face tank most mega bosses if you invest in the right support spells.
  21. I know this will sound crazy, but I never use empower (after my first play through). Maybe I have thing against resting, I don't know why I dislike the empower mechanic. You don't need empower on any of the regular fights (with a well developed team) and I don't believe empower would be very helpful in long megaboss battles. I know the game has multiple skills to enhance empower, but I just don't use it, preferring to gain a few levels through PL stacking items for some improvement. I do agree Maelstrom is a great spell, but oddly enough, it is available on scroll and it is cheap to make (like 2 primals and a palm slat or something). Arcane 15 and anyone can cast it. I know it is a perception thing, but it feels faster to cast from scroll.
  22. If you want to play the archetypes you suggest (ranged, tank, nuker, etc.), there are plenty of great suggestions on this board and thread. The one thing I realized is with the possible exception of the twin-mortars build, nothing shreds mobs faster than a group of casters. A fun combo for a group, on any difficulty is: One defensive class (Fighter, Paladin, Rogue/tricks, Priest/wael, or Wiz/self-buffer) Combined with... One offensive/utility casting class (Cipher, Druid, Chanter, Priest, Mage) You really can't go wrong, but here are some ideas (using all different): NUKING/CC/SUMMONS... meets... DEFENSE Druid/fury---------------------------------------Wiz/blood (endless resources via WIz/blood) Mage/evoker-----------------------------------Priest/wael (tons of spells... also max this character's Arcane skill to 15 for scrolls) Priest/magran----------------------------------Fighter/tactician (endless resources via Fighter/tac) Cipher/ascend---------------------------------Paladin/gold (endless resources via Cipher) Chanter/troub----------------------------------Rogue/tricks (endless resources via Chanter) Other Thoughts: *Grab spell range extension skill for everyone, keep relatively high INT, and blanket the field of battle with firepower - in SSS every single match is a walk in the park with 5 casters unloading CC followed by Nukes... or just Nukes *Grab spell shaping to take advantage of terrain, obstacles, or situations *After level 10ish... Wear lighter armor and only put on heavy armor for longer battles (like bosses / mega-bosses) *Dual-wield skill and sword+shield skill for all - Keep shield up on everyone (nuking) and switch to dual-wield (for melee fun) *Heal from potions and scrolls, but you can grab some healing on Priest and passive healing from Chanter/Paladi... However, if enter battle CCing/nuking, you don't need to consider healing until megabosses. PROS of this type of party: +FLEXIBILITY -- Every single fight can be dealt with, from mobs to mega-bosses... post level 10 everything will melt (even with melee, but slower) +CONTROL -- If you have a large number of deadly foes (Fampyrs for example), you can layer 5x CC-spells +SURVIVABILITY -- everyone can buff to the extreme if in a bad spot (like mobs teleporting in your back row) +EFFICIENCY -- you technically have 4 classes with endless resources and the 5th has 28 spells + scrolls CONS: -MICRO MANAGEMENT -- to milk this cow for all its worth, you will need to both hands, giving instructions to each member, every action -TOO FAST -- I play the game on the slowest setting with a caster heavy group, just to enjoy the fireworks or it is over too quickly -FLAVOR -- I suppose you can make some combos ranged and play up some characters as more nukers or melee, but overall there is some homogeneity in the play-style The reality is, within each columns there are slightly better classes and when you don't care about some redundancy your might want to drop some combos. Finally, this setup really isn't maximizing melee and focusing on nuker+defense, so Rogue/street and Monk/hellwalker aren't mentioned. Hope this helps.
  23. Is it me, or does a fighter/mage (buffed with Eldrich Aim, Arcane V, Deleterious, Iron Skin, Citzals Martial... and Llengraths and Arcane Reflect if needing more defense) using Citzals Lance hit harder with ClearOut/Mob Stance (compared to zerker/brute) and have 3x the survivability?
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