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  1. WHY DO YOU CARE!!!!??? I don't want other gaming companies to do crap like this. I don't like being taken for a fool. Who's taking you for a fool? Well pretty much anyone who's ever read his posts for starters.
  2. I'm surprised the asylum staff let Luzarius keep his computer privileges.
  3. I was going to reply to the question in your post, but the fact that you think any of the of BG1 companions comes close to someone like Eder or Durance makes your post Null And Void. Every companion sans maybe Wynn and some of the "comic relief" ones in DA:O were Ashley and Kaiden to me: Either boring, or boring and slightly grating. Really like the ones in PoE though.
  4. I don't know about worst, but I certainly got nothing out of it. Hate most the the characters, felt lots of the plot decisions felt like contrived dilemmas, and I found the whole setting too close to standard fantasy to be interesting, but too far to have that high fantasy charm.
  5. Personally, I think one of the main problems is that spells need to have for distinctive niches, and enemies need to have more specific weaknesses and strengths.
  6. Well there does need to be a downside, but I'm not really a fan the linear slider of speed vs armor, or how tied everything is to action speed in general.
  7. Um, so either a publisher will pay for the game, in which case the developers won't be using their own money, and will be subjected all the potential meddling that comes with that, assuming anyone wants to even bother funding such a niche genre, or some start-up company makes a much smaller, low budget game, because one like this would be way out of their scope.
  8. I have no problem with using camping supplies, but that +4 int rest bonus though.
  9. I wouldn't go as far as to say the PoE companions are mostly neutral, apart from Durance maybe. I'd say most of them have their flaws, but given their personalities, I don't think many of them would really stick around with an evil PC.
  10. It depends on the tier that a backer selected. For the $65 tier for example, it comes with a physical version of the game, and part of its tier on Kickstarter was to also come with a digital copy. Since we delayed delivery of the final discs, we gave all physical folks an extra Hero key so they could play on release. A number of people had already decided to give their extra key to a friend when they backed the game, so we wanted to make sure they themselves could play too on launch. If for some reason you don't see an extra key on your account and think you should, please contact us at support@obsidian.net and we'll be happy to help! Thanks, Darren So everyone who hasn't read that update is an idiot? I had to ASK to get my extra key which is bogus. Why did they not just do it automatically? I am very pleased with getting an extra key but I believe they could have handled this better. I don't always follow the updates and I never got an email saying the shipment was going to be delayed over a month. Well I'd say everyone who might have read that update had they not been too much of a drama queen to read their own thread like a reasonable adult is an idiot.
  11. Yes. The best weapon in BG1 was probably Spiderbane, a 2 handed sword +2 that granted free action. You didn't find it until Cloakwood. There was also a war hammer +2 that did electrical damage and a long sword +2 that did cold damage both of which were available as soon as you could take down the owners of these weapons (Bassilus and Greywolf). If you had found Carsomyr in the spider cave or taken Celestial Fury from Greywolf (by using ranged weapons, presumably ) the game would have suddenly gotten really easy. If you had weapons like this in BG1 what would you have expected to see in BG2? If anything, powerful items are too easy to find in PoE. None of them look great because there are so many of them. If you found Spiderbane in PoE it would be no big deal. In BG1, it was a very big deal if you had a PC who could use it (or had Minsc in your party). Conversely, if you had found Hiro's Mantle in BG1 - that would have been a keeper. In BG1 you had the cloak of Balduran (+1 to armor class and saving throws and 25% (?) magic resistance, a unique item) and a Cloak of Protection +2 (+2 armor class +2 to saving throws - there was one of these in the game). I suppose the loot is pretty powerful compared to BG1. So I guess the problem with loot being uninteresting probably has more to do with bonuses items can have becoming uninteresting because they're on so many items, and those items frequently just have a random smattering bonuses with no real theme to them. I've also been bugged by how the effectiveness of some things like lashing damage not reflecting on the paper doll, which makes it hard to compare one item to another.
  12. Thanks! A fantasy Earth, in the same way that Tolkein's Shire is intended to be England, even though there are no hobbits in the real England. Science fiction frequently features other planets, but fantasy usually takes place on a slightly different Earth -- one that has elves and/or dwarves and/or dragons and other creatures not found on the real Earth, one where magic works or where praying to a god or gods gives a priest magic spells. You must have been reading some fantasy I haven't, because LotR is pretty much the only fantasy setting I can recall that takes place on Earth
  13. Buffs are one of my main complaints. Mainly because you have so many situational ones, and combat can swing in either direction so fast that it doesn't usually seem worth the effort spent figuring out what kind stuff the enemies do and spending the rounds casting them.
  14. You probably won't miss out on much lore, per se, but I found the majority of companions to fairly entertaining, and I think the game would have been quite a bit more bland without them.
  15. Bioware's marketing did not tarnish the Dragon Age name. Dragon Age 2 did that all by itself. ^ Pretty much. Theres a reason Bioware managed to come from being one of the most loved companies after Mass Effect 1 and 2, which was done because of the success of these 2 games but add to that Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights 1 and KOTOR, which are all epic games, to being one of the most joked about companies recently. Bottom line is, make bad games, you'll have a bad name. Bioware has it now because of the greatest joke of the century: Mass Effect 3, but add to that DA2, SW TOR (cant believe they wasted 200 million on that ****) and DA:I (which is the embodiement of mediocre) haha oh look it's another one of those guys who think ME3 was "the greatest joke of the century". No-one would give a toss about ME3 if it wasn't for the stellar quality of the series up to THE VERY LAST 5 minutes of the game. Conveniently enough everyone brushes that aside. ME 3 is a narrative monstruosity from the very begginning. I really don't get all this "great until the ending" thing. The prologue on earth was cheap but tolerable, but Mars? Absolutely unforgivable from a narrative standpoint. Using a Deus Ex Machina out of the blue as the engine to fuel the plot when you had 2 previous games to set things up, I'm sorry, but I can't be on board with this, specially when that Deus Ex Machina is the ridiculous concept of a "superweapon" (I thought that Bioware couldn't go cheapper than that, but actually they could, as the ending demostrates) In a way, I'm happy ME3 had such a bad ending. It was so legendarily bad, that one can almost have a sense of pride for having been there. We can trade our war stories of staring at the credits screen stunned and uncomprehending, and heading onto the forums to make sure our game wasn't screwed up or something.
  16. It has a lot of really interesting mechanics, but the actual gameplay is so meh that it just doesn't carry the game until you get far enough to mess around with interesting builds and items.
  17. I was just about ready to turn the difficulty up to hard when ogre druids.
  18. While I don't think there was any validity to complaints in this instance, I don't think every instance of taking something back after criticism is self-censorship.
  19. I didn't even really like the first Dragon Age. Hated most of the characters, felt the setting took itself too seriously for being standard fantasy, but with more ****, and I didn't like how contrived a lot of the "hard" choices were.
  20. While I thought the complaints about the poem were idiotic, this thread seems pretty much nothing but lazy, substanceless zingers coming from one side.
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