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  1. Also remember blessings of Berath, if POTD is a little too challenging you caln always take those additional stats.
  2. I was playing around with different builds using console commands. Loaded a completely different character. Tried cooking a few things and realised free recipes was still on. I placed a few traps and and the achievement did activate. So it is possible to get achievements with console commands.
  3. At the moment there's not much incentive to choose a variety of active abilities. 90% of the time you'll just use the same 2 abilites and exhaust your pool. Solution: selecting an active ability on level up gives more resource. You no longer get additional resource with PL, but higher level abilities give more resources. Alternatively give every ability a free use per encounter.
  4. The random map loot can occasionally be game breaking too. I found a summon Drake & wyrm amulet at level 5.
  5. With restoring guile they could always make it a small % chance to gain guile on any sneak attack that's also bleeding or bloodied, the chance scales with level. This would also make fast and dual weapons a better choice for rogue. Rather than the current heavy 2h system. Also I still think they're going to have trouble balancing with the current Armour system. The slightly more staggered 30% 50% 70%100% 130% idea could be good, but the binary pen, no pen is just far too brutal.
  6. Devoted shattered pillar nature godlike? Of course a lot of that is simply because fists are currently overpowered.
  7. The problem with deadfire is the level of urgency that "should" be felt. You have very clear objectives and a very urgent problem. Which jars with all the side quests. POE 1 sort of escaped this as you were following lead rather than a single clear directive. Plus the urgency Of, maybe goin insane at some point, isn't quite as high. Same with BG1
  8. You all seem to forget that you can be a multi class and choose no spells. Probably not intended and a reason to change the system though.
  9. Class is different. You kind of know what to expect. Giving added focus generation to a barbarian wouldn't make sense. Race only kind of worked in BG where you expect some shields to be for dwarves defender but really that's a sub-class as well. Not race.
  10. We should also be able to preview the available enchantment in shops. Also some of them are very non-intuitive. E.g. There's that jacket that offers an extra weapon, extra item and hit defence, flank defence. (You'd think the item and weapon would cancel each other but it's actually the defence)
  11. Hey, So not exactly the the best bow in the game, however I just noticed that Aamiina's legacy gains an additional bonus for Dwarfs. Is this going to be a new thing for Pillars games? Precision Impact: Grants Precision Impact, Precision Impact (Dwarf)
  12. Wait? So injuring crew actually works for boarding now? You'd think that the instant heal hulls for the ships that flee would be a higher priority. Just make fleeing 800 rather than 600.
  13. Damage immunity does seem to need an overhaul. There's logic, but no consistency. Also Crits should bypass immunity. Pretty sure a head shot should still damage a skeleton.
  14. Damage immunity does seem to need an overhaul. There's logic, but no consistency. Also Crits should bypass immunity. Pretty sure a head shot should still damage a skeleton.
  15. Disable resurrection. No summons. Characters can only be healed 250% health within a single encounter. No over penetration.
  16. The +2 to skills is not just to make the game easier, it's so you can open more interactions on your second play through. They should probably Implement a second version of this that doesn't affect gameplay. I.e will +2 alchemy will affect dialogue but not potion effects.
  17. So POE1 was way too easy on hard, yet POTD was slightly out of reach for most, unless you trawled for tips on the forums. I feel as though blessings of Berath could very easily be a great equaliser with a few more options. If we had another option that would add as well as subtract from the primary abilities, Might, Dex, etc I feel everyone could find their perfect difficulty. I am not a 'l33t' gamer but I get the impression that hard is already at the level Josh wants it. Which is way to easy. I'd really like to see a POTD where slightly more than casual gamers can find a real challenge with a very minor boost, only serious gamers can finish without blessings and true masochists can still enjoy an OP build with curses.
  18. Since this has been revived, I too prefer not having to rest due to health. I was just suggesting that something in between could be even better. Another bonus of limiting the amount of times you can heal, per encounter, is that constitution becomes important again.
  19. Absolutely not, the devs should make POTD for the 1% of really intense gamers. POTD with blessings should make it possible for the rest. (I'm certainly not in the 1%, but blessings make it possible to please the most people)
  20. I doubt they'd do it in the planed Dlc but it be nice if they made more expansions, additional stories that don't have to be with the watcher.
  21. So a post I just read made me think about why players can't change to POTD mid game but can change between easier settings. I know POTD is not ready yet but I remember POE1 was stupidly easy on hard but some areas were initially way beyond me on POTD I'd have thought it'd be pretty easy to code the game so if you select POTD, enemy number and type are set, but stats can be lowered to hard mode. Thereby soft coding an additional difficulty level? Is there a reason why this isn't as easy as it sounds to me?
  22. POTD is supposed to have more enemies, not just better stats. Changing stats mid game should be easy to code. Changing number of enemies would probably be harder. I'd have thought it'd be pretty easy to nerf the stats of extra enemies though. I.e soft coding additional difficulty levels.
  23. I haven't gotten very far into the game yet but it seems like veteran need some buffing up too. One of the big complaints casual gamers had with POE1 was that Veteran was a cake walk, yet Cau Nua was too hard on POTD P.s. I haven't restarted yet. Did they actually implement the increased difficulty options in blessing of Berath?
  24. Pretty sure more challenging options were promised at one stage. We might not even need POTD if they give us enough debuffs
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