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  1. Biggest question is why hasn't Obsidian already created a completionist god challenge where you need say 90% possible xp Alternatively reduce accuracy and deflection per level and add them back on for level 20-40 that way you still get to play with your high level abilities, but still get a sense of progression after level 20
  2. So yes, one of the main issues is that enemies don't use all abilities. However I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks 2 hit, permadeath is taking that idea a bit too far. Perhaps as an optional extra.
  3. Why are there even boars and drake's working together!! I could accept it if there was also a druid in the area. What ever happened to pulling enemies into mind of a different type.
  4. Well said. They can make the less XP as a challenge. No need to to drag around everyone with you because you feel that everyone must follow your ideology. It's no different than social justice warriorsThe issue is the DLC content isn't targeted at end game (I know the next one is) so I had to carefully plan what quest items I wanted so as not to be absurdly overleveled. I suppose I could have gimped myself with worse gear instead, but that seems nowhere near as rewarding.
  5. Cons not really a dump stat, there's just not really a reason to increase it. Would we end up with too much healing power? a Herald already makes characters pretty much untouchable with passive healing. Adding con could just be overkill.
  6. It still sounds like a pretty lackluster boost. It'd have to be larger than 3% for most players to consider taking really high con over might, and then it'd start to become a bit too easy to become immortal through passive healing. The endurance idea wouldn't be too hard if it extended beneficial effects. Alternatively it could give back class resources over time, casters get a % save v.s. a successful interrupt. Again, does con really need an added effect below 10pts?
  7. No, because the healing received malus because of injuries, CON afflictions or burden of the body is multiplicative, or in other words gets applied after all the other stuff was taken into account. If you have Burden of the Body you receive no healing as if you were weakened - no matter your bonuses. Since I would vote for an additive "healing received" bonus for CON (same mechanics as MIG's "+healing done" bonus) there would be no problem in this regard (look at MIG that does "+healing done"). We had additive "+healing received" as well as "+healing done" items in PoE so I guess it's not a problem when it comes to implementation (code wise). It'd be more interesting if con contributed less than might but was applied afterwards too.I.e. only 1% per point above 10 (no extra effect below 10 as this progressively makes you vulnerable to spike damage) Alternatively take it to the next level and make this effect only apply to reduced healing but at much higher values.
  8. I Should have been more specific. 3 to 4 con the HP value is quite high. 117 to 116% damage taken would be negligible. 91 to 90% damage is more significant.
  9. How about a 1% multiplicative damage reduction instead. I.e. the added HP is more valuable at low con, the reduction becomes more valuable at high con.
  10. Very good question. I hope the answer is yes. The wouldn't make int more useful. Possibly more versatile though. I,E Might is 3% Damage, int might give you 2%. 1 for sacrificing area 1 for duration.
  11. When we hover our mouse over a character portrait we can see all active buffs. Please give us a method to show hostile effects first. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been in the middle of a battle when suddenly a character starts dying from a hostile effect. Only Issue is that you have so many active buffs that you can't see what's wrong. We already have a pretty good idea what buffs are active on our characters and AI scripting can usually handle these for us.
  12. Priest of woedica wouldn't feel right without a lot of rewriting of the main quest given POE1. Could be a good sidekick though. Steel Garrett would tie in really nicely to the watchers previous lives.
  13. When you get the quest to investigate the raid on the Bardatto estate you have an option to ask "what if there is no plot against the bardatos?" After her reply you have the option to repeat yourself. Obviously I selected this option about 10 times to test it. I was on 2 bar rational disposition before the conversation, full 4 bar afterwards.
  14. So this is obviously an unintended bug/meta game scumming so use it while you can. When you get the quest to investigate the raid on the Bardatto estate you have an option to ask "what if there is no plot against the bardatos?" After her reply you have the option to repeat yourself
  15. The fact all characters tend to level up at the same time is kinda unrealistic, and not great in terms of gameplay. BG did do this better with different classes requiring different values. The POE system means you 500xp could easily be the difference between epic struggle and face stoping an encounter.
  16. Keep in mind that 15% reduction is going to have increasing returns. I.e 40% to 25% is actually a 37% reduction A linear reduction to 25% would actually be as follows. 0 - 100 1 - 76 2 - 57 3 - 44 4 - 33 5 - 25 Given the recovery penalty I'd suggest medium/heavy armor should always offer some protection, I'm not sure if the coding would allow this as a mod but it'd be pretty cool if different armors had different reductions. Light Armor 0 - 100 1 - 76 2 - 57 3 - 44 4 - 33 5 - 25 Medium Armor 0 - 90 1 - 70 2 - 54 3 - 42 4 - 32 5 - 25 Full Plate 0 - 100 1 - 61 2 - 46 3 - 35 4 - 26 5 - 20 In regards to over penetration it'd be pretty cool if it could translate to a graze to hit, hit to crit mechanic as this would be a bit more realistic
  17. I'm surprised the system made it through beta, pretty sure it didn't get a single positive player review. The fact that a brigidine could provide zero protection is unrealistic and an irritating game mechanic.
  18. Umm... Isn't the most obvious solution to allow players to turn it off, like expert mode. Empower related skills then get a 5% chance to happen?
  19. Settling for what you can only do isn't a good reason, how do you have a group of mod makers who can make more and better AI options? That just sounds like someones being lazy IMO Oh, we do? Please show me which mods modify the AI behaviour of enemies, I'd love to try it.I'd certainly take your word for it.However wouldn't it be quite easy for Obsidian to allow you to. I.e. give you access to party AI scripting for enemies?
  20. But do agree that Obsidian investing time in something that would affect only 5-10% of players might be not as efficient as putting time into something that would benefit all players. So a question arises: if the late game is easy on PotD for PotD players, is it also easy for non-PotD players on lower difficulties? If yes: - then this difficulty curve thing affects a larger playerbase; and it would be nice to see it tuned. Pretty sure the answer depends on your definition of POTD and other items Obsidian are working on. Given veteran players can't up the difficulty to POTD without console commands I think it's a safe bet to say it is too easy for them. Ofcourse coding to allow players to up the difficulty level at end game is likely a lot easier than balancing.
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