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  1. BG had the same problem for low level casters but the became powerhouses late game. The only class I can't see getting properly balanced is cipher, even if they scale focus gain with power level a barbarian is still going to receive focus at a faster rate.
  2. Ok so I was suggesting that characters should regain all health and endurance after every battle. However character can only fully heal say 3 times in a single battle. This would also greatly increase the importance of constitution. This could be a blessing of Berath option. P.s. Sorry for starting another thread but due to Moltov, players didn't actually read the post (They said resting was a dull mechanic, when I was obviously suggesting a mechanic without enforced rests) P.P.S unlike Moltov I'm ok with people saying this is a terrible Idea, so long as they've read the thread. Hence the more obvious title
  3. The POE 1 health/endurance system was a good idea, but it was incredibly tedious to rest. If we had a slightly lower health pool but this restored after every battle would POE 2 be improved? P.s. I'm not the over the top guy from before. I'll reserve judgment just curious.
  4. To be fair this is a may or may not happen depending on previous choices item, so not really a spoiler
  5. OK, so the healing "discussion" looks like it got a bit out of hand, however I would like to say, I really don't like how healing and Resurrection oriented, deadfire seems to be, I mean Kamikaze Paladin as a high level ability, seriously? Hopefully for POE3 Character could have a smaller health pool than POE1 which gets refreshed after each battle. Ie, no need to rest yet you can simply spam healing
  6. There are many potentially interesting, non magic skills fitting a rogue, caltops, poisons, choking gasses as you disappear, acid vial etc.
  7. I always hated the per rest, simply because I wouldn't use those spells/items, but then I'd need to rest anyway due to health.
  8. Let's not forget that there's always the possibility of enemy paladins that keep getting up at high level. I kinda like the idea of a barbarian that starts hitting harder and faster because his opponent just keeps popping back up.
  9. Thanks, I already knew what power level generally meant I was asking about specifics. I.e are monk fists viable for multi class, how much is spell damage affected etc. This could be a pretty big rookie mistake by obsidian. I can see rage quits when players realise that their nature godlike Wizard that specialises in summoned weapons effectively gets no bonus. First impressions are kinda important.
  10. Hey, Did they ever add a feature that clearly explains what Power Levels do? Character creation is going to suck if we have to guess what multiclassing, nature godlike etc, means for all our abilities.
  11. I was really thinking something smaller with minimal developer effort to implement and not going to make over leveled characters too powerful, perhaps additional skills points athletics, alchemy etc. (Not ability points)
  12. Empowered Strike.... +100 penetration, seems a little excessive. Also I wonder if resonate touch will work with any AOE melee abilities.
  13. No. No no no no. Nope, not happening. Don't even think about it. Not in this game. Just no. No. Well, keep in mind that there's no farming in pillars so there is a maximum possible xp. I'm more interested in the illusion of progressing my character/s if I complete side quests, with a small random (but pre-determined bonus), I.e +1% cold resistance every 3000xp @Boeroer I may have unintentionally exaggerated with my wording but pretty sure Josh mentioned that there would be plenty of high level content to test abilities even if you aren't a completionist. I hit the level cap halfway through the white march in POE1
  14. So apparently we'll have a fair bit of game content to play around with abilities at max level (More if we're completionists) which I think is a good thing. The thing is... quests feel a lot more satisfying when you're still leveling up. Would it be possible to have additional milestones that have a much smaller effect? I.e. How much would additional power levels be likely to affect abilities at high levels. +1 to one of the defenses I'd suggest additional health although I don't think we need even more reason to dump con. Obviously this would be post release, and optional, I.e. you tick "allow over leveling" in the options menu
  15. This is a pretty dry suggestion, however why not keep it simple, +1 power level to chosen school, -1 to every other school. (This is probably fair as it's assumed you'll be casting many more spells from your chosen school) P.s. Autocast illusion spell wouldn't protect against stealth, however it could protect against some dual weld attacks from stealth, a concentrated barrage from rangers etc. Another could be that an illusionist will teleport a short distance, ie the original position was an illusion.
  16. No helmet is a pretty huge racial penalty, they could probably give the character an ability like barring deaths door. Alternatively give players a real necromancer, certain decay spells will heal the character, fear immunity, second chance etc, plug one of those holes that a wizard/chanter multi doesn't quite fill
  17. Correct me if I'm wrong but scripted dialogue for each individual sidekick would take very little effort from a coding perspective (We know the writers have spare time as they're already working on the DLC), however inter party banter would take more considerable effort. Something to keep in mind is that this is unlikely to Obsidians last RPG, Maybe they don't really want to do full voice acting, but if they do it now then when releasing stand alone DLC's or pillars 3 they can make a big deal about how this allows them to freely add additional content, more lore, character interactions etc. Let them emphasis how they initially produce a high quality game and have a strong record of continuing to listen and polish after relase
  18. Sorry if I wasn't clear, my suggestion was that ALL overtime effects can be interrupted including DOT, and that all spells are faster to cast. This would mean that DOT/heal over time spells should be much more powerful than direct damage, but direct damage/heal spells would be more reliable. Basically it's another suggestion on how to ditch slow cast spells but give a purpose to interrupt spells. Also is it bad to have multiple ways to counter buffs/debuffs, I thought allowing different solutions to the same problem was one of the strengths of POE1 My resolve suggestion was that it acts as a hard cap to how many effects can be cast at once (Including summons and spells cast by items) E.g. A resolve 18 character could essentially have as many effects active as its dex. allows. A resolve 3 character could only cast a single level 9 buff or say 3 x lvl 3 buffs.
  19. I think a lot of people really don't like the empower idea, so what if resolve determined how many effects & what level can be cast. For every duration spell cast the characters concentration is reduced by the level of spell (Concentration is restored after effect expires) Lets say concentration = resolve x 3 This would mean that at resolve 3 (9 concentration) any spell can be cast, however if a level 9 duration spell is cast the character may will be incapable of casting until the effect expires. (The player should have the opportunity to cancel the effect. Also, rather than focusing on long cast times, in order to make interrupts an valid mechanic, how about buffing all duration effects, however these can be interrupted after cast. In most cases this will cancel the effect, however some foe AOE such as plague of insects could become a general AOE
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