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  1. Nice! I wish I had access to a Deadfire Demo or something just so I could use the character designer.
  2. Wait, were you using Pillars 1 or Deadfire character creation for your screenshot?
  3. How were you able to get such a closeup for the screenshot? It came out pretty good.
  4. I was having trouble finding a Aumaua portrait that I wanted, because while humans and elves have countless variations across countless fantasy settings there really are only a few parallels between Aumaua and other fantasy races, such the very rare handsome orc or the Qunari from Dragon Age - and that only covers the most mundane looking Aumaua. So I perfected a method, likely already discussed here, of creating my own portraits for unique player creations. I think it came out fine: 1. Make your character in the creation screen. 2. Equip with whatever weapons and armor you
  5. You don't need an update Luzarius, just use your imagination. That way the devs can actually focus on important things.
  6. Simply put, many of these dialogue responses depend on your attribute or skills and so without them you will not get the responses you did before. By the way, there is a hidden button in Osyra's room that opens a secret entrance to Lord Raedric's chambers, that way you don't have to deal with any guards at all.
  7. Wow, that is just awesome With that cleared up, can we get Korgrak at Caed Nua to heft around one of those ogre cannons from the White March? You know, since you are fulfilling wishes today good sir.
  8. Well, that would not be the first time one of these self-proclaimed gods was either killed or seriously injured. Abydon had to rebuild himself into a golem after an apparent death. Mind you, the Godhammer Bomb was a first so perhaps the death really was permanent. Still, that piece of history leaves a few dangling plot threads just waiting to be picked up - like who gets to take Eothas' place in the realm of the gods? (I hope it's me ) As for the expansion, I am looking forward to a winter wonderland of death and destruction in which to test my end-game party. I don't know if I should
  9. There is plenty of sex appeal in Pillars of Eternity. The fade-to-black scenes do their job adequately in a manner that is conductive to game development. Not all games need Bioware or even CD Projekt Red levels of conveyances (Witcher 2 onward). For Eothas' sake I had to do some skill balancing in the beginning in order to ensure my pale elf warrior of noble birth could get Iqali as a mistress which, besides making Caed Nua more livable, certainly helps with the massive prestige negative I got from hiring Korgrak the ogre. Now if only I could get the latter one of those ogre cannons from
  10. I do not see the appeal of "online" - the graves of too many perfectly good Single-Player IP's are often dug by such features. So that's a no from me.
  11. The Devs said that as the expansion was promised before the game was released that it was decided it would be best to release part of the expansion early so as not to keep the Kickstarter backers waiting too long for something. Hence why we get Part 1 now as opposed to getting the whole thing 3 months from now. So it's really more of a quirk than anything representing how future expansions will play out. Still, I don't mind getting something early if it means we can play with it while we wait for it to be completed.
  12. I don't think that the White March will *just* be a dungeon crawl if that is what you are asking. Before we can get into Durgan's Battery, a supposedly impenetrable fortress, we will need to navigate the politics of the surrounding landscape (i.e. killing stuff) before making an effort to get in an smack down whatever force holds the White Forge in its grasp. The White Forge sounds like an Engwithan machine, not improbable considering the proximity of the White March to the Dyrewood were all other known Engwithan sites are. As for non-linear elements, I imagine there will be factions to de
  13. I think the multiclass options make the prospect of certain classes (especially Paladins) far more appealing.
  14. Yes, ever since the new patch where they let us reconfigure his skills (and every other party member) from the beginning this has never been an issue. Good armor and skill allocation, along with good hardy food before a fight, will make up for any perceived attribute point distributions. You honestly don't need to min-max with a tank, his or her job is just to hold the line - often by plugging up a doorway.
  15. The option you need is "might not want to do that" (something along those lines) then make a successful Intelligence or Might test in order to send them on their way without having to kill them. The Might one is basically "Because then you will have to deal with me" and is a 14 I believe.
  16. The door locked itself automatically, and not all of the mob would have needed to give theirs souls - just a few. As for the Animats, certainly a stretch but it's possible that some may have only been knocked out in the fighting and recovered afterwards, following their final orders. Or, the mob may have killed the King and then retreated before the Animats could kill them all. Which would explain why there was still loot in the place as the rioters would not have had time to take valuables if their were running from the vengeful Animats.
  17. For those who don't know, if you are a friend of Twin Elms you get a size-able discount at the various vendors within the Twin Elms market place (except with the weapon vendor). But, the discount works both way - you can sell goods to the merchants for a marked up price. What does this mean? It means you can sell plate armor at their vendor for 2300 coppers rather than just 400 coppers at a regular vendor, you can sell a normal hood for 57 coppers rather than just 10 coppers. By the end of the game, despite only having access to these merchants for a short time, I had used all of the
  18. Resolve and Intelligence are both very important. But, unlike Resolve, you can get a very high bonus for Intelligence very easily. Sleep at the Brackenbury Inn for +4, eat a food item for +2, and wear a clothing item for another +2 and you have +8 Intelligence you can use at the Ducal Animancy Debates, the highest Intelligence selection being just 16. As for Resolve, you will require, I believe, at least the ability to reach 19-20 to make the biggest speech choices (making someone drink poison). Perception comes third, but you will rarely need it over 13 to notice stuff and it is no
  19. Pretty sure most people who get to Act 2 keep going, which would put you in the minority. We have Thaos on the run and the rest of the game world opens up to us - why walk away?
  20. Unfortunate, I always meet the man and confront him for lying to me about the young noblewoman being captured by the ogre. He then attacks me and I walk over his corpse to get through to the ruins. I prefer this method of entry over using the entrance in Dyrford Crossing under the broken statue, because I can rest up at the Inn before descending.
  21. I wasn't fond of the fact that Thaos just waltzed in and killed the Duc in the middle of the debates without so much as a wiff from us in his general direction. Here I was hoping to meet this Duc Aevar guy that I had been hearing about since I got to the city and he's killed in a cutscene. Also, why did we leave the city while it was still burning? Yes, we were "supposed" to be in hot pursuit of Thaos but really none of us ever actually rush to do that. May as well have let us stay in the city and help our faction sort things out, earn some medals or something.
  22. Interesting, this confirmation certainly adds new elements to end game considerations.
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