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  1. Got a request for help here--once upon a time I installed a bunch of custom portraits and made heavy use of them. I recently decided to do another playthrough after many months, and, like a marooon, I failed to save my custom portrait folder in a safe place before I installed the new patches. So they've all apparently vanished now, and I'm trying to track them down again The vast majority appear to have come from this set of BG portraits by artastrophe: http://artastrophe.deviantart.com/art/PaintBG-v2-409324931 Exceptional fan work! They were posted on these boards in PoE-ready form h
  2. I believe the only NPC personal quest you need to worry about coordinating is Aloth's… if you don't resolve it before the end of Act II, you missed your chance. If you want to be certain not to miss it: Durance requires you to have him in your party for a certain number of rests. It will not advance if you leave him out of your party. You will need to travel and rest with him for the scenes to trigger. Kana only needs to explore one particular level of Cad Nua; I believe it is floor 7, and I don't think there is a way to "miss" it. Everyone else's quest is pretty straight
  3. Hi, I haven't played since springtime and there have been several patches since then, but I can't seem to find out whether the +speed mods on weapons are working now or still broken. I don't see it in patch notes and I'm not finding it in a forum search either.
  4. Soooo I know this isn't what you want to do, but if you're playing a paladin, I really recommend you turn the affected reputation markers on. There are a LOT of instances where the game labels a response something I never would have guessed, and you're just going to drive yourself crazy trying to figure them out. If you're committed to keeping them off, I recommend you get used to the idea that you're not going to max out your paladin's reputation. Also, keep in mind there are a lot of conversations where what you say has no effect on your reputations at all, even when they are verifiably
  5. Yes, monks are good. Invest in a lot of Might and Dex and you'll have no trouble dishing out plenty of damage with just your bare fists. You do not need to use weapons and heavy armor. I'm using a Moon Godlike monk on Hard difficulty with clothing and bare fists and she is lightning fast and consistently does the most damage in the party. Eder tanks and she flanks, or takes on one opponent by herself. That allows her to take enough wounds to fuel her powers without getting overwhelmed. Her racial power covers most of the healing she needs and Durance helps her out when I mess up and she gets s
  6. Yup, I have also experienced this. Thinking back, it seems to occur when an enemy is paralyzed and then prone'd. They start chasing my backliners around while their paralyze timer has a good 5-8 seconds left on it. Deeply irksome.
  7. Hi, thanks for replying but I don't understand your response. I know that "kith" = all races in this world. That's precisely why I think it's a better fit for this line. Freyol is saying "Some animancers treat us like vermin, but Azo doesn't. He treats us with the respect due to a sentient organism." That's why a word like "kith" is a better fit than the specific word "human" in this context. The word "people" would also be sufficiently generic (only it's used in the very next line). Saying, "Some animancers treat us like vermin, but Azo doesn't. He treats us like we are specifically membe
  8. It's possible. I'm not sure the game actually supports integrated cards? But I'm just using command-shift-3 as usual.
  9. Okay, so I also happen to be playing a Mooninite on a Mac with the GOG version, albeit 1.0.5 rather than 1.0.6. I did some testing of this last night. My findings so far are that although Silver Tide is never listed in the combat log as hitting my Moonie, it always does. So, here we can see the following: my monk ate a pie to give her +10 endurance over her natural 62. That gave her 72 endurance. A very rude mushroom knocked her on her butt for 24 points of damage, SO RUDE. That left her at End 48. Silver Tide activated. In the log, it only shows it hitting the other party memb
  10. Right now, neither of them will, because the attack speed mod is currently broken.
  11. Don't worry. Nothing is broken. That guy is not needed for the main quest.
  12. In the asylum, a woman says Azo treats them "like humans." It seems to be a poor choice of words in a world with multiple humanoid races, especially since, if I'm squinting at her character model the right way, Freyol appears to be an elf herself! I think this was probably a typo for something like "kith."
  13. He may be psychic, but he has a bad memory about his precognitions. He's a complex character. It's what makes this sidequest so rich an experience.
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