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  1. I did ask at the official forums, although this was quite some time ago. The responses were basically "get use to it" or "sorry no idea", to "who the hell uses a controller for this game?" Then the people who replied got into an argument among themselves about whether the default game interface was "intuitive"....I guess because...internet. I have everything set up in Xpadder perfectly. This is the only remaining issue. I actually tried to set up the right trigger controller button in Xpadder to click both mouse buttons at the same time, but that didn't help because it ended up confusing
  2. This is a long shot... I recently reinstalled Dragon Age: Origins, and I am trying to customize the controls in a way that it would be similar to PoE. The main issues I have is that the game assigns the right mouse button to a variety tasks, like interactions and "click-move", while the left mouse button is still assigned to things like menu and dialogue choice confirmation. I am finding this rather unintuitive when I map the controls to my controller using XPadder. Ideally, I'd like to aggregate all of these functions to one mouse button, and just have the left mouse button take care most
  3. My favourite strategy is to use 3 frontline "tanky" characters, usually at least one paladin with a zealous aura and 2 fighter/barbarian/monk type characters. Enemy mobs still try to run or teleport past the frontliners at times, so the basis of this strategy is really to try and mitigate that and find ways to make my backrow casters more resilient to enemy melee. The party formation will usually look something like this: Fighter/Monk (Eder) Paladin/Barbarian (Pelegina) Fighter/Monk Druid/Wizard (Hiravias/Aloth) Priest (Durance)
  4. Turning off the AI for the entire party should make the party passive when the battle starts. Not sure why it's not working in your game. Depending on how far you've progressed in the game, there are lots of summon trinkets you can use. The lamp that summons shades can be found in a locked chest in the Vailan Republic embassy. There is one that summons spiders that I think you can find at level 1 of the Endless Depth (I think...). I also prefer "full on" battles, because it's just more fun that way. When you cheese through battles like this, it doesn't feel as "epic" or satisfying as when
  5. One of the toughest battles, but I found it easier than the alpine dragon. - you need to spread your backrow casters out far enough that they don't get hit with the first blast of the dragon breath. In fact, the first thing I do for this battle is to summon everything I can. Let the summons absorb the initial hits while my party potions up (I stockpile potions of power for occasions like this). - the adra animats need to be killed first because they inflict paralysis and can CC your party (although the first mobs I kill in this battle are usually the xaurip high priests, so they can't
  6. 1) Any of the zealous auras will benefit the party, but either zealous endurance or barrage are the ones I find most useful. I typically go with endurance when I make the paladin a defensive tank since zealous endurance is a defensive ability. There are some items that will increase the AOE of the paladin's abilities that you can pick up in Act I. The rationale here is that since party members in the aura AOE benefit from its effects as long as the paladin is alive, you make the paladin a defensive tank so they will last as long as possible in the battle. This is particularly useful path for P
  7. Sorry, I wasn't sure if this was your first run. CC = crowd control (as Gfted1 said). There are a number of spells for mages that do this, like slicken, sleep, confusion--basically knocks out the enemy mobs and temporary takes them out of combat while your damage dealers clean up the battlefield. Mages are particularly suited for this, and you are right that druids are not great at it compared to mages. Although druids do have some fantastic area damage spells, some of which can cause stun. - I've also noticed that you've specced your fighter to be a tank. Personally, I've found fighter ta
  8. I did that battle on hard a couple of days ago, level 4. I had only story companions but 6 of them. The one thing that made the battle a cake walk as opposed to a painful exercise in reloading was that I had Aloth slicken the pwgras repeatedly. My character was a fighter with a two wielder, along with Eder, and both had apprentice sneak attack. So they inflicted pretty decent damage once the pwgras were prone. Durance opened with bless, than cast suppressed afflictions against the maggots, followed by consecrated ground. Once Aloth ran out of slicken, my fighters used their knockdowns. Since y
  9. This is strange. I finished the game, got the "bad ending" for Gilded Vale because I killed Raedric, but never saw the frightened villager at Celestial Sapling. I also have never been attacked by undead from Raedric's Hold. When I talked to the stewart at Caed Nua, I receive no dialogue options about it. I did do this quest sort of late in the game, immediately before starting Act III.
  10. There is a locked door in the north part of Raedric's dungeon, past the backers' tombstones, that I can't open. It cannot be picked as the "proper key" is required. Apparently, this is Osyra's room, but I don't understand why it is locked. I first encountered this door as I was clearing the dungeon. The only thing I had done prior to this was to free Giacco and killed 2 gate guards at the keep (before I elected to go through the sewer instead). I thought perhaps I would get the key to open that door after I've progressed through the rest of the keep, so I continued with the quest. But eve
  11. Seems this still hasn't been fixed as of 2.03? I still experience this, and the quest does not close in the log. The latest entry in the quest log says I need to find what's her name because she is an expert in awakenings--even though I've already spoken to her and had her to her thing with Aloth.
  12. Soldier Weapon Group is pretty solid. I am running a fighter as my main character right now, specializing in the Adventurer Weapon Group, with Edar specializing in the Soldier Weapon Group so we can split the magical great swords and estocs between us. But I am finding the Soldier Weapon Group slightly more effective in many battles because of the arguebus. The opening party missile volley can usually take out at least one enemy (and often two), even against spirits, whereas war bows (for the Adventurer Weapon Group) are not really well suited for that purpose, such that I find it more efficie
  13. Uh yeah...no weapon in their "natural state" provides "bonouses" independent of users, as if an axe lying on the ground will just jump up by itself and inflict retaliation damage on a random passerby....that you would deliberately misconstrue that sentence into something utterly absurd, is just sad.... I know there are some users who exhibit a pattern of trolling the forum to bait people, far from it my intent to disrupt their favourite social past time. But I will just note that you are "confused" that there is a "contradiction" only because you missed the part where I had stated: "
  14. Which means that the Deflection relies on the person using the weapon, which means that the Deflection bonus doesn't come from the weapon it comes from the person. You should change your username to "Captain Obvious." I am not sure why you felt the need to basically repeat what I said, though. Anyways, as far as game mechanics go, it still makes sense for "game balance" reason. I am just no longer convinced that it does for "realism." And really, it would make more sense to discuss whether the mechanics make sense for "game balance" reasons rather than whether there is a strong basis
  15. Before this thread, I thought it made sense that hatchets inherently provides deflection bonuses. I just had images of fight scenes from "The Last Mohican" and "The Patriot", and thought "hey, hatchets deflect!" After reading this thread, now I am convinced otherwise. Really, almost any off-hand weapon can be used as a deflection aid in melee combat, because it really just depend on how you use it and what you are fighting against. Anyways, it's a game. Pretty sure no one in real life can take a pounding from a dragon no matter how much armor s/he's wearing...
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