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  1. Based on your suggestions, it sounds like the Watcher should be a Paladin, Monk, or Barbarian if my core party is Eder, Durance, Aloth and GM? Am I going to be able to get enough damage out there with two tanks, two CCs and whatever the Cleric does?
  2. So, I got this game a while back, but didn't get far before I got distracted with other things. For funsies, I though I'd actually play through the game. If it matters any, I have PoE and WM1 (I've heard other expansions have come out since). As of now, I don't remember really anything about this game, but I did a little spoiler-free research on the companions and have read that (though opinions may differ) the ones with the most support as having something to add to the game/story are Eder, Durance, Aloth, and Grieving Mother. I figured I'd reserve the last slot for random NPCs and their quests, but if this is my core party, I'm not sure what to build to fill it out. I'm guessing a cleric, cipher and mage are all backline, so I figure maybe something that can help protect them? If Eder is a tank, than maybe a rogue or ranger-type? However, all I really know about the classes is what I learned from the Baldur's Gate games, and I know it's different here. Anyway, I basically am looking for a character build that would work with those 4 and get the most out of the story. Thanks.
  3. This is my first run through and I'd like to keep spoilers to a minimum. Right now, I'm level 4ish playing on hard. I have Eder on point, Kana and Durance on backup, with Aloth and my Cipher in the rear...not that it matters. Mobs are all but ignoring my front line and going straight for Aloth and my Cipher (this must be that new AI from 2.0). Inside, I can sometimes make choke points work, but outdoor maps are just chaos. CC at this point is weak. I'm not using Aloth's spells as much as I could. However, this is largely because if I did, I'd have to rest after every other battle and with only being able to carry 2 camping supplies, it's just not viable. My Cipher has Mind Wave, but the duration is pretty short (even with her high Int), and mobs aren't usually clustered well enough to get optimal effect. I also have Mental Binding, and use it when I can, but she generates focus so slowly her CC can't keep up with the chaos. If I'm lucky, Kana survives long enough to get skeletons (he came with this invocation), but the skeletons are pretty squishy. If anything, they only buy me about 10 seconds, if that. As for Durance, he can usually get off his per encounter abilities. After that, he can sometimes be helpful with a reach weapon, but usually is more "helpful" as a punching bag if he gets engaged, and he usually does. I'm almost tempted to restart as a paladin. Then I would have a stronger front line. However, I think my Cipher is my main source of damage (as paltry as it is). Also, I'm thinking having another tank isn't going to help because I'm sure she'll get ignored as well as mobs make a beeline straight for my squishies. I'm not sure what to do at this point. It's nothing like BG/IWD where a front line actually held. If everything is going to go straight for the squishies, and there's nothing in the environment to allow me to set up a physical choke point, I'm not seeing any options here. Any tips? thanks.
  4. Well, in any event, the new Torment (or whatever you want to call it is not out yet). So, I need something to do for the next year until these games (and Wasteland 2, of course) come out. I recently dusted off ToEE, but being a dungeon crawl, I'll probably lose interest again before I finish it. I'm tempted to run through the BG saga again, but I always ditch once HLAs and the over the top abjuration come into the picture (usually sometime shortly after spellhold).
  5. Wait, what's the new Torment? I haven't heard a thing about this.
  6. I've played virtually everything that this crew has made (particular back in the Interplay/BIS days). BG, epic. FO, brilliant. PS:T, spectacular. And so on. However, after the IE days, I pretty much gave up on video games because games like this were no longer being made. Now, I randomly come across this while feeling nostalgic and wondering if there was some PC RPG as brilliant as these that I might have missed. That's when I heard about this project. So, totally random observation. Did anyone think it was weird to see Obsidian do a kickstarter video? It seems beneath them. And, it was quite humble, too. I would have thought that if they were to do something like this it would sound something like, "Hi folks. Remember the most awesome RPGs ever made, by which all other RPGs are judged and none have yet to surpass? Yeah, that was us. How about sending some cash our way and we'll do it again." Anyway, I'm psyched to read about P:E. The art is looking incredible (I really like the screenshot with the waterfall). I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of this.
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