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  1. I know nothing of programming AI. Is something like this really complicated and difficult to do? Does it demand too much time and resources from the developers? I'm playing through SCS for the first time and loving the AI. I don't know enough to give you an honest answer other than I *think* for someone who understands how to program a video game, it's probably not that hard as fan modders have improved the AI of many video games, so I would think people actually making the games would have the same experience/talents at the very least. For time/cost, I dunno. If they are making expa
  2. I'm level 12 and I don't have 6 first level spells... was that changed in the patch or something? I think on my next playthrough I'm going to go hardcore mode and only do critical stuff... we'll have to see how far it gets me! My guess is Selanon and Teldas' rings.
  3. Number one want: Give me Sword Coast Stratagems level AI. A few other things I'd like: * Smaller groups of highly skilled opponents, compared to zerg waves. * More complex/flexible magic/chant/focus/etc.. system. (DLC requirement I'm sure.) Bring the spell duels of BG/IWD back. We have firearms in this game to keep it from being oppressive to people who dislike that. * Single user stealth options, and more hidden-type ambushing enemies. * I hate to use the term mini-boss as it brings up the wrong idea for some people, but I want to see those creatures that aren't quite a Dragon figh
  4. They wouldn't be anywhere near garbage tier. It would just require a little ramp up which sounds much healthier, instead of having the ability to unleash several potent spells at the start of combat, every combat.
  5. I just stuck with padded armor for my Cipher. Just enough protection I didn't have to worry about being insta-gibbed, but not so much that my guy felt like he was moving in molasses. I did see a youtuber (via Reddit) that was running an Amuamua-thingie Cipher in plate mail dual wielding a flail and something else. It wasn't a low difficulty run either, and he was doing exceptionally well with it. That kind of Brute Cipher idea seems like it may be interesting to play.
  6. I've played a lot of Cipher and I think the Focus mechanic is really what brings the class into crazy-town. I think if they started combat at 0 focus and had to work their way up, while fixing some of the crazy ways a Cipher can gain a quick pool of focus (ala Blunderbuss), then the class would be much more in line with the other strong choices. Mental Binding should also be moved up a tier (or three) and cost more focus. That is probably the best and most efficient ability in the entire game.
  7. I actually love using a pike on the Cipher. To be fair, the Blunderbuss is far and away the best weapon for the Cipher (and the focus generation on it for Ciphers should honestly be changed), but I just personally enjoy mixing it up (safely behind my meatshields :D ) much more than using a gun. Which is strange because I was so sure I was going to go the Pistol Prof X route because of my love of Arcanum Gun Mages. I've had zero issues about focus with the Pike, and I like that I'm still in a safe spot behind the front line yet still in range for some of the Ciphers closer ranged powers, and
  8. It's a field or something where a bunch of Orlans and humans dance around naked, farming and ****. So it's basically the music video to Safety Dance? My next character is so from there.
  9. I really enjoy the technical upgrades of EE, but I found almost all the new content in the game pretty horrible, imbalanced (The Stupifier, seriously.), missing a lot of the charm of the original games (the dialogues and the item descriptions are all inferior to many fan made mods, which I found fit into the game seamlessly - like Item Revisions, BGNPC Project, etc..) and better off skipping over. I actually had to stop the game because I was laughing so hard at how bad the voice acting was in the Wild Mage scene in the Bridge District in BG2. I felt a little crummy too as it was obviously
  10. I'm honestly wondering if Pillars load times issue is because of it's pretty badly organized merchant system. Much like NWN2, the game would bog down in certain points because it was trying to track too much information at once. Pillars seems like it has this problem since there doesn't seem to be any item stacking for the merchants, and it's keeping individual lists of all your trash loot inside each one. The camping system I wasn't very keen on at the start, but I've grown to really like it. Higher difficulties mean that dungeon crawls really can feel like you have to manage resources a bi
  11. It makes it more fun/challenging. I'm currently doing a POTD run using nothing but NPC's and my PC character, and equipping and building them in a sort of sensible fashion for each character. It's way more fun than when I just bought a bunch of adventurers and tried to break the game. Well, way more fun for me anyway, there's nothing wrong with people who like playing the games that way, I just personally enjoy making the game more challenging, while having a bit of lol-RP elements. YMMV of course.
  12. But even when I reached Caed Nua, I was still getting owned on Hard. Abilities would always miss or resist, especially Mental Binding, and my party was all around Level 4. See, that doesn't sound right. Not like you are lying, but like something is bugged. I've done CN on Hard mode before with the same set-up at the same levels and was not having any issues hitting the creeps. Hell, I don't even min/max really, (16/8/16/10/18/10 usually for Cipher.) and run as a pike Cipher, so I wasn't even gun-cheesing it.
  13. Playing as an Orlan I really didn't see too much of that. Or maybe I'm just dense and missed it. I remember the Crucible Knight giving me some static for being an Orlan and a Cipher, and I remember the Orlan hiding out because he was guilty of 'hitting someone as an Orlan' basically, but that's all that really sticks out. It sounds horrible, but I would have liked to have seen it more.
  14. That's the party I usually run with at that point, and it's really good for dealing with those shadows. *The Cipher should Mental Binding anything that hops on anyone that's not your frontline. Mind Blades will also ruin the shadows at that level. *Eder's knockdown is really helpful in those fights. *Kana has Reny Daret's Ghost and/or Bones Under The Hill to bring the odds more into your favor. Also, if you picked any of the Cipher foe beam spells, you can link with one of Kana's summons (placed in the enemies backline), or a Ranger's pet, and basically solo the packs by running them a
  15. The ogre level really isn't bad at all as long as you have a Cipher (You can just create one to replace Sagani with for this level if you need/don't have GM, then just have the Cipher spend the rest of his or her days running errands in the keep for you.). Mental Binding taking the Ogre Druids out of the fights really changes the difficulty for the whole level. Kana actually did a lot of work for me in that level as well by summoning Reny Daret's Ghost. You can actually pull the second pack in the leaders room without pulling the leader. I usually set up in the corner outside the southern
  16. Well, I will never say no to more stuff, but I didn't feel like the game was super lacking in itemization. Having weapon set feats, I usually had two weapons to alternate between on my character, plus class abilities, so I felt that was more than enough. The actual item graphics seemed to progress at a decent rate as well, so it did feel like I was slowly become cooler even though the sprite selection did seem a bit limited. I just wish crafting had more options of things to throw on weapons, while still retaining 'base' weapons having some unique enchants so they are still valid equips. If th
  17. My issue is I HATE mixing art styles for portraits. I want them to all look unified, which is really difficult with the almost oil painting quality the game portraits were done in. So I want tons of official portraits :D Gimme humans, Godlike, Orlans, Amumaumumumu's. The whole lot. And several of them with undercuts, because I love that hairstyle in the game engine, and I want my portraits to match
  18. I'm not sure, I think that the 'good' outcome is killing him as it's a mercy killing. Pillars twists the whole idea of RPG goodness from time to time which messes with my pavlovian training from the original IE games.
  19. I would think the failure (sales wise, not content wise for all of them) post-BG probably had a big hand in it. I remember Ruins of Myth Drannor came out and didn't light the world on fire. Temple of Elemental Evil and Arcanum came out and fell flat on it's face (even though I thought they were fantastic, Troika made superb games), and I want to say there was one more that came out and bombed. Lionheart I think?
  20. Thanks for all the comments folks, I knew I had to ditch the dwarf, I guess I just had to get over how much I liked her interactions vs how much dead weight she seemed to be.
  21. All I really want is a sword coast stratagems version for Pillars. Give me that evil, evil AI powered by Skynet. It's so fun.
  22. I honestly cannot decide. PC Cipher: Plot armor. Eder: The tank. Also fantasy version of Sydow may be my favorite companion. He goes nowhere. Aloth: Went through the growing pains, now finally getting the spells letting him really do work in fights. Kana Rua: I love his chants, especially rapid reload. Sagani: Not a huge fan of the Ranger class, but really like her character. Durance: His character is such a great change of pace from Bioware's Cleric=Elf Priestess formula. Plus, his spells are such a game-changer. I'm torn. I want to include Hirav on this run, but I can't decide who
  23. Hearth Orlan Cipher (Mystic) from The White That Wends. He's doing fantastic damage and control with his powers, and has been rather safe using a pike. Have had no issues gaining focus with the pike either, was worried I might have been forced into dual-wield.
  24. Undercut! So stylish~ I painted a female dwarf with an undercut. That scarred looking one with the green background, red cape and armor. Ah that's right, I forgot about that one. We need some male versions though! :D
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