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  1. I was hoping for some kind of buff for Devil of Caroc...
  2. You can get this without Nightshroud. My point is, % chance of getting Blind/Finishing is so low (i was testing it for ~2h) that IMO there is no point in switching fast speed weapon for an average one. Unless i miss something.
  3. https://i.imgur.com/Fo9fWsU.jpg +50 bonus vs blind and dazzled is nice, rest is rather weird. Average speed, 10% to cast Blind or 5% for Finishing Blow looks nice on paper, and paper only. Shadowing Beyond 1/rest ? At least it is Superb after 3 upgrades and you can get it quite fast. Do i miss something or it's not worh switching from dual daggers ?
  4. Rename Adra Dragon scales / Sky Dragon eyes to Dragon Scale / Dragon Eye, add one of those to drop list, problem solved. Could you please post the picture of Sabra Marie ? Mine after beta patches and rollbacks is kinda weird (original drop): http://postimg.org/image/dxvixavb1/
  5. I have the same problem. I think accuracy bonuses from talents and weapon quality are not working atm.
  6. I just killed him twice - no eyes, no scales, 10 pieces of meat. Is it intentional or i'm just unlucky ?
  7. My level 12 party (ranged rogue PC + Eder, Pallegina, Durance, Hiravias and Aloth) cleared that area without any major problems. The last fight was a joke too - those doors are so small..
  8. Move all pet related perks to a different group and allow player to pick one every 3? levels. This way we can buff pets without gimping rangers damage output.
  9. Unless they buff the pets (they are made of paper...), there is no reason to consider a Ranger as a DPS role in a party. When you build him as a stun machine, well there is a potential.
  10. Danulya - Od Nua, Skeleton on the wall in a room full of spikes (lvl 9 iirc) Long Feller - A reward from At the Mercy of the Tribes (Cwineth)
  11. Right now, there is no way to be on par with the rogue. Sneak Attacks are way too easy to get - and that meants Deathblows later. Not to mention crits. Thats why im building a utility ranger, to provide maximum usefullness out of this class.
  12. Short Ranger guide: Wood Elf 20 base Dex Driving Flight Stunning Shots Swift Aim Hunting Bow
  13. Ring of Thorns - +3 Dex (lvl 11 Od Nua) Kerdhed Pames (Leather Armor) - + 3 Res (Market in Hearhsong) and where can i get +2 int head ? Random drop ?
  14. Im looking at the doc and...a ranger with 27 dex (20 starting + 2 Copperlane resting bonus + pie + ring) in light armor and swift aim will attack every 2 sec with Lenas Er ? Every 2 sec he will have a chance to stun 2 enemies and apply DR debuff (that stacks) ?
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