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  1. I've finished PoE on hard, every quest done and every area discovered and doublechecked on search mode. 0 gloves of manipulation. Game decided to give x3 Gloves of Might/Boots of Speed/Ring of Unshackling/Ring of Searing Flames and x2 Broad Belt of Power/Gridle of Mortal Protection. Not only that, Azzuro came to my Keep with Rimecutter/Wurmwull twice(!!) and once with Hiro's Mantle/Scath Gwannek. Now the best part - before finishing the game, i went back to the keep to sleep few time and see if he can give me something else. He came ! With another Rimecutter... I understand the logic behind some RNG loot (i guess it was implemented to prevent people from visiting locations for certain loot; you do it anyway for major loot tho...) but really, they should at least add some kind of script preventing the loot doubles.
  2. The easiest (considering your level) and most boring quest in the game. Get inside, pick a victim, kill it. Done. That's it. Hell, i even pulled that damn bear deep inside, right in front of the lioness - no reaction. Bear is dead, lioness can hide for another 10 years till cubs grow up. Next time i'm killing both of them.
  3. How can you get bonuses from Red Fangs (you have to sacrafice the child or it's the reward for killing the mercenaries?) ? Also, i think Dungeon Delver is bugged. According to my character sheet i'm getting +0.1 crit multiplier AND +2 stealth and +2 mechanics (i did imprison the mercenaries captain). http://i.imgur.com/0FOwaKy.jpg http://i.imgur.com/RkFAWNn.jpg
  4. And the word "craft" is still in the post That's why i decicded to check it out.
  5. Not working. I just did the quest for The Dozens. Cloudpiercer, Borresaine, Persistence and Cladhaliath in my inventory - enchant time ! Only Cladhaliath is on the enchanting list. http://i.imgur.com/f5rUfSp.jpg
  6. Galawain - strenghten the living ones was the only right choice from the list. I would love to restore Eothas if it was possible. BTW - I accepted Skaen offer and got another boon. Didn't knew it's possible to have 2 o.O
  7. I did check the Lle a Rhemen altar again with Cloudpiercer in a backpack. Cloudpiercer was not on the list, Cladhaliath was ofc. I will check with in my next game, without enchanting the spear.
  8. Ok, so i decided to do some tests with rogue tank. Hearth Orlean, base stats at level 12 http://i.imgur.com/ysLKisw.jpg Every rogue here is missing (they were done in tavern and i was too lazy to add every talent): Galvain's Boon - +1 Mig Blooded Hunter - +1 Slash and Pierce DR Song of the Heavens - +1 Per, +2 Shock DR Dungeon Delver - + 0,1 Crit Damage multiplier (it's not gonna be visible anyway) Gift from the Machine - +1 Mig, 1,05 Max End multiplier Mob Justice - +5 Acc OR The Merciless Hand - +0.3 Crit Damage multiplier (it's not gonna be visible anyway) OR Second Skin - +2 DR Equipement (best stuff i had before jumping into Breith Eaman, if you have something better please post): Dandy Hat of the Diseased Yak - +2 Res, -1 Int Lilith's Shawl - +3 Per Sanguine Plate - +2 Dex, Superb Rabbit Fur Gloves - +0,1 Crit Damage multiplier (it's not gonna be visible anyway) (Spirit Spiral - 1,05 Melee Damage multiplier are another option, on Oidreacht only +1 max damage) Ring of Deflection - +10 Deflection Pensiavi Mes Rei - +3 Mig Boots of Stability (vs push/prone, idk if Bile Stompers are not better with +5 Corrode DR) Gridle of Eotun Constitution - +3 Con Draining Weapons (i add Corrosive when possible on my weapons): Tidefall (Great Sword) - Superb, Corrosive Purgatory (Sabre) - Superb, Corrosive + Little Savior - Superb (+25 Def and no Acc loss) Oidhreacht (Stiletto) - Superb, Corrosive + Little Savior - Superb (+25 Def and no Acc loss) Edge of Reason (Battle Axe) - Superb, Corrosive + Little Savior - Superb (+25 Def and no Acc loss) Edge of Reason and Oidhreacht still have 2 enchant points (can take any Slaying Enchant except Kith). I didn't test The Rose of Salthollow (Superb, Corrosive) because imo there is no point in using it if you have Tidefall. Stats with eq and talents/skills (all modals ON, no other buffs): Tidefall http://i.imgur.com/iDaEFOJ.jpg Purgatory + Little Savior http://i.imgur.com/QE2QZJw.jpg Oidhreacht + Little Savior http://i.imgur.com/ilP70Tz.jpg Edge of Reason + Little Savior http://i.imgur.com/nqwmaZm.jpg For testing i did solo runs in Breith Eaman (last place with mobs for me, clearing Defiance Bay was way too easy): 1) Tidefall - Low Deflection and verry slow attacks. Way too low dex imo. 2) Purgatory + Little Savior - amazing, with buffs from the rest of the party - invincible. 3) Oidhreacht + Little Savior - Endurance gain is low but with proper buffs it cant be pretty solid. Slaying enchant available. 4) Edge of reason + Little Savior - almost the same as with Purgatory (with lower damage). Slaying enchant available. Imo, rogue tank could be fun to play with. Focus on damaging talents at start, switch to tanking mode after Riposte. Getting the proper gear might take some time (Ruffian is the best option here, Oidhreacht drops on the first level in Od Nua, switch to Purgatory after that). I could switch few damaging talents for more Deflection but we have warrior tanks for that. Moon Godlike is another option (+1 dex and int are useless, healing is not that great too).
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