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  1. The IE mod in the nexus says it only supports game version 3.03. Is there a version for 3.05 somewhere? If not, will there be, or have the mod makers called it quits?
  2. Please give us an option to revert back. I can't stand constantly tapping a tab back and forth to get basic, vital information about location rules and cards.
  3. Wizards make lovely tanks if you aren't afraid of resting a lot. A caster party is more than viable. If you want a challenging run, try no casters of any kind. I played through most of the game with a monk, barbarian, rogue, ranger comp, which got pretty interesting at times.
  4. Sorry, I wasn't clear; Respeccing the char and retaking savage attack fixed it for me.
  5. Respec the char to fix it. If you really care about the gold you'll lose, that can be restored with the console. Console commands: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Console_command
  6. I don't see why this is needed. If you're not happy with the added challenge of no hold-quest items in pure solo, then just "cheat" and recruit companions only for that purpose. You're just asking for that cheat to be made official, and I don't see what the difference ultimately would be.
  7. When it actually matters, ie. not silly trash fights, you're always debuffing deflection anyway on the target you're trying to murder, so that will be the lower defense 95% of the time. So no, I wouldn't pick brute force ever. Threatening presence can be decent regardless though, to aid your casters.
  8. Antipathetic Field is supposed to buff beams by 20%. However my cipher was doing insane 90+ HITS with Ectopsychic Echo and the buff. The tooltip says that with his might etc it should do 27-40. As soon as the AF buff wore off in the middle of the EE spell, the damage returned to normal. Wonder if someone typoed 20% into 200%.
  9. That may be happening some times but is definitely not what's happening to me most of the time.
  10. I have the same thing, makes charms rather worthless, or unreliable at best. And to clear up any confusion, it is not because of grazes, or the dude getting attacked, or it being the last target alive, or it not having viable targets nearby, or Hiravias trying to shag it, etc. Countless times I have very carefully charmed an enemy that hasn't been attacked, is not being attacked, and will not get attacked (or randomly damaged by AoE or whatever). I have zero AI on for anyone in my party ever so nothing happens without my command. My current party doesn't even have any casters so it's not like
  11. So a char got knocked out once...and this is a big issue why, in a game with limitless resting? And btw if you have a bit of sense and open it with your tank, who will have great deflection/reflex which the majority of traps target, there's an excellent chance it will be a graze/miss. The bit in the OP about some magical knockout regardless of endurance is total nonsense.
  12. With so many things in the world being directly linked to souls, I wonder what they have planned for the next main char if not being another watcher. I mean it was really nice from a story PoV to have that aspect of the character so directly affect everything, especially for a first game in this world, as it helped us understand its workings. I guess the thing I really want most from the sequel is more stuff like the ending of the game, which shed a lot of light on the history of the world, and raised some interesting philosophical questions. White March part 2 was also a really nice lore bomb
  13. I'm playing with an under-leveled party for challenge. Problem is, the game won't let me scale up act 3 now since I'm only level 8 (and can't progress further, having done everything except WM, which I'm saving for last). I'm not sure if I'll even end up using scaling, as it may just kick my ass, but I at least wanna see some of the elmshore fights to get a better picture. Any chance there's a console command or some other trick for this?
  14. The heal effect is buggy as hell. Some times it works fine, other times it causes damage instead, and sometimes it seems to do both. Also, this may be purely cosmetic, but the effect icon that appears on the character's active statuses does not list the supposed attack speed boost at all.
  15. Yes, I scaled things up, but act 3 is still mostly a faceroll. So are parts of white march if you do it last (part 1 in particular) but not quite as much in my opinion.
  16. Ways to beat high DR: - A char specialized in two-handed weapons. Or, for ranged chars, the slower types. - Debuff deflection or other defenses you wanna target heavily heavily so attacks have a good chance of being hits/crits. - Use spells/weapons that target the weakest damage type. - Buff your dudes! Priests can give you amazing things like +10 might and an ass-ton of accuracy. I like the DR system in PoE because it incentivizes all kinds of weapons for different situations. if you have a varied toolset then abilities that directly lower DR are not at all necessary.
  17. There is a button for toggling the bars (or bubbles), check keybinds.
  18. In my experience the base game becomes way too easy if you do it after doing even the first part of WM, so from a combat balance PoV, I would suggest doing the whole base game first as far as possible (do not jump into a certain ominous pit towards the end).
  19. They no longer all shift to per encounter at all. Instead, when you would have gotten level 1 spells as per encounter, you now get to choose only one of those spells, and gain a single per encounter use for it, and so on. If you're loading an old save that may bug it as the selection of the per encounter spell happens during level up, so it may simply be that you'll gain them all as intended the next time you level.
  20. Yes, this was a terrible decision. Sadly I'm not holding out much hope for anything more than bug fixes now that the game is "done".
  21. Why do wands need hands at all? Why can't a character duct tape 200 of them onto him and shoot them all at the same time? Pew fuggen pew. Whatever made up answer there is for that, it's probably the same as for why no dual wielding them. You need to channel the magic with a force of will or whatever, you can't do that with 2 at once because does your mind even lift bro.
  22. This has happened twice in the same game now. I'm not sure but I think the last time it happened was after fighting some fampyrs, so maybe the whole incessant weapon switching during charm has something to do with it.
  23. I don't have an SSD and the load times are acceptable, though not great, something like 10-20 seconds.
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