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  1. You owe me an end credits movie showing her happy epilogue instead of just informing me she died and I've been wandering around with a ghost. I can't provide much additional information, other than PC/Win10. I noticed the bug before Monarch, but I didn't catch the exact time, just curiously looked at the botched missions part and was surprised. I liked her story a lot, so this is the one bummer of a bug I ran across.
  2. So many props for this being released as a free update. We rarely get changes like this without a paywall. <3
  3. In some games, they are deliberately set up at an awkward angle because you are ambushed or approached from a specific face.
  4. Mmmm, pre-emptive whining about whining for the sake of whining... So manly. I agree that I have no idea why this post is taken seriously enough to be allowed.
  5. My choice was for RP reasons (I have a set of characters with defined traits reused in every game) more than characteristics ingame, but I was happy with the stag.
  6. I found most things too short. Main storyline, companion storylines, explorable areas, side quests (which are largely bounties)... There are some areas (like The Gullet) that are what we'd come to expect in depth and subplots... other areas (like Periki's Overlook) that... bleh. I know that not every area can be deep and exciting, but a lot of the game boils down to sailing around for a few minutes, walking around a mostly empty island, occasionally having a small dungeon, most often not connected to other events. I'm holding off replaying it again until more DLCs are released, because I just
  7. So I finished up, went through the texts for the fate of my crew, got to the last card saying I'm sailing off and hope for good weather... then the game CTDs. I've sat through it twice. Is it just a bug before credits? Am I missing an achievement or story after that point?
  8. Yea, that is the weird thing. I talkded with the queen upstairs, the prince downstairs... went thought the dialog arresting the guy in the audience hall, but it just never updated on them being blamed. Guessing, at this point, it is a bug. Beh.
  9. Might be better if combat were more regular, which could offset hte whole per-encounter and no-camping-limit...
  10. So I'm supporting Huana. I've blown up the powder house. It won't let me continue until I "implicate the Vailians"... I've had Castrol (sp) arrested. No update. No other quests from Huana or from the The Coming Storm quest... not sure what to do now. Thanks for any help
  11. Text combat, overhead party movement over the world... this is a huge nostalgia for NES RPGs...
  12. I'm disappointed with the depth of companion relationships. Replaced several with mercenaries.
  13. Could use a DLC with several more companions with stories. So limited...
  14. Well, sometimes you just want something handy on the char instead of in the soup of stash... from scrolls/other use items, tertiary weapons... Also so you don't sell it by accident. It isn't a strong reason for it to exist, but it is a fair enough reason.
  15. Shift+A It shows the circles of everything, interactable objects. Only shows the names of NPCs with interactions/conversations, will show healthbars in combat. A little annoyingly, you have to redo it every launch.
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