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  1. Correction. I deactivated it, saved, loaded and reactivated and it worked
  2. Do you mean remove as in deactivate? Ive tried that, still says -5 accuracy -5 accuracy?
  3. Hi there, Due to the bug with the warrior ability Savage Attack (extra -5 accuracy), is there a way to increase accuracy via the console commands to counteract this. My main character has 51 accuracy, but should have 56 when Savage Attack is active. Im not sure how much of a hindrance this is but its annoying and obviously affects fights. Im hoping they patch this in 3.03, but in the meantime is there anything i can do to carry on playing. Thanks
  4. Mines doing the same. Any idea when this will be fixed. Thanks
  5. Hi. Im having the same problem with the latest patch. I tried the above and didnt seem to work for me. Can anyone take a look at my output log please? output_log.txt
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