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  1. How did you do this? I'm familiar with modding Unity, but I don't know what file(s) I should be changing.
  2. Pallegina should definitely be a Paladin/Chanter. Both of those classes get most of their benefits early on. Tekehu can go full Druid or Druid/Chanter and rock either combo. His only weak option is full Chanter.
  3. Both factions are trying to keep their wallets fat. Both factions sometimes do good things when it doesn’t interfere too much with the former. Both factions have a “really bad” leader and a “good but flawed” leader to pick between. So it comes down to how much you like “Yo Ho!” vs “Gellarde!” dialog.
  4. It is mostly set in stone. But I have noticed some minor variation. For example, my dialog choices meant that Pallegina and Xoti disliked each other but never got into a major fight. But I also never had Tekehu and Pallegina reconcile their differences, which some posters have mentioned happening.
  5. Yeah. She is fine. Her subclass is not the greatest thing ever, but the core monk kit is pretty devastating even on POTD. So you would not be going wrong by keeping her as a pure monk.
  6. I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum. I really want to play Kingmaker for the story, but I’m afraid the Pathfinder rules will be way too crunchy (I didn’t like 3.5). I’m hoping the rules are mostly invisible and under the hood, quietly running in the background.
  7. Ascendants of any variety are tremendous fun. You might find Helwalker a little squishy, so I can recommend Nalpazca/Ascendant. Berserker/Ascendant is also insanely fun even if Serafen has a similar option on the table.
  8. Tease about being a big imp. Agree to help Nemnok. Kid is liberated. Get books for Nemnok and complete that quest. Kill Nemnok in the end. Don’t pet Nemnok.
  9. I would like to see Health return in a “per encounter” form, so you cannot infinitely heal within a single battle. Something generous that resets every encounter, but not infinite.
  10. Spells and many abilities could only be used x times per rest. There was no limit to how many times you could rest, and no pressing time limits like a Table Top RPG. So it was mostly just personal preference how long you wanted to go without resting.
  11. Lots of little things. I’ll play something complete different, pick different companions, and choose different classes. For example, first run was the usual Benevolent run with Eder, Good Xoti, Pallegina, and Tekehu. Second run will be incredibly cruel run with Leader Aloth, Maia, Serafen, and someone else. Maybe Evil Xoti or just a sidekick.
  12. What makes a “real god” real? If I imbue my toaster with god-like powers, people may decide to worship my toaster, but does that make it a god? If they approach my toaster seeking answers to moral or ethical questions, aren’t they more or less asking me?Wait. Do the godlike powers of your toaster include speech and the ability to create floods or other major natural disasters? That has a pretty profound impact on our answer. =D
  13. What did they use specifically? Deus Ex Machina. *Ba-Dum-Tish* But on a more serious note, plenty of gods were once mortals that were created the normal squishy way. Over time their stories change and evolve until we see them as more symbolic and flanderized versions of themselves. The Engwithans basically did the whole process from mortals to flanders with the flick of a button.
  14. They do explore Engwithan ruins. Heck, most of the ruins in POE1 and 2 have been explored by looters, but there still seems to be monsters and loot waiting for us. They explicitly mention going to Poko Kohora until the storms started.
  15. Nothing really game breaking. Deadfire does a good job offering alternative solutions. Heck, the biggest danger is just getting your main character targeted by all the Will attacks. Especially Fampyrs. Some kind of Int resistance/immunity is a good idea.
  16. Soul Eater Devour Soul - 3 second cast time, 3 second recovery. Gain +2 Rage from every intact body in range. Gib those bodies. Lots of conversation options with souls. Makes Xoti angry.
  17. Would have been fine if they sent you to Queen’s Berth as the distraction. It was definitely bizarre they trusted you with the actual assassination. Unless they didn’t expect you to succeed and it was just win-win for them either way.
  18. I only know of the one scripted encounter. If you somehow dodged that, I don’t know any other way.
  19. He gems and haws, cuts the guy loose, and then makes him walk into the ocean. That’s killing him (for some reason). Would be funny if he shows up on your boat as a stowaway. “Yeah, I went underwater... but yer boat was right there!”
  20. Most of the spells are pretty underwhelming. I almost always used Shield Cracks instead of his early character specific chants. His chain lightning isn’t bad, but a drop in the bucket on POTD. Even his big tornado in the end game underperform Sip From The Marrow in everything but diameter, and Tekehu is no slouch when it comes to intelligence. The only character specific spell of his I loved was his party-wide elemental resistance buff.
  21. “I have 300 koiki just sitting in my boat. Give me that guy and you can take them” should definitely have been a possible solution.
  22. I have no love for Woedica, but Wael seems like the real threat. I understand that Wael delights in the process of discovery as much as obfuscation, but as someone who loves discovery and innovation without loss of knowledge, Wael seems like the god of trolling people. To be fair, I also give Ondra dirty looks. She can come off as kind sometimes, but does some really malevolent stuff.
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