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  1. "Why couldn't it be that there existed only one superstrong soul in the beginning that fragmented? Some would even call that god. " I bet this will be canon.
  2. This is a story gripe/confusion: Given the Huana are meant to be so interested in their history, why don't the Huana explore Engwithan ruins like Poko Kohora? There are murals in there showing Engwithans sacrificing the Huana. Wouldn't they be interested to know their relationship with the Engwithans? Does even *anyone* care about Huana history? My characters see these murals and say nothing. Not "Ah looks like the Engwithans were preferentially sacrificing the Huana. Typical Engwithan." And why can't you explain to any of the Huana what you've seen when you explore the rui
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