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  1. Yeah I like this idea. It could work like some of the other casters spells work, switching from per rest to per encounter. Eg in the chanters case, it could change level 1 invocations from 3 to 2 phrases at level 6 and maybe 1 phrase at level 9 (or just leave it as 2 phrases minimum). level 2 invocations change from 4 phrases to 3 phrases at level 8, 2 phrases at level 11 etc (numbers purely made up here, just using for example).
  2. The size of the hotfix is a steam issue - they have some strange way of packaging it. Nothing Obsidian can do about that, I think. On gog, the same patch (patch+2 hotfixes) is only about 85MB. I'm not ready to point fingers, because any number of things can go wrong between A and B.. but we have had several games on Steam now where we have changed large data files and executables, and the resulting Steam patch comes in at under 50mb etc. We do have to do an extra step to generate the delta patch, but it's done using Steams provided tools. I've seen some people mention that it's an issue with the way Unity's data formats work, but other Unity based games on Steam don't seem to have this problem.
  3. Ceranai did it solo with a Chanter, but you might find it too cheesy. Starting from about this post here, you can see a lot of the things he attempted, some discussion about various strategies, getting one shot by the dragon etc: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76328-solo-play-tips-not-exploits-potd/page-4?do=findComment&comment=1656204 It might help you plan out a strat that will work for you at least.
  4. I wouldn't expect any IE tools to have any effect whatsoever on Pillars. Pillars is a completely new engine written in a completely different programming language etc. I have seen a modding framework floating around, but it looked super hacky currently and limited to only doing a few things. Given that the game is written with Unity engine, I would start looking for tools to extract/modify Unity data files if you wanted somewhere to start.
  5. Great effort Ceranai. I'm thinking when I get around to doing triple crown solo, Chanter will be the class I choose as well. It's definitely my favorite class so far. Right now, I'm waiting for a couple more patches before I play any further. Stuff keeps breaking/getting changed too much with the last couple of patches, and I've only got so much patience for playing over the same content so many times
  6. Yeah I feel enchanting is fairly lacklustre so far as well. All the "best" enchants are only available on certain named weapons. If you want Draining enchant, you gotta use a certain type of weapon etc. They really went overboard on "balance" instead of fun imo on just about every aspect of the game.
  7. It doesn't appear to be just a UI bug, as people have been testing various hots that you can see the effect of by watching your endurance number on the character portrait: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73616-high-intelligence-nerfing-dots-and-hots/?p=1612498 Someone on the Steam forums tested Lay on Hands with a 3 Int and 20 Int paladin, result is same amount of endurance healed over different time (so the lower Int paladin heals faster).
  8. It's a UI issue according to devs: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73785-bugs-damage-over-time-issues/?p=1621915 Damage is applied per tick, and with the longer duration you get more ticks. UI issue is scheduled to be fixed in 1.04. I did see in another thread though that HoTs don't work this way (at least, they didn't in the first released version). Someone tested it with Lay on Hands. Same total amount of endurance healed, but over a longer time (so higher int made it slower to heal).. so there could be some issues with the actual mechanics as well.
  9. I'm finding that using spellcasters (cipher, priest) with the "Very Slow" weapons isn't a great idea if you want them to cast spells quickly. If they are in the middle of recovering from a shot, you have to wait the whole recovery time (but not the reload) before the spell will begin to cast. Or at least, that's how it seems to work to me.. anyone know for sure? Anyway, I'm using Hunting Bow on my cipher. It allows quick spell casting while doing ranged dps. Combined with that wizard spell that does aoe damage when a target takes hits (Combusting Flames? I think), and Cipher paralyse for almost guarenteed crits it's working pretty well anyway.
  10. This is not Obsidian -- it's Steam. I just downloaded 1.03 from GOG and it's only 83MB whereas the Steam version (of the patch, not the hotfix) was over 800MB. The upside of Steam is that you get your patches faster. The downside is that the downloads are huge because they're not taking the time to package and test a diff-only version. Steam does do diffs on your game uploads to create the patches, so I'm not sure what's going wrong here. Definitely something for Obsidian to look into though, my ISP won't like me going through 1+GB every couple of days while they do these hotfixes Maybe I'll try to disable auto update and wait for a few patches at once.
  11. Someone with some rationalization capabilities help me out here --- the description page says might represents "physical or spiritual strength". A small elf character having a ton of brute force doesn't fit, but maybe I could consider it something else? It might seem a bit silly getting hung up on this, but I don't know, it helps me get into the experience more ya know? I totally understand where you're coming from, I feel the same way. I think part of it is that Might occupies the same spot on the stat order list as previous games have placed Strength. I wonder if it would have helped the perception if they had moved Might down the list to somewhere else.. basically just re-ordered their stats list so that people don't make the intuitive connection with previous games. But perhaps the ordering was intentional, so that the stats are "familiar".. I mean, Might does basically boil down to Strength for melee for example. The description helps, as you pointed out. A Wizard with high Might is pumping out more Mighty spells, not necessarily looking like Conan. =D However, there's the issue of game mechanics: Might is used everywhere that brute force is required, so it kinda blows out the "it's not really physical strength" concept.. but perhaps consider that in these situations you're using your inner spiritual strength to perform that feat. Like parents lifting buses to save their children etc.
  12. I've been pondering this as well. Aqvamare, if you max Might/Con, how to you keep high deflection as well? Would be interested in hearing your strategies for it. Thanks.
  13. Those stats seem pretty reasonable for a summoner chanter tank to me. However, you said you wanted to focus on the Invocations that do crowd control, in which case I would put more points into might and int than per/res. You won't be as good at tanking, but your Invocations will do better (longer stuns etc). Of course, it's all a tradeoff =D Con of 10 is fine. In regards to Deflection: you need as much as you can get. Again, a tradeoff. If it's too low, you may as well have none, but to get it into the area where most hits are misses/grazes you have to sacrifice a lot in other areas. If you are intending to be a deflection tank chanter, then you really need to focus on defensive stats and summons, and use Invocations as "I've got nothing better to do right now".
  14. It just worked fine this morning without me having to do anything.. woot.
  15. I haven't seen an accurate up-to-date guide or list of talents and "what you get each level" anywhere yet either. I'd love to have one for character planning as well.
  16. I don't know if it's intentional, but it is the case currently that Phrase duration isn't affected by int.
  17. I just tested it on the wolf at the starting encampment: 1) The enemies engagement target (ie, the tank) must be in the frontal 180o arc of the enemy. 2) A character must be attacking the rear 180o arc of the enemy with a melee weapon (or fists). Also, Increased reach weapon range doesn't trigger it, have to move closer into normal melee range for that to work. It's hard to tell, but I think the wolf can only engage a single target, so potentially on targets that can engage more at once, you may need to have more than two characters attacking to flank.
  18. I thought INT did effect linger, it just isn't displayed on the chant screen? I tested this using a 20 int character and a 3 int one, a first level chant only lasted 6 seconds on both, going by the buff duration on the character portrait. Even if int only affected linger the 20 int character should be getting an extra second or so off the 2 second linger and was not. Yeah I did similar testing (among other chanter related stuff), results at https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/74003-chanter-chants-invocations-and-stats/?p=1616234 . Some others have confirmed this as well. It may be a bug, I don't know, haven't seen anything about it anywhere so far.
  19. Still learning a lot about the various classes and stats here, so could you explain why Dex is the main priority for Rogues? I can clearly read the description of Dex, I'm more interested in why the Attack Speed matters more than say, Mights +damage for example. Thanks.
  20. I can't log into the wiki currently. It keeps saying my password is incorrect. If I log in to curse.com that works correctly, and then if I click from there to gamepedia, I remain logged in, but then if I click on the pillars of eternity wiki link from there it takes me to the main page, but not logged in any more. Also, after trying to log in twice, it showed me a captcha that says "type the two words in the picture", but it showed an image with 3 numerical digits and no words. I tried again after that with same result.
  21. Thanks for the info Cragnous. I'm finally getting around to actually playing the game, as opposed to messing around at the start with a bunch of classes to try stuff out, so I'm looking forward to trying out some of the higher level spells and abilities. I also noticed that Might does affect the damage/healing on some chants. I haven't done thorough testing on that yet, so many things to do, so little time and all that
  22. I would think stat-wise (assuming you don't totally want to min-max, just have a nice to play character) 13+ might 10+ dex 10+ con 13+ per 10+ int 15+ res might: for 9% increase damage and healing. dex: for a bit more attack speed with that slow 2 hander con: doesn't really help a chanter. It's a percentage increase on a low amount to start with. Rely on your chant heals and other healing sources instead. per: for deflection mainly int: for increased area of effect, and duration on your invocations (if you use any that aren't summons). If you're mainly using debuff chants and summon invocations you can leave it around 10 or less, since even baseline area of effect at 10 is enough to hit all enemies in melee range etc. res: for deflection and concentration (so your invocation casts don't get as badly interrupted)
  23. As has been pointed out, most ranged talents only apply when you're a certain distance away from the target (eg, 4m+). So if you're in melee range with a ranged weapon, you're only doing baseline dps at best. While a character using a ranged weapon at range is going to do a lot more dps (due to increased accuracy and damage bonuses etc). Also, consider interrupts - reloading some ranged weapons is slow as is, getting interrupted while reloading is going to really crimp your dps etc.
  24. The answer currently is effectively "Yes". A single chanter cannot 100% debuff enemies and buff allies at the same time, due to Int not affecting the Linger duration of Phrases. However, as Emptiness's screenshot shows, a single Chanter is more than able to buff all allies at the same time, if that's all you want to do.
  25. I've been playing a lot since launch, but I haven't progressed far into Act 1. Instead, I've been spending the time checking out all the classes that interest me, figuring out mechanics and how stats affect them etc. Basically, preparing for a solid playthrough when the patch comes that fixes the "dangerous" bugs. If you're keen on doing a solid playthrough from the get-go, then maybe wait for the patch first. Otherwise, take the time to learn the games ins-and-outs until the patch arrives imo.
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