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  1. I've been running this paladin build, and with the 1.06 patch changes, it's much more effective, so I thought I would post it here. I used Pallegina customized with IE Mod to change her attributes. I don't feel like race makes a huge difference in this game, but Hearth Orlan is the obvious best choice for maximum DPS. Moon Godlike if you want a bit of protection in case she gets hit. Since I used Pallegina, I couldn't choose my order, but Kind Wayfarers would be a good way to go for some healing. She's not flashy, but she provides consistent DPS from a safe spot just through auto attac
  2. Cool. Thanks for the tips, everybody! I think I'm going to go with: Mig:10 | Con:10 | Dex:6 | Per:18 | Int:14 | Res:20 I guess I could stand to cut Int or Mig more, but I honestly don't even know what I would do with the points, given the character's role. I'm planning on including a lot of crowd control in my party and plenty more buffs (my favorite way to play) so I'm not worried about this guy having to be a tank everything! kind of character. About to leave work now and begin my epic quest. Pretty psyched about this little dude. Gonna partner him up with a wiz, a priest and a
  3. Haven't played a game like this in a long time, but I've been reading up on Chanter stuff for the past few days and I'm just about ready to start. I'm planning on getting into the melee with sword & board, utilizing the debuffing phrases and crowd control invocations, maybe one summon in case needed, but not relying on them. Also plan on chuckin scrolls and quaffin potions in between invocations to adapt to the situation. Here are my attributes. Human, Ixamitl Plains, Philosopher MIG:10 | CON:10 | DEX:6 | PER: 18 | INT: 15 | RES: 19 CON at 10: I figured with high Deflection I won'
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