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  1. Or just a damage threshold. Isnt that already ingame though? Just function/status effect so if a hit does <10 damage, if isnt going to do any damage or so. DR reduction excluded.
  2. Because Wu Tang Clan ain't nuthing ta f*ck wit. The real question is, why don't we all post Wu Tang Clan pictures? No, please. This thread's page just got spammed with enough crap. Nothing against Wu-Tang specifically, but they have nothing to do with the topic at hand. Go make a Wu-Tang lovefest thread in WOT if you want. Booooooo Get off the stage Booooooo! This guy stinks! Toss him to the hounds!
  3. I found it on the bounty in that same zone. The pirate dude had it. Tier 3 bounty I think?
  4. Working on a mod to replace sentences containing swear words with Dave Matthews Band lyrics
  5. "PoE is too exploitable for my taste" he says, doing yet another solo run of BGII before rolling a d20 to determine if he's going to take his meds that night
  6. And yet it was doable. People just opted not to do it. Of cource it was doable. Your point is? The spells weren't balanced for you to use them in every fight, and that was clear in most people minds.(people with functioning minds at least). Yes, it was very easy to sidestep the restriction, abuse the system. So what? If someone didn't make the correlation between :game too easy->spamming 3 dragon's breath in every encounter, chances are he was to dumb to win otherwise and should be thankfull that the BG2 devs allowed for an ingame easy/cheat mode. So it was the devs giving a freebie to less-autistic players and not them using what was an easily exploitable system that was easily exploited? Holy ****, take off your nostalgia goggles. This is absurd.
  7. And yet it was doable. People just opted not to do it. Kind of like taking smaller-than-normal groups of characters with non-optimally tuned specs and feats and still forcing your way through an encounter so you could sit back, stroke your neckbeard, and wave a finger in the air shouting "TACTICS!! TACTICS!!!"
  8. Guys dont be rest abusers everyone hates rest abusers they're the worst abusers rest abusers dont do it now let me tell you how to play the game with tactics
  9. Depends if it involved actually doing anything outside frothing on an internet forum about it
  10. http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhd04kpFIH7rM551PX Explain this, Serdan. Bulivyf here is just another Dark Souls fan looking for his next fix. Give it a rest, kid.
  11. Take your patronising bs and shove it. If the bigots hadn't shown up in force I would never have touched any social issues, but I guess you think bigotry should pass without remark. Update your Tumblr with how my post made you feel please. The end-effect is the same as your posting here. Someone triggering your bigot-radar means nil if it just boils down to fueling a ridiculous internet debate that shouldnt have been given form in the first place.
  12. From what I'm told, 4E is the ultimate edition to translate smoothly into a Tactical turn-based RPG combat wise. So we'll have to see.
  13. Bring back THAC0. One day, a game will exist with near perfect turn-based tactical combat. But the THAC0 system will be added simply as spite. The finest game.
  14. Ok, please feel free. But did you ever consider there are avenues to go about this task that arent internet forums for kickstarter driven RPGs? Some of them may actually yield a tangible effect on society. Or you could keep on truckin' on a kickstarter driven RPG forum. Its like training-wheels for social activists, I guess?
  15. In theory, if you know your C#, you could be ok I guess. Thats a huge I guess. And thats a huge could, with a pretty big ok Either way, its a hell of alot more work than editing text files as doable for other games. Problem is thats stuff way above the skill of the vast majority of users. And it being made doable via tools to help those users is an even bigger task. Plus it may or may not require professional-level tools, which are cash-only. All this boils down to a very very thin pool of people willing, capable, and equipped to even consider the task.
  16. Nice feelings you've got there... FEELINGS THAT A BIG BABY WOULD HAVE, THAT IS!
  17. This was attempted in Fallout 3 by Bethesda at demands for harder enemies. It's ****ing awful. It can often lead to little to no options on how to approach the situation. Certain Super Mutants in the game could two shot you because of this, meaning that your approach was always to cower behind a wall as your companions handled it, or you absolutely positively needed to aim for their gun and shoot it out of their hands ASAP. I would not recommend it, cause it's more frustrating than challenging to see all your stats you've acquired not matter and then have every character forced to use the same strategy. Naah, there's alot of fun to be had in your party being hard-countered by some obscure enemy type that uses a damage type that you werent ready for. When you get ruined, and have to reload a few times, it isnt annoying its a fun learning experience and you learn a valuable lesson. Honestly, I'd be ok with hard counter as long as their strippable/dispellable, or not hard counters as-in 100% immunities/regenerates when hit by a certain damage type. Maybe something more creative like Retaliation upon hit by a certain element type etc would be cool.
  18. Fleshing out the Stronghold attack/defense mechanics and somehow consolidating the inn into an accessible-via-menu sleeping spot would work wonder I think. Make it like the party-swap, in that you need to be there at the Keep to use it.
  19. Best example I can think of in recent times was the Levitate spell/potion in Morrowind. Want to break the game? Go ahead, run straight to Red Mountain you rascal Neverrar, you!. I never once did it, but the option was there and people enjoyed it. My only concern with stuff like that is there are some folks who take that as "the game balancers slacking" and respond with stuff like "How the hell did this make it through Q&A????" etc, when sometimes a little bit of absurd power is fun, if the player is the kind to moderate or not abuse it. EDIT: sorry, this was in response to Althernal
  20. The inter-party stuff is good. Durance's comment on the Godhammer and "never shone brighter" mentioned above were excellent in particular. Also, "Go for the eyes boo!" stopped being funny about a decade ago.
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