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  1. The point is not that there are critiques about objective elements of the game. The point is “game too easy” “game too hard” “can I haz gamez without battlez plz” “I can’t play this game if I can’t walk” “__________ (insert whatever you want here) breaks my IMMERRRRSHUUNNN” Yes, there are always trolls, on every board of every game in existence, especially in the RPG genre. That being said, i don't even go to threads such are the ones you have mentioned since those very titles reek of BS and my troll sensors start beeping immediately. Seriously, go read them, some of them are dead serious. There’s this one guy that did want to have no battles in the game. The walking one is also pretty common. I thought it was trolling at first, but many aren’t.
  2. The point is not that there are critiques about objective elements of the game. The point is “game too easy” “game too hard” “can I haz gamez without battlez plz” “I can’t play this game if I can’t walk” “__________ (insert whatever you want here) breaks my IMMERRRRSHUUNNN”
  3. Anybody who finds the game to be boring has every right to raise their issues. They paid for the fun that was promised and they're not getting it. Here is a prime example of self entitlement. If one isn’t having fun, it’s one’s problem. I might hate a movie and my friend think it’s the best movie ever. After we go to the movies should I ask my money back because it was not what I expected? This is pure bull****. If one does not like the game, move on ffs. People forget one basic thing: you do not have to play the game. It doesn’t matter if you paid for it. Paying for something does not mean you must actually have to play, use, etc.
  4. I've pointed this out before. I agree. I think it's baffling the sense of self entitlement some people are showing here. Complaining about bugs or serious balancing issues is fine, but most whiners want the game to fit their whims instead of trying to adapt to what is proposed. It's pathetic.
  5. yeah most of the time an 80% would be a let down for me You must be very cool! Eh, I know personally of someone who cried because he didn't get a 10 in a test in high school. Yeah, there’s always this guy. Don’t be this guy.
  6. Wait... is 8 a bad score? If you took tests at school/university, based on a scale of 1-10, and your score was 8, would you really find it bad? Really?
  7. I dunno what the chip on your shoulder is, but you better HOPE we're a tiny minority of Obsidian's customers. There are currently 625 people browsing this forum. If that's more than half of the people who bought POE then the game just tanked hard. You do understand that a very small percentage of a games players actually bother to come to a forum right? And those that have, and conducted in this poll...GoG users are far from a small minority. I'll equate Steam to One Direction, Miley, Beiber....just because something is popular and sheep masses flock to it, make it good it does not. As for hoping, ummm why? One Direction and Miley are good tho’
  8. Steam cloud for saves is reason enough for me. I could careless about DRM.
  9. I was surprised that I could kill Gordy. I was quite pleased since I couldn’t do that in other games such as Fallout.
  10. It’s not a discussion anymore. The author consented. If anyone should be outraged it was him and nobody else. He isn’t. You are going beyond reason and you will get nowhere because you don’t want to “discuss”, you want people agree with what you feel and nothing else.
  11. If he said they asked him and he accepted, case closed. Everything else is a conspiracy theory in your head because you deny to end this ****storm. It over. Done. Get over it.
  12. It broke my imeeershuunn :( :( I can’t play anymore with such gamebreaking bug
  13. Just reporting that crashes are still present on 1.0.3 (I know it wasn’t the focus of the update, but still)
  14. I don't want to sound rude, but it doesn't matter what *You* personally never experienced. You might never have been to Nepal, but I can assure you it exists. People aren't surprised that there are bugs, but that there are bugs that outright stop/destroy the whole progress, that none of the testers found them and that some people are actively trying to deny/justify their existence. I don’t want to sound rude, but the first thing I did was to acknowledge their existence and also recognised their severity. What I said was it is not surprise to see bugs in this kind of game. The other 3 games that I mentioned as exemple had grave bugs. Skyrim on PS3 was, for instance, condemned to be unplayable after around 60h because the save files would grow so big that it would render the game like a PowerPoint presentation. Does that excuse the flaws in this game? Absolutely not. But the tentative patch notes are up, they are releasing every fix possible as soon as it is possible. There is absolutely no point in complaining, unless you are reporting a new bug.
  15. When you go online, on a discussion forum, you are likely to find more people with problems. I’m not saying that there are no bugs. There clearly are, otherwise we wouldn’t have that huge patch notes. However many here, including myself, never saw game breaking (real game breaking, because some people were saying that not being able to walk is game breaking...) bugs. The only thing *I* particularly experienced was somewhat frequent crashes that happen on MacBooks, and somedays they don’t happen. I’ve played 28h already. I’m not that used to play games that are this complex, but I remember, for example, that when I played Skyrim, Fallout 3, and New Vegas they were incredibly bugged. Do that justify the state of this release? No, but if you are surprised by a few bugs (yes, a few, severe but a few) then you must be new in gaming.
  16. I don’t care people opinions about the writing quality, “ermahgerd too much godlikes” etc. I enjoy reading the fragments of story quite a bit
  17. After a few posts I’m pretty sure he is trolling. The trolling game was strong at first but he couldn’t keep it up. The double-standard moralists are so real that this is a pretty easy topic to troll. BTW this immersion thing is getting old. Living in a world where there is no cursing is immersion breaking. Playing a game where you can score a critical hit is immersion breaking. Having the monster exploding is immersion breaking — having a effin monster is immersion breaking. Having to use K+M to play is immersion breaking. Having to select options in a text box is immersion breaking. Not being able to talk whatever I want to whatever NPC is immersion breaking.
  18. I think there should be a sticky topic where people can vent about difficulty “x” is not what they wanted it to be...
  19. Easy mode is too easy. PLZ MAKE IT HARDER :( :( :( Also plz implement ability to moonwalk. It breaks immersion wihthout it and i cant playz
  20. Interesting, I’ll give it a shot, but there’s another topic where a lot of MacBook users are having the same issue. Not sure if it’s the steam version.
  21. I think people are starting to use the word “gamebreaking” to broadly nowadays...
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