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  1. Another reason for doing Dantooine before Nar Shadda is getting a Mandalorian disintegrator from returning miosture vaporator to Suulru after speaking to Joran. If you're playing as lightside, and are thinking of getting some blasters for Mira, you might consider this. Works well especially with ranged upgrades.
  2. Killing/harming - Not always reflective of darkside. Both sides kill or harm to some extent in varying ways. It is more of sequence or how it is prioritised for each side depending on situation and opposition involved.
  3. After Kreia leaves Dantooine when Jedi Council has been killed, its a direct journey back to defending Telos and then towards end game.
  4. Which part of game are you in? Has your game gone past part on Nar Shaddaa where Atton has to fight the Twin Sun twi'leks? Specificity can be clearer. Are you referring to part where Mira releases some poison fumes that makes Exile faints before trying to find Visquis in his cantina and that Jedi master Zez Kai-Ell leaves Exile before your character wakes up and also heads for the underground Jekk Jekk Tarr cantina?
  5. Can only think of influencing characters like Mandalore, HK-47, Visas, G0T0 and perhaps Kreia occasionally for DS. With darkside, characters influenced are usually HK-47 and Visas. Can't give specific reason, but G0T0 is character that I hardly used at all as his story was hard to grasp at all. Still, Kreia's story is something that was hardly told in any character from original KotOR.
  6. Problem with trying to use speeder on Nar Shaddaa after Exile is rescued is that it no longer works as it does just after PC or Bao-Dur repairs it, which is bit disappointing. Therefore, having it in game makes it a bit redundant as a result of unfinished ideas.
  7. Well, as last option, reload an autosaved game before you tried fighting Handmaiden. Or convert Handmaiden before rescuing all Jedi masters, if it hasn't been tried before. Most of games with male Exile I had, Handmaiden was converted before all Jedi masters were rescued.
  8. Couldn't get Bao-Dur to create a saber for my character that had cyan crystal in it to select at all. Had to use a crystal I did not want and then find a workbench to get cyan into the colour slot for the saber. Had it happen once before, although none of party characters have used cyan so far.
  9. Try raising base Str to at least 14-16 or so if you are thinking of fighting Handmaiden sisters on Telos hidden academy for duels and Mandalorian warriors on Dxun. You could keep Cha to around 10-12. Would leave Dex at 10. I was able to use single blasters without having to raise it higher than that, especially when fighting zakkeg on Dxun without trying to use melee attacks.
  10. Once Exile leaves the cave and if Revan's and Kreia's image have been defeated by your character and you enter the exit that brings you back to where entrance into cave was, you won't be able to return back to Hssiss area anymore. Especially since being able to get through cave is in itself finishing a side quest of its own.
  11. In order to be able to get items for fixing air speeder, having 16+ points for skills like Awareness, Security, Computer use, Repair and Demolitions would help. Or if you have Bao-Dur in your party, and assuming most of his skills are at least at 16, it might also work. Might have been that you could not get power cell from Ithorian as Exile's total awareness skill was below 16 or so. (There would be a dialogue option to get it if skill was enough)
  12. With K2, game for a lightside Exile can be ridiculously flexible. Your character can still support a villain and still stay as lightside. What this also means is that killing can be excessive for character without having alignment penalties for LS characters. That's a bit hard to understand.
  13. Part of concept art for Nihilus is taken from initial art for supposed look of what a vader-like character might have been for look in SW OT episodes. Which might be another suggestion for how characterising Nihilus as a new concept from second game can be a bit confusing, and considering that little of original idea was modified.
  14. Do younger men like older women? Am not really of opinion that Kreia is exactly ugly, although I probably won't want to know what she looks like unrobed. Many other females in K2 apart from her to look at, anyhow. Take Vash as one of those that was barely seen apart from Exile's trial.
  15. Yes. Easier for backing up saves with reinstalling game too. There is also option to keep saved characters after game is uninstalled as well. Although am hardly keeping more files than that of one character for each game.
  16. Before trying to spar with Handmaiden, land EH on a planet other than Telos. Then save game before trying to convert her to guardian or even fighting her. Haven't had it so far as long as EH has landed on planets like Dantooine, Nar Shaddaa, Dxun or Korriban at all.
  17. Found this order a bit easier either with a lightside or darkside character: Telos Dantooine (Get PC crystal and level up character against kinrath) Nar Shaddaa (Get Mira before mid-game) Dxun Onderon Korriban (Sion can be a bit tough, so I leave him till a bit later for game) Onderon (Makes sense for this part to be towards later part of game)
  18. Exile will usually have at least Str 16, Wis 18 for me. Including Dominator/sith power gauntlets. Sentinel/Jedi master seems ok for additional skills (+3 Wis and +3 Con for LS mastery with both)
  19. You'll find Exile alone without your other characters another time also in Telos Hidden Academy, where Kreia and Atton are locked up in cells, so it does happen a few times. Balance up for lack of party characters when fighting with upgrades for weapons/armour with Exile character. (Like say when fighting sisters in hidden academy)
  20. Likely around 16 points or so for both. For increasing droid's Dex and Con and for unlocking hologram message that it also has.
  21. Am not sure about that. Did try having around AC 40+ or so with an early game, with Dex and Wis and other AC bonus items but Sion and Kreia still had hits with their attacks. Their hit rate is likely higher than 40 most of time. That was quite long ago. Find it easier to have just have overall stats including some basic force powers and personal crystal.
  22. My Exile was running up the ceiling in the Peragus room opposite to elevator where terminal for entering combination code is, and where you would find the breath mask for preventing poison status. Thats about only bug I had in one or two games. There is another one, though. Whenever I tried to pick up items from sling bag near skeletal corpse around that same area, my character stays frozen in running forward position. Then, when I pressed Space, freeze was over. Looked like game was paused but without pause message.
  23. Does erased files include autosave games also? More info could help.
  24. Agreed. Bonuses were more in K2 for implants with higher Con requirements.
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