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  1. Very nice. Thank you all at Obsidian for all your hard work. I've been holding off on playing, mainly because I just haven't had any free time lately but it looks like now's a perfect time to start again. :D Really love the game.
  2. I completely agree. If they make it I will.....hmm nm that doesn't quite sound right. Just keep making em and I'll keep buying em. There that's better :D Absolutely love this game and yeah Dragon Age w/top down view was as close as we'd come until POE.
  3. I don't care what they have planned. After Pillars of Eternity I'll be on board for any Kickstarter they do. Sadly I was unable to be a backer for POE but I've bought the game and I'm loving it. I've always been a fan of Obsidian and it's obvious that they love what they do. I really like that they were able to use Kickstarter to make a game that they were passionate about and I want to be a part of that process for their next one.
  4. The answer is because so many bugs ALWAYS go into the final versions in these types of games. Most of you'll who remember BG and BG Ii either didn't start playing it on release or are blinded by the awesomeness and nostalgia factor and rightly so but seriously those two games alone had as many if not more bugs then POE. Some were extremely game breaking. There's a lot of code in these types of games and it takes a while to correctly fix things. You literally have to wade through lines and lines for hours just to find one little thing and even then a so called fix may break a million other things. Ask all the fans who worked on fan fixes for BG, BGII, IWD I and II, NWN I and II and they'll tell you the same thing. Have some patience and quit acting like no other game ever has bugs. Jeez, just be glad developers care to actually make good games. Hell even the best gaming companies have tons of bugs. Bioware always did, so did Blizzard and so does CDProjekt Red. The first Witcher was unplayable until they released the EE for it and then it became one of the best games of all time.
  5. You are literally the first person besides myself I have ever seen to pay Dragon Age 2 a compliment. The problem is that in most settings, you can't fight anything interesting until you hit higher levels. Dragon age 2 is way underrated it was pretty good aside from a few annoying flaws I really enjoyed DA2. Although I didn't care for them reusing a lot of the same scenery but I had a good time with it. I loved the first one more though. Oh and the Torment sequel looks really awesome. Really excited for that one, almost as much as I was for POE. TOEE was a really great game. I just wish that it had offered just a bit more of things to interact with in the environment though and a few more npc's would have been nice in town but the combat was literally perfect. I still love that game.
  6. Haha, yeah I know I'm getting way aheaHd of myself but I can dream right? Lots of great ideas here. Mainly I just want MORE :D. Glad they're working on an expansion and probably a sequel some day. I truly wouldn't mind if they added different characters instead of allowing us to import ours. Whatever they decide to do I'll be on board. Surprises are good too.. Really just anything set in the POE world would be awesome.
  7. Well I've been enjoying POE immensely and the nostalgic factor alone for this game is just off the charts. It feels very much like the first Baldur's Gate and I've read that they plan on putting out an expansion sort of like Tales of the Sword Coast which is just all kinds of awesome news. I loved that expansion but I'd love to see evem more. Actually I'd love it if Obsidian would just follow the whole chain of IE games and do something like this: 1. Expansion for Pillars of Eternity similar to Tales of the Sword Coast. 2. Pillars of Eternity 2: Much like BGII. Allow us to import our characters, increase the level cap like in Shadows of Amn allowing us to hit those powerful levels. And an epic continuing storyline of course :D More npc's, more zones, more spells, more classes and races, etc. 3. Expansion for Pillars of Eternity II: in the spirit of Throne of Bhaal allowing characters to reach lv. 30 -40 depending on their class. New classes, new races, new spells, just more more more. Also must have the epic conclusion to the storyline :D 4. Somewhere inbetween POE 1 expansion and POE 2 I would love to see maybe a game or two like Icewind Dale: where you can create a full party and the game places more emphasis on combat over story but still has a great story. An expansion would be awesome too. Think Heart of Winter. 5. Obviously a second game like IWD II. More classes, races, spells, enemies, etc. Again an expansion would be great too. 6. Go crazy with it and make a game like Tomb of Elemental Evil. It had the best turn based combat ever but sadly the story was lacking. Also skills were pretty useless since there was nothing to interact with in the game. No npc's, no treasure chests to pick, nothing outside of the dungeon which is a shame. Make a game like that with the POE universe and make the combat turn based. There's just so much room to make a better game than the much loved while simultaneously hated TOEE. I'd love to throw out the idea to make a sequel to Vampire Bloodlines but that's a whole different property lol. Anyway I would literally love to take the whole trip down memory lane and add to all my fond memories of playing all of the classic IE games. Why not make that whole trip? Or at least part of it anyway. At the very least I really hope that there will be an expansion as well as a sequel for POE and anything after that would just be icing on the cake. Would anyone else be willing or want to go down that whole road too? I don't want them to exactly copy those games but just kind of take us down a new road following directions already laid out by what's come before. Obviously there's a lot of room for them to do their own thing just like they did with POE. While it feels like BG it's still it's own game. Anyway, I'd just love to take that full journey down IE lane.
  8. I've read that there's a bug that the more you save in this game the longer your load screens get and the longer it takes to save. Some people are reporting up to 30 seconds or longer to load and/or save a game. I haven't had it happen to me but I'm trying not to save too much and deleting all my old saves if I don't need them in the hopes that it will help.
  9. Very awesome. I for one don't think of Bioware as the evil empire. I don't care much for EA but think Bioware is still full of people who love games and love to make games. Things change, you just have to get used to it. I wish they were still a private company like they used to be but they're not. They've made some pretty big mistakes lately but still have enough clout to fend off the evil leeches at EA, or at least partially anyway. DA: Origins was great, DAII was okay, DA: Inquisition a step in the right direction. Regardless I think it's very classy of them. They have a big connection to Obsidian and I'm sure they wish them all the best.
  10. You know I've been in alpha and beta tests for games and I take those tests seriously. To test a game you really need to think outside the box and try everything and anything. Hit odd keys with your inventory open. Try spells while screens are open and it's paused. Do odd things, check odd things but I've found that for everyone like me who takes it seriously you have 9 other people who just want to play the game. That's the hard part. A lot of these bugs should have been caught but it's not like release day where you have thousands and thousands of people who love to think outside the box that are playing the game. In a test you probably have a few hundred people and out of those you might get 10 of them who work their butts off to find bugs while the other 190 people just want to play and don't give a crap. At least that's been my experience. What developers need is a dedicated community of testers who just test games for a living. A community that they can count on and who actually care about making a game better and not just getting to play early and for free. Also from what I've read of their early testing it was all in random zones so that way people wouldn't experience the whole story and be burned out by release or give stuff away so when they logged on it was into random different zones and not from the beginning of the game to the end. Maybe that's also why some weren't caught. But I don't think the game is all that buggy myself. It's got a few bad ones but so did The Witcher, hell it was damn near unplayable but they released the Extended Edition and created a perfect game out of it. BGII had some nasty bugs too, still does lol. NWN had some mean ones and fans are still fixing and improving the game. Same with NWN II. I think it's just the nature of the beast. Most games are pretty buggy on release, especially these types of games with so much code and scripts to them.
  11. Nope, you're not the only one. I for one am loving the game and could care less about bugs. Remember the original Witcher game? It was absolutely riddled with bugs so what happened? They released the Extended Edition and it became one of the most perfect games ever to grace my computer :D I played BGII back when it came out and it had some pretty bad game breaking bugs and back in the day Bioware was very good about taking it's time and releasing bug free games. Look at all the fan mods for games such as BGI and II, IWD I and II, NWN I and II and to this day you'll still see fans fixing stuff. These types of games have a crap load of code. MIles and miles of it I'm sure and it seems like everytime you fix one thing then you break another. In time with the developers and fans I'm sure we'll see all kinds of neat things. Personally I don't care about bugs. If it breaks my game then I'll just start over lol. It's not like I'm not going to play this a million times anyway :D
  12. Same here. I've just started the game. Took me a couple of days to figure out the class I wanted to play lol. I haven't agonized this much over character creation since BGII :D I'm still at the beginning and I absolutely love this game. Brings back so many memories. Also I really enjoy the cutscenes with the dialogue. I've seen a person complaining there was no video cutscenes and it was just words with a bit of drawing to it but I for one think it is the perfect choice. I love the whole choose your own adventure feel to it and it had me on the edge of my seat so much more than any video animation could. I'm very pleased with the game and am so thankful Obsidian made POE. I've been waiting decades for this
  13. You should be fine. I'm using a: AMD Athlon II X2 220 2.80 Ghz Nvidia Geforce GTS 250 Windows 7 64 bit 4GB Ram Your system looks better than mine except I am not sure how good your video card is. I'm not familiar with that one. I just looked it up and if the sites right then in some areas your vid card is better and in others it's lower but from what I've read Pillars seems to play very well on older computers and it looks like you should be able to run it with no problems.
  14. I don't know but I created a Chanter because I love the idea but I'm thinking about changing to a more beefier guy. Chanters seem like they're for really advanced building and I haven't gotten the hang of them yet so I think I'm going to go with a more traditional character and learn the ins and outs of the game first then come back. I do miss my sorcerer though Loved my dragon fire breath in BGII lol. Who needs a party when you're a sorcerer hehehe.
  15. Same here. I just noticed that. I also used saved game names to identify certain characters and situations. I always have one named: Holy crap! for those situations where I'm pretty sure I'm about to get into a big fight and die lol. It's not a big deal or a game breaker but I'd love to be able to name my saved games too.
  16. Hello, I am using a: AMD Athlon II X2 2.8Ghz 4 GB Ram Geforce GTS 250 From what I looked up it looks like the Cure 2 Duo is as good or even a bit better than what I'm running. Pillars seems to run very well on older systems. I can't say for sure but I imagine you shouldn't have any problems running it. You're video card is a lot better than mine too. Yeah you should be able to run it just fine. It runs really smooth for me. I don't know the fps but I haven't had any problems with the game yet.
  17. lol, sounds exactly like me. I saw the Witcher3 requirements and thought "finally! Maybe I can justify building a new rig soon." Maybe end of the year. Haha, same here. My old computer is not great by any means but it's played all the games I've wanted it to, including Witcher 2. Well I can't get Dragon Age: Inquisition to run because they made it so you HAVE to have a quad core. I have a suspicion my rig would run it without that requirement though (with all settings on low and probably not that great) but since they did that I can't even get it to play So between that and The Witcher 3 I am saving up for a new computer. Not sure if I'm just going to make it myself or buy one already built. Pre built pc's are getting a lot cheaper these days so we'll see. I'm still surprised at how well Pillars runs though. I know it's older technology but it's nice they didn't throw in any ridiculous requirements like Dragon Age 3 did or do some crazy Direct X stuff.
  18. Me too actually. I love Sacred and Torchlight. I don't have anything against Diablo clones, some of them are way better than Diablo. I just wish more companies had made games like Baldur's Gate also. If any game deserves a massive amount of clones it's the Infinity Engine games :D
  19. I've seen a lot of posts in different forums from people asking if their computers can run this awesome game so I thought I'd post my specs to give people an idea of what can run the game. My computer is a bit older and in need of some upgrades which I'm going to do soon but the game runs absolutely flawlessly for me. It seems like Pillars is well optimized. So, worried that you might not be able to play it? Then just look here. Hopefully we'll get enough posts to give people a good idea on a broad range of specs the game will run on. My specs are: AMD Athlon II X2 2.8 Ghz.Dual Core 4 GB Ram Nvidia Geforce GTS 250 Win 7 64 bit Hope I didn't forget anything. Like I said the game runs perfectly for me. No problems, no stuttering, just smooth sailing. What's your system specs and how does the game run for you?
  20. Thank you Obsidian for making Pillars of Eternity and a big thank you to all the pledgers of the Kickstarter who made it happen. I've been waiting for 15 years to play a game like this. I never understood why more games like Baldur's Gate I and II, Neverwinter Nights I and II weren't made. We have a million diablo clones but it all kinds stopped after NWN 2. Maybe it was just too much for most companies. I don't know. Regardless I've waited a long long time. Just bought the game and have tomorrow off. I'm so excited. Obsidian has some of the best storytellers out there and I've enjoyed all of their games but this one I have a feeling will be special. They were able to make it in their own time. No deadlines, no rush and from what I've read put their heart into it. All I want out of the game is to bring back that old feeling I got from playing the infinity engine games. I have no doubt it will do just that. So thank you :D
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