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  1. Hello All Obsidian fans and players. I was on the fence about spending my hard earned cash for this game as you all well know money is hard to come by but easy to spend. But I finally took the Plunge and bought the game twice, both from Funstock digital to which I never received the key and also Just over a hour ago on Steam. And I am just Curious on whether or not I can run the game on Medium settings with my current PC Rig. Specs below: Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium 4GB RAM Intel Pentium ® Dual Core CPU G2020 @ 2.90GHZ 2.90GHZ AMD R7 240 4GB Any thoughts would be much appreciated thanks P.S Really looking forward to this game Loved and still do Kotor 2 made by Same Devs Obsidian, Currently on a play through of Kotor 1 so got a lot of love for Obsidian and CO
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