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  1. They should really give the Jack/Kate/Sawyer episodes a rest. They are fine when there is plenty of action but not fine when it was like last night's ep. A whole episode of emo filler just to say "we are going back to the main island".
  2. He learnt suggestion? I thought Eve shot herself before Sylar was able to eat her brains.
  3. There seems to be a problem with the length of topic titles. They sort of overrun.
  4. Mohinder doesnt watch the show so he isn't as clued in as us. Aside from telekinesis and the memory thing and whatever he got from the crime scene where we meet Fat Matt, how many abilities did Sylar collect before he was captured?
  5. Will this discourage use of smilies?? I hope so!
  6. Its alwasy in to bash the right wing. Anyway I am hoping none of those kinds of people answer. Also... dont mention the Lebanon thing.
  7. Why do people hate Reagan? Or at least under appreciate him? I don't want commie reasons.
  8. Eddo is trying to justify infanticide. It will probably be in the dark. That is what the "night sights" are for!
  9. I just had my first experience with Vista. Boy does it stink. Stupid pop ups, pointless notifications every time I go into the guts of Windows to change settings. It is also very sloooooow, but I think that may be due to the fact that Dell sells new equipment incapable of running Vista properly - which in itself is a mean practice IMO. I guess with time and fiddling I might get used to it but since it isn't my computer I am not patient enough to use Vista.
  10. I don't believe the writers when they say they have things planned out.
  11. I watched that when I was about 8 years old. For a long time i used to imagine Freddy outside my window. Him and the monster thing from the beginning of The Twilight Zone movie. The Omen scared me the worst. It really played into religious beliefs I had at the time... when i was 6 or 7 I guess.
  12. Hey guys! I hate it when people use Occam's Razor to try and explain something!
  13. This is some kind of time delay spambot. It got in before the board upgrade and now this post is a signal to all the other sleeper bots to wake up!!
  14. Its derailing the topic a bit but I think a more pertinent question is: Does a candidate's gender or race matter more than the issues?
  15. Nice twist, making Desmond actually be in his own flashback.
  16. Its kinda sad when a poster makes a \"return\" only for nobody to know who that poster was in the first place. Then again, any sympathy one may feel is immediately offset by the sheer gall of said poster in making a topic to mark their return. \"I\'m leaving\" topics or \"I\'m returning\" topics or even \"I am subjecting you all to the drama of my pitiful life by announcing a change in my previously annoying board persona and I promise to be pleasant but in fact I will just revert to my old self pretty quick thus making this topic rather disingenuous and in fact just a a plea for attention\" topics just reek of self aggrandizement. Hiatuseses and returns should be done quietly.
  17. I think Meta stated that but yes, it is still a problem.
  18. Its almost as if you think your opinion has any merit! Fascinating... In any case, the contrast between read and unread states is a lot more visible than before and the design fits in with the "O" for Obsidian thing.
  19. Talking Heads - Once in a lifetime SAME AS IT EVER WAS!! Hmm.. either this track is on loop or this song is bloody long. EDIT: Phew! Its ok, everybody can relax. The track was on loop after all.
  20. The Mac OS bitching is tiresome and petty, its fans should just sit in a smug and patronising silence. Anyway, this Vienna thing. Is it supposed to be a brand new full OS, a hefty update to Vista or a glorified service pack. I ask because the articles I have read seem to compare the seemingly imminent release date to that of of XP SP2.
  21. Counter suggestion: Let Ms Edge worry about the threads. Or failing that, bookmark the art blog.
  22. Yes well, everything smells of poo when one's head resides in one's posterior.
  23. Kula Shaker were pretty much a gimmick band. The gimmick being that Crispian Mills (the lead) was a white Hindu guy.
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