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  1. Hmm, does that mean that the mods are reactive rather than pro-active?
  2. There was a secret forum in Other Games hidden from the eyes of the mods. i think Reveilled discovered it a week ago and then many people went there and posted stuff. Ender posted his tantrum there and the Fio discovered it and closed the forum earlier today.
  3. I would call racism making any broad prejudgement about something purely or predominantlt based on race. "stereotyping" can fall within this definition. btw can boycotting still count if one lurks?
  4. ...especially when receiving!!! Edit: Yes i used to use the screen name of darth flatus. I didnt know i could jsut change the name by asking and its not much bother to set up a new acc.
  5. That was an interesting forum.. just my luck to have discovered it mere hours before its termination <_< I guess its not too bad because the forum seemed to have climaxed already.
  6. So he doesnt get ill - i am assuming that the "others" are "ill". So far it seems to me that the effects of the illness on people is that they get pasty scabby skin and like to kidnap children and look like trailer trash.
  7. So that the people who are ill can't get him.
  8. There's no mystery to getting up early, get enough quality sleep and avoid stimulants.
  9. Yeah, ok but 40 watts sounds like a limited range for a plasma rifle.
  10. Ender pointed out the shark logo, so wont mention that... It seems the code has to be entered every 3 hours or 10800 seconds, 108 being the sum of the numbers, The logo looks like it has the word "dharma" on it - this means religion or belief. So i infer from what desmond said the place is an armageddon shelter from some terrible disease which could wipe out humans. Maybe the serum is some kind of protection against this mystery illness? Oh yeah one thing i forgot to mention: Evangeline Lilly (Kate) crawling through the vents - niiiiice (you may have to adjust gamma or something)
  11. I think a lot of the numbers stuff and other visual references are just easter eggs for the hyper observant among us. I doubt that it all means something and is tied in together. I just want to be blown away when they reveal wtf is going on.
  12. Two things i noticed while watching again: The number on the vials that desmond takes is CR 4-81516-23-42. When desmond wakes i believe he is typing "the numbers" into the computer. These have prolly been discovered by the nerd community. Ignore if you already know.
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