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  1. I apologise to everyone reading this profile for Laozi's display of bitterness. Hell hath no fury like a Texan scorned.

  2. All these comments are from genuine boner fide girls. Get it? BONERfied.

    We are Kor's Angels except for laozi - he is a dude.

  3. To see the desired proof, usual rates apply.

  4. Laozi is lying, he says its great to me in private. He shouldnt be ashamed.

  5. What Laozi said about me is true. He knows from repeated personal inspection. Same time tonight?

  6. It wasn't outlawed, it was just killed. First it died from having Baley's odd stories. Then it continued die under the strain of Eldousent's bloviating rants putting imaginary people on trial. Or is it putting people on imaginary trials? ...whatever. After that, it died drowning in unworthy spam which began toward the end of volume 6 - from about here. Then its corpse was abused in volume 7. It wasn't technically outlawed but was given a forced rest, which in my awesome opinion, it needed.
  7. **WARNING** Laozi isn't actually a female. He is a guy, don't believe him. I on the other hand am a girl. Look at my profile to check. :)

  8. Sure but remember to note that one is from Syria and one is from Iraq. Both qualified in their respective countries in teh last few years. Osama Bin Laden went to school too. *shrugs*
  9. Shadow dancing when I heard you on the RAY-DEE-OH!

    Shadow Dancer was also a game for Sega Genesis.

  10. I don't get it, does the original poster think the Earth is flat?
  11. "Jul" is that the same thing as Yule? Christmas here is really a festival that celebrates shopping and turkey. I call it Shurkeyfest. Only 149 days till Shurkeyfest!
  12. Happy Canada D'eh! (get it? haw haw haw) Joyeux Fete du Canada for all the franadians I suppose
  13. Superman's allergy to magic is actually a psycho-somatic condition. Rumour has it that when he was a kid, Clark Kent went to see Houdini at a state fair. One of the tricks was Houdini stepping into a wardrobe on stage which would then be crushed by a 10 ton anvil. The great wizard would then reappear amongst the crowd. However, when Clark went to see it some kind of mishap occurred which resulted in Houdini appearing in Clark's underpants. Needless to say Clark was very distraught by this rather embarrassing turn of events and since then developed an aversion to magic. Coincidentally, its also the reason why Superman wears the underpants on the outside of his costume - so that he can be forewarned of people popping out of them.
  14. Judge lets his dealer of the hook with a fine. Pfft... big deal
  15. Yeah but Superman isn't stupid and he could just sing a Super Lullaby or go and get some Super Knockout gas and make Hulk go back to being puny Banner. Also he could throw his S-shield at Hulk and it would turn in to a giant piece of cellophane enveloping Hulk
  16. I thought that Spidey 3 turned out not good because the cast and crew just didn't care as they knew this was the last film with which they would be involved. This is evidenced by the lazy half asleep acting; the forsaking of a storyline for a soppy romance yarn (with a series of cute and only mildly funny skits) and most of all by Tobey Macguire's double chin. Oh, recently I saw Knocked Up - very funny. Seth Rogen was good but I did like Paul Rudd's character the most.
  17. Git ya azz to Maaahhz Git ya azz to Maaahhz Git ya azz to Maaahhz Git ya azz to Maaahhz Git ya azz to Maaahhz Git ya azz to Maaahhz Git ya azz to Maaahhz Git ya azz to Maaahhz Git ya azz to Maaahhz Git ya azz to Maaahhz Git ya azz to Maaahhz
  18. Has anyone sneezed and then farted by accident all at the same time? Ha Ha Ha *sigh* That's so funny.
  19. I used a shot of the Transformers theme from the animated movie. That was a kick ass theme. Will + All: Apparently the leaked version that was talked about earlier was not the official version. Supposedly Mute Math is doing the real theme and they have a clip on the band's myspace here. Personally I think it's even worse than the fake one. Erm.. I think the one you think is fake is the real one. The piano bit is at the beginning of the trailer when Bernie Mac is saying stuff. Its like a bad copy of a Linkin Park song. That description alone should suffice in conveying the quality of the song. Either way they are both terrible.
  20. All Braveheart speeches are terrible and cringy. Except for the original Braveheart speech and Aragorn's. You guys are way too hard on a summer popcorn blockbuster Hollywood Bruckheimer produced movie film. What did you expect? Lars Von Trier's next? Yes, the Braveheart speech is a hackneyed piece of scripting but that is not why I thought the PoTC version was cringeworthy. The main thing about it was that it was unconvincing given that a) It seemed very out of place to give a speech about freedom to pirates of all people b) The speech was given by what looked like a twelve year old boy. Personally, I don't think this movie is rubbish because it is a "summer popcorn blockbuster" - I am not a film snob. It's rubbish because in essence it is literally a mess. Too many characters and too many plotlines none of which are developed enough to be satisfying. You cant even call it action packed since a lot of the film just drags and is filled with babble concerning "pirate code" and random magic stuff. By the time the action rolls around it just turns out to be the same old thing - fighting with the odd quip.
  21. I saw pirates of the crap 3 on saturday. I fully agree with Gromnir's take on the film. I'd just like to add that keira was irritating and was completely unconvincing as a "badass pirate". Her braveheart speech was terrible and made me cringe. So that makes it two crappy sequels so far thise summer. Only a squillion more to go!
  22. So did anyone else misinterpret the line: "Moved on with another man" ? That was a total WTF? moment for me thinking that Ben had just outed Jack... that is until I watched the scene again. Its cool that they have revitalised the flashbacks this season, what with Desmond's thing and have some Island only flashbacks. The idea of a "flashfoward" was really rather cool (even if it has been done in other shows). What if beardy unabomber Jack is in fact flashing back to the Island and the "present" timeline as it were, was him trying to get back? The Expedition/we must work together music kept making me laugh - it sounded completely out of place for some reason. Mikhail with the grenade was superb... that crazy russian undead trickster!
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