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  1. While I agree that Jacob the invisible crazy man was a bit lame (is he the smoke as well maybe?). I liked the rest of the episode. The immortal or long lived Richard was freaky (I caught the hint at the beginning of the episode about remembering birthdays). What was even more disturbing was the mass murder of the Dharma peeps. It all throws up more mystery without the old ****tease method that was typical of LOST earlier on in the series.
  2. Oh wait... I guess the other person would have to keep checking back. Never mind - I'll just go back to what I was doing.

    *breathes heavily*

  3. What would be good is if people realised that they could post comments in their own profiles. It would then be much easier to follow a conversation.

  4. I think Hiro just lost concentration rather than Sylar doing anything. The little girls .
  5. *breathes heavily*

  6. I think an important flaw that everyone seems to be missing in Spidey 3 is how fat Tobey Maguire looked. Kirsten Dunst looked a little chubby too at times. Also James Franco's teeth were really yellow. Above everything else these things totally ruined the film for me.
  7. I would assume its an effort to stretch out merchandising potential. For example three season DVD box sets as opposed to two. The downside of this long term commitment is that now the writers can slack off and possibly add more filler. Still... I'm enjoying the hell out of this current season - there's like advancement in plot!!
  8. Its seems HRG has more insight into their powers than the "supers" themselves. This is evidenced by HRG's knowledge of Sprague's EMP ability before he knew himself.
  9. I know its too late and you probably know this by now, but the sign to show the national speed limit applies is: Here are some other road signs. http://www.highwaycode.gov.uk/signs04.htm I'm sorry to hear about your other non family related gripes, but like yeah... I guess I don't notice them because I am acclimatised. Better luck next time eh?
  10. The point was to let us know that Nikki has a hot little... posterior. As for lack of plot advancement, well we had a run of some good eps so a pointless filler ep was about due. I didn't mind too much myself, it reminded me of the awesomeness of the pilot episode and also how glad I am to be rid of Shannon. Actually tbh I liked the episode, the whole buried alive thing was ultra creepy. I laughed at Sawyer saying "who the hell is Nikki" straight after she "died". However, I am disappointed at not seeing and earlier Xerxes Paolo flash back
  11. Still too early to tell... Summer is usually a mini peak season but the real test will be this Christmas.
  12. What did you name her, Kor? Tell us Kor!!!
  13. As CGI cartoons go... its a lot better than Cars or any of the Dreamworks stuff. Otherwise... eh, I guess you have to be a real TMNT geek to think its anything above mediocre kids film. That is not an insult by the way.
  14. Ugh, this episode is further proof that LOST is going down the drain (as if we needed it). The show has lost (pun intended) any originality and spark that might have made it good once upon a time. This episode was completely unoriginal and wholly predictable. If there ever was "Jump The Shark" moment, then Ben's Magic Box is it.
  15. An obvious caption for the gun picture is: Pyoo Pyoo! ALso please tell us of the bad and ugly of your trip.
  16. Evidently, Locke likes to blow sh*t up.
  17. Surreptishus


    IMDB says it hits Finland on 6th April.... haw haw!
  18. Read this too! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/6434773.stm
  19. Also he had a shield made of adamantium and vibranium which when thrown would return like a boomerang.
  20. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/6431619.stm We salute you Cap may you rest in peace... and then return in a marketing stunt by Marvel.
  21. Surely the difference between luxury and necessity in clothing is delineated by price, is it not?
  22. Snot free... its all paid for with license money innit?
  23. I am thinking 5 years... not sure why, I think I read somewhere the next ep is set 5 years into the future.
  24. Apparently I am a Grand Dragon...
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