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  1. Dear god... I hope not. I am assuming the blog feature is to collate blogs directly relevant to Obsidian Entertainment and its employees. Besides, there are plenty of blogging sites available for the riff raff.
  2. Right now I assume the mystery is about the circumstances of her death and her baby's daddy. Also her son died "mysteriously" too.
  3. Nonsense, the "End Climate Change" wristbands will have a huge positive effect. All those poor Climatians will finally get some money to help.
  4. So then, is your sense of taste affected?
  5. Surreptishus


    My problem with Wayne Palmer isn't how he looks as president, but the way he delivers speeches and addresses the cabinet.
  6. What is the advantage of 65nm? Will that make it more power efficient and produce less heat?
  7. The vista upgrade wont be allowed. Since technically OEM copies are meant to be only sold with new PCs the vista upgrade only applies to new PC buyers. Also I hear vista wont work with Macs.
  8. The first message you see is the first one I wrote. I saw no "jack". I slowed it down and watched it frame by frame.
  9. ? The messages are meant to seen only by the worthy. First you must purify your mind and soul by undergoing a series of trials each more mysterious than the last. Each trial will test your utmost fortitu... Heh... You literally cant see them because the whole message is not in shot.
  10. Plant a good seed and you will joyfully gather fruit EVERYTHING CHANGES We are the causes of our own suffering God loves you as He loved Jacob THINK ABOUT... YOUR LIFE There are other messages but they cannot be seen.
  11. It wasn't techno it was drum'n'bass. This episode had plenty of action and the back story was new and had direct relevance to the island and LOST mysteries. So it held my interest. Anyone found any geek stuff related to Mittelos Bioscience?
  12. Jealousy is a motherfu... a mother fiddler.

  13. You are assuming that Vista is a required upgrade. Why is that?
  14. Even if he was a straight up PC user, advising him to get Vista just because its the latest Windows OS is crap advice.
  15. Hades is on the bleeding edge of technology! He needs Vista to run his vast empire!
  16. Neweegg sells an OEM version of XP Pro SP2 for $130 or so.
  17. That is not good advice. Especially for a mac user.
  18. Surreptishus


    Heh, the latest episode was largely predictable. Except for the bit right at the end and the confession. Wayne Palmer is unconvincing as president. The Palmer sister is too "ghetto" to be a president's sister. Powers Boothe is such an obvious bad guy its funny. Sure, this show relies on some cliched dialogue and the twists may be formulaic but I think those are small complaints in the overall picture.
  19. Wu Tang Clan - Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin Ta F- With.
  20. How about getting the individual tracks from iTunes. Will that work?
  21. ...! Wait, I changed my opinion now. United 93 was awesome!! My favourite bit was near the end. "lets get 'em!!" :'(
  22. If by "they" you mean sad modders. Then yes. That particular modder's attention to detail on the shoes is worrying.
  23. Actually, one can manually stimulate the prostate gland such that a quadraplegic can produce sea men (oh, come now). And if Murderball is any indication, at least some paraplegics are capable of having sex. Ok, how about quadriplegics?
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