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  1. "Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Scavenger Hunt Rewards" That name is taken from the Galaxy data for Deadfire so they are working on it.
  2. Here you go Windows %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity\ macOS ~/Library/Application Support/Pillars of Eternity/Saved Games/ Linux $XDG_DATA_HOME/PillarsOfEternity/SavedGames/ Taken from pcgamingwiki I'll add its super annoying not being able to skip that intro bit where you are walking towards the adra I've plodded through it way too many times trying to fix kinks get save files recognised or change character and experiment with the history creator.
  3. When you imported did you get the Hylea's Bounty item? I refused to promise my actions to any of the gods but because I picked to return the souls to the Hollow Born I ended up with a fancy cake that claims its for fulfilling my promise. Given I specifically avoided making a promise thats a bit annoying.
  4. I think it was a fair way to test just think of yourself as a beta tester who has been given a specific area to test. Not like beta testers always have free reign in what they test. Was there a proper bug tracker would have been cool/useful thing to have dunno how it would compare to handling emails for bugs or forum posts in terms of effort required?
  5. I'm interested in knowing how the DRM-free patches that are going to be put up here will compare to steam getting patches. It would be cool if this were the first place to get the updates. It seems sensible that GOG's install will be the same as the disc one so it may be possible to grab the patch from here and cut out GOG's testing and installer creation. I'd imagine they won't be pushing the initial patch even if thats true. They will have enough to worry about with all the extras being downloaded here.
  6. I'd guess that its the different SKUs and the decision to sort backers into the most appropriate one rather than just giving access to the base game on GOG and Steam and handling the extras here that has caused them the difficulties. As I'm sure if they did that people would explode in rage at not being able to point to owning the fanciest named edition in their library its probably worth it for them. Dang it I was going to say that
  7. I don't recall the swearing in Dragonfall so I assume I accepted it as totally fair usage. I really don't care about swearing in fact I get annoyed about the use of replacement words cause I don't see how simply replacing the word changes anything. The replacement is used in the same context and assuming the audience are adults they know exactly the word that fits in the spot so whats the difference. I mean in real life the slurred word of the drunk swearing at me probably has less similarity to the swear word they're going for than many of the fake replacement words on TV.
  8. No it is not, if it done by not letting you download the software instead of another software that prevents you to use the software that you have downloaded until certain date passes. Wait I wasn't reply to you, took rather a long time to actually post I don't consider GOG's implementation of preload DRM if thats what your saying. I don't really care about the definition of DRM I refuse to use Steam. If I was to call it names I'd say adware but really my thing is only open source programs get to connect to the internet on my computer. I didn't actually know that they had done that f
  9. Enforcing time related access to software is pretty much a text book definition of DRM no? You have the right to access the game at whatever time on whatever date not before. Though feel free to define as you wish I guess the steam client is merely acting as your browser would in the GOG example automating the process of getting the "key" from a server and then "installing" the game. I do love these games.
  10. Preloading gives you a encrypted version of the game the steam client then decrypts it on release day. GOG can't do that as they don't have a client to do that kind of DRM stuff. I have often wondered what the download speed versus decrypt time tradeoff is.
  11. I usually go for something Gáidhlig female Fia or Faolan male for humans otherwise if I just randomly type stuff and whittle it down to something that sounds about right, helps if you know the setting and the types of names that fit your race/culture but meh. Alternatively hit up Dwarf Fortress : Stukos, Kulet, Minkot, Quathari, Sareve or Bembul
  12. Heres my understanding of GoG patch release timing. GOG can be left without the patch, that is the dev sits on the update waiting to see if anything significant pops up Steam users are used as testers. I presume this is cause GOG either use weird delivery mechanisms or compressing the game folder and uploading to GOGs servers is onerous and worth waiting however long to save doing twice. Then when GOG get the patch they install it on a bunch of different rigs and see if anything breaks then they make it into their installers/patches. So in addition to them perhaps catching bugs and see
  13. Patience is a virtue, seem to recall waiting over a year for X3 to be released DRM free. My preference is all at once as I see it multiple postings just means more chance for stuff to go missing. If you have access to cheap/free warehouse space ( Who doesn't want to fill their homes with boxes and live in burrow type spaces ) offering the option to delay might be nice. I also would like to rebuke the idea that I give a damn about other people playing the game before me or that I would be upset to see exclusive backer only content available to others, not sure if there is any in thi
  14. I'm really liking the character classes, maybe I should write down which one I plan on playing first and see how often it changes as information is released. I hope the classes get to shine during the game, that is the lore associated with them gets thoroughly aired so they feel real rather than just something you pick to kill/support the killing of stuff in a particular manner.
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