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  1. Somehow I'm not surprised. I still have chills every time I speak with GM - I can't imagine playing the game without her in my party. Can't you? Have you completed her quest? Because I found her approach somewhat offputting. I couldn't imagine playing without her because of Mind Blades and Blind though. I have not yet completed the quest, however I do not shy away from disturbing stuff. I actually prefer it over cookie-cutter "all is good" resolutions. So far I loved everything involving her. Me liking mystery stories, illusions and mind-affecting magic has something to do with
  2. Somehow I'm not surprised. I still have chills every time I speak with GM - I can't imagine playing the game without her in my party.
  3. Everyone knows "real" "gamers" hate to read. Amiright guys? Guys ?..
  4. Or let them create something new and not recycle same characters all over again? Party banter is a simple talk between companions. It is a good distraction while traveling. I'm not sure what your expectations were, but I don't see how they can be any better. There are jokes, small talk, arguments - little bit of everything. I haven't finished the game yet, but so far all of the companions are above average in my book. Yes some are less interesting than others, but everyone has their own tastes. I for one LOVE Grieving Mother. But I'm a mystery story junkie, so I guess I'm a little bias
  5. You get used to it. It was hard at first, but once I started searching for the green endurance bar I accustomed to it over time and now it works perfectly for me.
  6. Combat is fairly simply. Just have your front liner(s) stand in first and wait until they occupy enemies. Use "+ X enemies engaged" stuff so they can attract more opponents at the same time and then engage with the rest of the party - don't rush in, just wait until enemy reaches your front liners. Also I suggest turning on "auto slow mode in combat" and auto pause ever 3-5 seconds until you get a hang on positioning, target focus and spell usage. Crowd control and debuff spells seem to be the most powerful ones.
  7. Items (gear), food, potions, resting bonuses. The increase in stats through any source also works for scripted interactions and conversations, which is great.
  8. I think you are doing something wrong dude. My rogue, playing on hard:
  9. Playing on Hard. Had to turn back from the first dungeon I found since I couldn't handle group of 7 mobs when I only have 3 party members. I bet I'm not supposed to go there yet, got my ass whooped pretty hard. So far the difficulty seems fair, need to get used to all the mechanics so there is that.
  10. Dexterity and Perception all the way! Gotta be able to find and steal them treasures.
  11. ME 1: Garrus, Wrex, Ashley, Tali ME 2: Garrus, Thane, Tali ME 3: Garrus, Tali, Ashley I loved most of the companions honestly, but my least favorites are by far Jacob and Vega (stereotypical and uninspired). Garrus is my bro, calibratin' all day 'er day. Wow!... I'd never guess you liked Garrus that much (joking ) ' Badass. Garrus is a badass - yes. I loved him from the moment we met till the very end. While his "calibrations" thing is iconic, I for one love the few last moments the most. The "bar in heaven" part is by far the most memorable (along with Jav
  12. I just hope that not every side-content hobo you encounter will be a demigod prince of darkness whooping the player's ass without a sweat My most memorable encounter in DA:O was a Hermit in the elven forrest. If anything I wish more encounters like that one.
  13. ME1: Wrex and Garrus. Romances suck, none for me. ME2: Mordin, Garrus and Zaeed. Romances suck, tho friendly time with Kelly is fluff and cute - she is welcome to feed my fish anytime. ME3: Garrus and maybe EDI, but just because she is something different. As for romances, Traynor takes the cake, the only romance I liked through the trilogy and I played through it like 5 times.
  14. I actually played through DA2 5 times and only managed to finish DAI once. It does say something about the game.
  15. PoE just can't come soon enough. I can't be bothered to start anything new knowing there's less than 2 weeks left. I just spam invasions/arena in Dark Souls now but that too is starting to get boring now.
  16. I'd say Assassin is more of a specialization of a Rogue character. Rogue is a general term and there can be many different types, archetypes and specializations of Rogues that prefer different weapons and approaches in combat. I can imagine rogues using small melee weapons which can be short-swords, daggers, curved swords, axes, fist weapons, etc. Then comes in dueling and fencing training - rogue can be combat specialist and use any type of straight sword skillfully, maybe even add other items to the mix (cloth to hide small weapons in off-hand for example). Furthermore - rogues c
  17. I especially hate when you are forced to have a certain person in your party because of the quest and you need to dismiss one of the existing party members since your party is full at the time. At very least ignore the party size restriction until the companion becomes "optional" :|
  18. I remember the outcry for DA2-DAI when you were not able to murder the companions. We all know why - since they are limited and game is designed to be played with 4 characters. Great idea from Obsidian to implement "guns for hire" just in case some people will hate every single companion and will want to kill them.
  19. The length will be different for every player. It usually takes me twice as much time to complete RPG games than one of my friends, as an example - I finished Shadowrun: Dragonfall in 52 hours while he did it in 24. I expect this game to be no different. You can expect anything between 20 to 100+ hours per play-through. Then you also get multiple play-throughs which also expands the play time tremendously.
  20. I actually adore the class sytem in NWN2. I probably spent more time crafting various builds than playing the game. However, the game is very forgiving and quite easy. You can simply roll a single class and go with "recommended" settings and complete the game without too much trouble. Obviously, creating your own build will be more fun, but if you don't have the patience for it, just roll with any random class - the story is worth it.
  21. Well that makes sense if your character is not specialized in dual wielding, it was the same for most RPG games. Small weapons and dual wielding training minimize the attack penalty. I just wonder how much impact weapon size will have for the hit rating as if I understand correctly there are only 3 weapon size classes. If dual wield will work only with small weapons I guess I'll be playing as fencing master rogue - Rapier/Dagger
  22. So there aren't exactly any weapon proficiencies in PoE and any class can wield any weapons without restrictions? What about hit rating? If I would want to dual wield I would still need to have a small weapon in off-hand for optimal results right?
  23. People seem to Q&A in this thread so I'll go ahead and ask - can rogues wield hand-axes in PoE? If so - what are the pros and cons for wielding one? I always loved the concept of rogues using small hand-axes as primary weapons and daggers as secondary ones.
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