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  1. I havent run a custom party yet, but were i to do so i would go with following logic - Wood Elves get the accuracy bonus. -> Majority of party would be wood elves -> Elves emphasize femininity -> Majority of group would be female -> Also fits stylistically, while it is rather unlikely to find many warrior women looking to bash someone heads, it is not unlikely to have a group of people of any gender from village X doing stuff together, like.. K-On :D with weapons.
  2. Strictly speaking Hiravias isnt a mage at all, he is a divine caster with offensive circles, his powers granted to him by his deity. Aloth is the only mage in the game and as such he is a better mage than any other recruitable companion.
  3. implementation is key. D:OS/ToEE for example imho has great combat dynamic even though its turn based. PoE on the other hand feels kinda uneven. I also feel like too many games try to mimic HoMM which imho is not exactly suitable for a party combat due to chess-like field, reducing tactical choices (there is basically just charge and hold back)
  4. Game needs more than 2GB apparently, so you need to get more RAM and an OS which can handle it (even default WinXP can but its against the law)
  5. http://www.upload.ee/files/4740442/transcendentsuffering_4.unity3d.html download that and put it into objectbundles folder, then add with an understore such as "AddAbility player transcendentsuffering_4"
  6. this is a paladin nerf guys Pretty much the best utility Paladins had and its nerfed. Auras? So they say its more than focus and less than charge, thats a value range between 2.5 or 4.5. I'd assume its 3m aura, yeah right, "fixed" alright. Was nothing and still is nothing. Reinforcing Exhortation? You were either a tank and didnt need it, or a squishy and didnt really need it either, so whatever..
  7. In my game (hard) Sagani dps == Aloth dps and she runs on full auto, consider this if wanting to take yet another character who needs manual targeting each round. And you will lose a tank. However since that party doesnt have a chanter(and his ranged buffs) magic users will run ahead, still its likely a bad trade-off, you are exchanging a single target hard hitter and a tank for a squishie with some weaker aoes. The enemies will just ignore and charge forward and kill you unless you paralyze them first, so each encounter will be a gamble early game mage > druid. He has 2/encounter party friendly raw damage aoe bottom line i would actually take a chanter, for -reload song and +burn damage on weapons song, that would benefit everyone, and he can cast allright, just wait for the two ogres summon.
  8. You used 2 metagame exploits. Pretrapping location, and intentionally avoided areas known to become unsafe in the future. Just imagine someone goes to a bank and sets a stun trap in front of security personal. Modded BG2 mobs instantly go hostile if pretrapped. Not that i actually have a problem with that, its just funny how people use exploits and then complain the game is too easy. Is the game really that difficult, i just talked to Raedric and beat the crap out of him with premades party on hard.
  9. Where exactly is the option to make entire groups aggro reliably again? Oh, that's right, it doesn't exist. So I'm stuck with this **** no matter what. And no, this is not the same thing as difficulty, which dictates how hard the fights are. This is about whether that difficulty you chose for the fight is what you get, or whether a large goddamn section of the difficulty you chose had their thumbs up their ass in the corner and didn't get aggroed, often without you even knowing they were there, let alone actively trying to abuse the pull mechanic. It's a buggy piece of **** that should be fixed, end of rational discussion (not that that means anything on the internet). Formation, advance, everything is aggroed, have fun. The game gives the player the first strike even, and with pause enemy-on-sight its impossible to get ambushed and possible to regroup and attack properly, so there isnt even a need for a scout. A very good feature and a solid micro reduction from IE games in my opinion, as that scouting ahead thing was quite annoying.
  10. Something tells me he is playing a paladin. edit: AddItem shield_small_outworn_buckler 1 and pretend it didnt happen/same shield :D
  11. You cant pull at will in MMOs, there are tons of group mobs, and marked as such. It appears to me while "bashing" MMOs you actually want to play one. Which is understandable as MMOs are better games. Still, quite ironic. Dont know which statement is better "bg has no pulling" or "pulling is obligatory in PoE". Im at a loss here..
  12. I'd hate do be completely banal here, but people hate new. They want bread and circuses. Havent read Ender's Game for pretty much the same reason, becoming disillusioned in sci-fi, it was all the same but in space, older sci-fi was filled with aspirations, i think that was lost somewhere on the way, probably when it became clear we arent going anywhere beyond low Earth orbit in the 21st century. The book that comes to the mind though is "Fahrenheit 451", covering pretty much all the statements. Old sci-fi is genius. in the very unlikely scenario that you havent read it, or for other people, here are some quotes
  13. You are likely underleveled as the game doesnt scale. Go grind some exp elsewhere first. Raedric castle is no different than any other encounter - Archer down the mages, clean up the others. I crushed them all at lvl4 or 5, dont remember, no consumables and no difficulties at all. Screenshot - go get 2 more people, it only takes like 2 minutes to get them if you go East from And concentrate fire, on your screenshot 5 people are attacking 5 enemies, thats not very efficient.
  14. I would like some lesbian romance please.
  15. The cycle of SJW From bottom to top, inclusion level Game has: Gay romance. - Game is a gay simulator Lesbian romance - Game is homophobic, no gay romance Straight romance - Game is homophobic, no lesbian romance No romance & good looking women - Game degrades women ugly women & Eder - thats the stuff! But thing is, only a certain type of people would find a game adventure featuring ugly women and beautiful men "normal". I also wonder why Mass Effect romances are mentioned so often, seems to me like some kind of fixation there. I for instance liked Mass effect romances, but i dont go around and talk about them at every corner in rage or love. (Couldnt care less.) Weird no?
  16. i ignored that thing completely and went for story line, and for quest exp.
  17. A script editor would be nice, and everyone would decide and do for himself. Scripting isnt there to make the game play itself its for reducing redundant micro, For example putting everyone on "Hold", you will have to manually click everything you want to be attacked. And if everyone is on autoattack, you will have to press Hold everytime you do not want melee to charge. Both is annoying and more importantly is mutually exclusive without some confusing toggles. In BG2 i scripted ranged characters to autoattack, and melee characters to only attack people within their striking distance. Was good enough. Or take chanter, he starts to sing at combat start, a script does that, he didnt do that in BG2, you had to manually make him sing, and actions broke that too, so you had to reenable singing after each attack. Can you imagine how annoying it is? (i scripted the bg2 chanter to autosing too) So please dont tell me you dont need scrips as you are using them already (I also scripted casters to keep 4 feet distance from enemies, was pretty fun too) Yes spells can fix everything, but it would be better if it would be done through proper class mechanics. I mean it was fun in 1998, but now its just confusing. At the very least they could improve IntoTheFray.
  18. Yep i ran with Aloth, but mainly out of convenience though, cba to go through yet another set of one-time selectable spells with ambiguous names. And Aloth is extremely convenient in this regard. Plus the "collect the spells" minigame is kinda fun too. plus i kinda dont get the point of the cipher, he spends 1 round shooting, 1 round reloading and 1 round casting. His spells must be pretty powerful to negate that..
  19. Tigranes It would simply lead to the squishiest squishy having to tank/lure, like Aloth does in every shadow encounter. I feel like it is more of a failure of the engagement system it simply doesnt do.. anything significant? I dont think enemies even care, 'cause not even my squishies do. Tanks in MMOs are all about control(by far the most difficult character to play) and here without control not sure how anything can be done to AI because the player has very limited ways to react(other than to kill them all first, (or run))
  20. There are no tanks in this game, a tank is a class with specific talents which are not present in PoE. (maybe knockdown) There are however characters with high armor who are difficult to kill and it only works because the AI attacks them, and the only reason it does attack them is because its stupid. So see you cant make the ai smarter, it would simply ignore them. (As do human players in player controlled matches in other games). Whoever says "Tank and spank" in this game likely refers to extreme class polarization, as there is no damn reason to put armor on dps, due to resulting dps penalty. (another bad design choice).
  21. Direction arrow are not present because there is no minimap and its a 2d game you can already see the route. The are conveniently directly on the map though, and the quest description tells exactly where to go. Impossible to lose a quest, just click on the marker and the party runs to it. Good solution i dont have the patience to look for some location.
  22. Enemy AI is impossible in a game with such bad combat mechanics as PoE. All the AI has to do is aim straight for the squishies and they are dead with no tanks in the game there is no way to prevent this to happen other than abuse the AI and make one squishie play the lure, running around in circles. I thought this "tactic" was a thing of the past, apparently not. Plus companions dont autoattack. which i guess is the lesser evil compared to them making suicide charges, but still annoying when Aloth casts a spell and then does nothing for the remainder of the encounter if forgotten.
  23. Sort of hijacking but how does the Wizard tunes in into this?, have one slot for a magic companion and deciding between Aloth, GM and the druid dude. i take it a druid is a no go until lvl9, but Aloth does have 2 times Arcane Assault and is currently the one with the most damage done in the party..
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