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  1. Lets hope there wont be a romance with that tree animancer, inner beauty and all...
  2. to have a romance there'd have to be a decent looking girl first, and the one we got is killed in the tutorial.. sorry for the spoiler.. Not so sure about GM or Sagani.. Its as if they didnt want us to have female companions at all, let alone romances. Pretty big change to BG1 btw, where the first NPC we got was a cutie., and well bg1 generally didnt held back on kawaii material
  3. So is the keep currently worth investing in?, im kinda low on funds there.
  4. WYSIWYG loot, cool name. I like the concept too tbh. if felt good to slaugher talk to a bunch of spear xvarts xaurips and get a bunch of spears as loot
  5. I think they just didnt fully fix the inflated stats bug so some active effects are still permanently added to the character if saved with them on, that would include the auras and maybe some other things too, who knows, maybe thats why they say PotD is too easy.. im disabling every active effect before saving and so far have not experienced any range change. Progressed to level 5, Inspiring Triumph and its not 10m either heh. Anyone actually using it?
  6. what? the only buff that lasted a long time in IE games was stoneskin, and being non stackable target:self the only thing you could do with it is saving one spellslot, which is pretty much irrelevant in the grande scheme of things. Everything else lasted 1round/level or so, at best 2 minutes by the end of a high level campaign, and many werent even that. The problem with BG etc was the exact opposite, too much prebuff junk for each encounter or accept being gimped. In this game they got rid of prebuffs(good), but introduced a lot of junk micro for each encounter(bad) so at the end, nothing has changed. edit: BG2 had infinite spells you didnt even had to rest there.
  7. nipsen But it is also possible to say that increased cost pressures devs into putting more quality into each line, as is also often the case, and not trying to get by by obfuscating stuff with more letters. Additionally, noone in real life talks in monologues in a conversation, so shorter lines actually add to immersion, and so does voice intonation, you criminal scum! Bottom line - i dont see a connection between quality and quantity, there are just good games and bad games, as some people we can just witness here dont seem to get. Which is quite amusing. You like text? Go read a book.
  8. i can see some points in having both -Alpha strike, Paladin focus aura is an out of combat ability, so first shot is accurate. Priest cant do that. And by the looks of it, its a pretty strong ability. -Speed, even after combat start Prist can do other abilities instead, like Interdiction, with accuracy already on, or spells. -Flexibility, theory-crafting but since auras are infinite use, paladin could take them all, and change depending on situation defence/offence, and i think move speed aura stacks with Chanter, this could mean effective kiting, all ranged and just kite the heck off them, with 2 groups, one lures another shoots. Probably need more than 7.5 meters aura for that though. Saving private Aloth. Playing with modded auras much better, i like.
  9. I think the bug, if at all, only triggers when you save with an aura, so im saving w/o, no ill effects so far. In any case i couldnt manage to do 10m auras, too difficult, but here are 5meters (twice the size) and 7.5meters(x3 size), instead. Unified. Paladin Aura Mod. Just copy files into the appropriate folder. Override folder doesnt seem to be working, i wonder why it is there. The boosted auras are zealous focus, critical focus, zealous endurance and zealous charge. Its still less than maximum weapon range, (or maybe it isnt!, but i have to eat sometimes). Tested, everything works. Okok i got better with Paint too :D
  10. this is not done in Paint, those are real, i measured with aura symbols on characters. yep the Paladin feats are varying between 2.5 and 5m.. Maybe i should set them to all to 7.5m (x3) or 6m maybe, bringing standardization too. or just double/triple everything, thus preserving the original relation. hmm, x2.5 maybe? Im not that far in the game yet to judge. (act 1)
  11. Well i went ahead and changed it myself so we can check, everything @18 int and the screenshots dont mention it, but also with the +10 aura increase ring. (cba to redo the screenshots) removing it limited the range to just Eder on default range. default range x2 range x3 range
  12. But it does already.. in form of priest spells. Paladin is a commander, but he cant even command his party, his shield does a better job on it.
  13. Likely will be possible to transfer characters to future NWN titles... hehe.
  14. im already at 18 int the aura has a range of like 1 meter everyone is constantly out of range. i dont know what they were thinking.
  15. Its like a self buff lol. I want to play a Diablo 2 auradin. (and by playing i mean have as much fun). Why would they limit the range on it so much, his unique shield has map-wide effect. Speaking of which is saving with auras enabled still broken in 1.05? so far im turning everything off before quicksave.
  16. Dragon Age has no dialogue wheel... That having said, i find the dialog wheel is a better solution than wall-of-text style, its biggest problem already in the name. Voiced?, even better, doesnt have to be, a hybrid system, like the one used in Poe, where important stuff is voiced and flavor is not, is best of both worlds, so im not quite sure how voice acting is even an issue. But see, characters dont say anything, they dont even exist, dialogs are nothing more than text lines with triggers assigned and there is no logical connection between the two, thats the biggest advantage of the dialog wheel, it is actually possible to guess where the conversation is going to. Poe adopted some of that too, and dialogs with reputation triggers are marked as such. You could say "colorcoded". And thats a good thing i think too. Have seen enough people irl playing RPGs and simply click through all the dialogs. Less text more meaning > wall of text Voiced > not voiced Pretty simple really
  17. Voice acting bad feature? Planescape:Torment combat better than DAO? I think you guys should stop...
  18. Yes i agree, gear enhances character's capabilities and should direct his choice, wearing heavy armor makes us sturdier/slower and light armor makes us agile/frail. Stats dont add anything to this equation other than being there and f*** things up. (thats why they are so easy to min/max). So, what do stats even do/matter? How many here have played a dps class with might 3 i wonder. Convos i think should be influenced by choices made in the game not some preset stat again it restricts the choice before the game even began technically.
  19. Making a build is not easy because it requires meta- and game mechanics knowledge, a new player simply does not have that. One of the negatives of games like this is how much decision pressure is put on the player at the start of the game, while not providing any meaningful information. For example in TOEE there werent even weapons in the game for some selectable weapon focus talents, hehe. Predict this. Stat points are just a hurdle for new players, unnecessary imo, Blizzard realized it and removed stats in Diablo 3. Ultimately strength comes from items and talents, stats are just there to piss people off on NPCs, and provide some "roleplay" for such "interesting" stuff as weak fighters or dumb mages. In fact, stats limit roleplay, because they pigeonhole the role right at the start already.
  20. That explains it, DOA combat system is more complex, playing it in real time is simply missing content, and relying on crutches Bioware put in the game for such players, like potions. You will find Diablo 3 an even better klickfest. I dont find PoE particularly tactical so far in Act 1, there is very little synergy between classes and encounters are very messy due to the lack of tanks and rely on AI stupidity not seeing past the nearest obstacle. This is nowhere the level of DOA.
  21. Imo, stats are inherently a bad idea and worst case are abused by players and best case are a generic spread nuisance. Blizzard did the right thing and in Diablo 3 just gave every class its own fixed set of stats and stat progression. Since this is more of an rpg, they could add multiple sets like "gifted/mediocre/inept".
  22. Single classes? Sorcerer, bard >>> paladin. Pretty much everything was better than plain melee classes in BG2, arcane magic ruled that game, multiclassing did nothing more than adding said magic to melee. But sure they were good enough to beat vanilla, but so is PoE paladin no? Cavalier? Bards get a party-wide aura with better bonuses.
  23. Two words - multiclass inability. Seriously all the good Paladin stuff in bg2 comes from Keldorn who was simply a well written character. And well, not that bad compared to other premades, and i see this problem has made it to PoE as well.
  24. Paladins in BG2 sucked, inferior fighters with useless low-level cleric spells. I see not much has changed. Although they couldnt tank back then and now they can, so its clearly a buff and they do have a role now at least. Tanks are important.
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