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  1. Id rather not get involved into those comparison debates. What im saying is whoever played ME and DA has already enough experience to not get lost in this game and that IS my tip, exactly what the OP has asked for. But since we are at it already, combat is where PoE has the best chances against those two RPG behemoths anyway.
  2. On Easy or normal this game is not that difficult but it is complex. PoE is not DA:O or Mass Effect. This is Pillars of Eternity and has its own peculiarities, its own combat system, its own story. The OP asked for help and we are trying to help. Well ye, but i think you are taking the thread title from a poster named "Milf-lover" a bit too literally //among those 3 very similar games, PoE is the easiest no matter the difficulty as it requires the least tactics to win. Basically just dont get ambushed and you won.
  3. Guys, OP wrote he played through Mass Effect and DA:O. On the highest difficulty both are more challenging than this game
  4. i dont understand cant you just get a steam key or something, my last game bought from retail.. was a couple of years ago, i unlocked it in steam and it was added to the library no problems
  5. do a youtube search for the poster above ( NerdCommando ) his excellent guides will tell you everything about the game, classes, skills and everything
  6. Download Speccy to know everything about the PC. A 6yo PC that was not a budget model or a notebook at the time of purchase back than shouldnt have any problems running the game provided you tweak XP to access 3GB ram. But if you want a guarantee that it will run, im afraid noone can give it. Memory usage of the game is about 1.7GB over here so no crazy values so you should be safe with 3GB. Dont bother with all that 64bit talk, the point of it is for the OS to access more than 4GB and that rig only has 4. The game itself is 32bit. edit: actually Steam offers refunds now, im not sure if P
  7. i dont understand what you are trying to say and what is it you are agreeing with.
  8. this thread is going in redundant direction without OP posting specs, say if there is only 4GB ram installed, getting a 64bit os has very little use.
  9. do this to make WinXP access more than 2gb of ram http://scorpion.tordivel.no/help/GettingStarted/3gswitch.htm Be aware that this is not a general solution that just makes things better, since this tweak essentially robs Windows some ram it could need too.
  10. cant say that any of PoE premades have anything worth losing sleep over, where say Coran in bg has an extra, otherwise impossible to gain, 1/2 attack and could get to, otherwise also impossible, 21dex, which counted together with how overpowered archery was in bg1, easily made him the best NPC in the game. And the only thing that kept the bg2 Edwin from being the best NPC for having 3(three) more spellslots on each level compared to generic Wizard, was the Sorcerer class, which is not even in the AD&D ruleset. Imagine Aloth having 7 spellslots/level and maxed mainstat, whats what some
  11. premades in bg series were more powerful than playermade characters, or at least had some useful ability not possible to get otherwise. Plus the game did not equal them, so to even use custom characters one had to play/start a multiplayer game. Meanwhile here its as much effort as getting to the Inn and deciding whether 20mainstat for custom or 10mainstat for premades is better,which isnt a very difficult decision.
  12. From your link, second sentence or something It seems you do not understand what they did, namely making item stats more manageable, which has nothing to do with point based system in general or with integer dr in particular. The reason for that is again scaling so it wouldnt be possible to eqiup 100 junk items with 1% evasion and become 100% immune to damage. In a way in Wow, they removed point based system, so it wouldnt be possible to stack them, so exactly the opposite of what you are saying. The problem with evasion is it doesnt prevent spike damage, so bg2 it was possible t
  13. Huh, integer damage reduction is pure evil and is the source of all imbalance and exploits and is impossible to balance %damage reduction is not perfect, but easy to balance, just cap it anywhere around 60%. If a game allows 95% dr, its game design failure. The reason is % scales with enemy strengh so party strength is possible to predict to design proper encounters, meanwhile integer dr does not scale, so you are either immune or one-shotted. This is not a good design in any case.
  14. Game forces to decide between bad and bad. Complex problems "solved" with one-liner dialog solutions. Hitler did that.
  15. Haha Nakia you sure poked into the hornet nest. Tbh i dont see any problems with any tactic, its a single player game, and it should be versatile. The actual problem is that devs listen to the weirdest whines. And people who whine about game balance do it with these exploits in mind. Here is a hypothetical example Concerned user1,2,3: Arquebusses are too powerful! (doesnt mention he has 4 equipped switches between them each encounter) Devs: uhhh what?.. okay.. *decrease arquebuss damage* Normal user: hey what gives my ranger is too weak Concerned user: noob, just use 4 arquebusses e
  16. Are you guys still on that "daggers should slash" tale? Here watch this. That guy reviews pretty much all the PoE/medieval weapon arsenal (and he actually has it) Bowie knife vs rondel dagger http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU49GhxtvVQ Daggers can slash, but if the opponent has as much as any protection - forget it. (And obviously unsuitable for PoE) Which is kinda self explanatory really, but since Rambo exterminates entire countries with a hunting knife i guess this myth will never die.
  17. Yes thats more like it, you should have said right from the beginning something like "i have no idea about how real combat works but i would like all daggers to do slashing damage because there is that Holliwood movie i saw with some dude threatening the locals with an oversized hunting knife". And that would even be acceptable to add this particular knife to the game in form of an unique.
  18. uhm guys (i dont think hard is too easy) this is a systemic error. Game doesnt scale so if there are areas with Difficulty 1,2,3,4 and you clear difficulty 3 and 4 first then there will be an unavoidable a drop in difficulty, regardless of anything. The only way to combat that is to make challenge level grow exponentially with level difficulty so a lvl3 party would never defeat a lvl5 encounter. But that would pretty much railroad the game. What would be of use is metagame information on expected party level (or monster level), then you could select the appropriate difficulty before travellin
  19. People dont use melee weapons in combat anymore, what real life situation are you speaking of? All swords have a thrusting point for a reason. Think about that reason and why your idea of slashing with daggers will end badly. ( if we are talking about real dagger usage the most efficient way to kill a human is to stab him in the eye, but they dont show that in the movies so you couldnt possibly know that.)
  20. You must be really busy walking on streets.. Slashing requires a blade length to make slashes with and knifes lack one, in fact blade length is what differentiate daggers from swords. Anyway the OP has a point both weapons are too similar. To be honest i dont quite understand why the rapier is even in the game, its a rather modern weapon designed to combat armor-less enemies in times when armor became obsolete due to firearms. So i would imagine a rapier be like that Rapier - Pierce - Accurate - Dmg: 7-9, strikes twice it would bring its total damage up to a sabre and mor
  21. Ah yes, it is, i stand corrected. I was thinking of liberating exhortation.
  22. "lvl4 with another druid". If that other druid is Hivarias then he is underlevelled for those areas and doing some quests around Gilded Vale would bring the party back on track.
  23. Some bg spells lvl1 Sleep - Foe aoe prone (lvl5 and below enemies), sets deflection=0, duration 30seconds/level & enemy saves at -15% penalty Spook - confuse & enemy save at -30% penalty lvl2 Glitterdust - Foe Aoe -20% accuracy&all defenses Stinking Cloud - pulsing Slicken Hold Person - Foe Aoe Kith paralyze & set deflection to 0 Resist Fire/Cold - halves fire/cold damage (stacks with other dr)
  24. Itumaak is an off tank, he is fast and he has 2x knockdown, in other words send him to where is the most pressure to help out and keep the lines, but for gods sake dont make him the main tank or send him through "25 disengagement attacks" path lol. He rarely died on me unless i wanted him to. (where it was him dying or the wizard)
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