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  1. I'm not sure if my computer is capable of running 64 bit at 4GB of RAM or not, haven't ever bothered to check because XP can't run anything greater than 2GB anyways. It's a 2.2ghz duo core processor--was top of the line when I purchased it 6 1/2 years ago--and it still runs fantastic. Now it's considered antiquated, not even 7 years later. That was after vista had come out and 7 was either just on the horizon or just barely out, so I specified tigerdirect.com to send me the latest with XP professional on it. I had hoped that windows would have learned to make an operating system in the past se
  2. So then one idea would be to run pillars of eternity in wubi in xp. Or another would be to switch over to Ubuntu or Mint Linux OS entirely. Well, thanks for the ideas everyone. Looks like I got some research to do.
  3. that's what I used to think before I tried Ubuntu and Mint -> They're not all that different from running XP.There are one or two things that might need looking up, but you can install a version from within windows (installs like a windows program, deleted just as easily, but isn't a virtual machine - it's a real linux install) to check it out. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide or search for 'mint4win' for a mint version. What is Ubuntu and mint? Is it an operating system like windows xp? Or a program that runs in xp? I'm not sure I understand the link you posted, because it says it is
  4. Ok, thanks guys. Looks like I am not buying this game, because I hate windows 8 and don't understand Linux. (Apple is ok, but their proprietary rights are very annoying.) I am kind of disappointed because I thought that the game would be supported for older systems when I first looked into it a year or so ago.
  5. I know this question has probably been done to death, but I can't seem to find a definitive answer anywhere on the forums or by searching on Google. I have read both that it does or doesn't run on xp. I obviously know that it is not supported just from the system requirements page but... but will this game run on windows xp or not?
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