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  1. I dont know what you measured but it sure wasnt hdd performance, physics prohibits it as of today(maybe yesterday), no matter SATA version, especially for any several years old 5400rpm drive. Maybe you saw a zero too many? 30MB/s is more realistic.
  2. You would be wrong. Long load times for some computers is a known problem. I get ~10 sec load screens on my fairly decent rig. As Sensuki points out the largest area file is something like 312 MB. Any modern HDD can read that in less than a second. This post is so ridiculous i just couldnt resist. That average reading speed of a modern HDD can be as low as .7MB/sec for a fragmented HDD. It would need 7 minutes to read 300mb, not one second so you just exaggerated by a factor of x450. Realistically speeds of about 50MB/s are to be expected, so would still need at least a couple of seconds just for reading such a file.
  3. I just checked to see if this is anything more than another IWD remake because that doesnt go well financially and for me personally i dont like dull slowpaced hack&slash games, but hey if people funded this obviously they want it so more power to them. Peace.
  4. Yay 2 posts remaining for a full account... Did anyone mention Dead or Alive 5 http://store.steampowered.com/app/311730/ coming to PC in a month. A Japanese, console, fighting game, coming to PC. Will preorder in February. The world is turning upside down.
  5. This is really awkward, i feel like a spammer. Anyway.. Wow Diablo's got a new patch, i probably should buy the addon, the base game grinding kinda turned me away.
  6. I dont understand why i have to post 5 posts when its obvious im not a spambot but anyway here goes.. im playing.. hmm im playing Romance of the Three Kindoms IX now, certainly a slightly different kind of a game.
  7. Spell reuse based on "sleep" Icewind Dale UI and style pointless dialog choices Kreia style dialogs talking to every object including lamps to get quests dull towns full of redundancy How many of these points are in Pillars of Eternety?
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