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  1. What is this, the Bioware forums? No, this is me high on sugar.
  2. I like the way she dresses. I always wanted those robes.
  3. The sad part is, I didn't even read your post before looking at the pic and Spirited Away was still my first thought. :"> Not to mention I haven't seen it in years. Ah, great movie though. I almost bought it. Great pic though.
  4. It's just... there are no words. I feel dumber for having read it.
  5. (w00t) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> (w00t) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> *has flashback* Oh the Fastball Special. Good times, good times... ^_^
  6. ^ I agree. Actually, two to three years isn't that bad. Half-Life 2 took, what, six?
  7. They both have great potential. I'd say which one I prefer, but I change my mind every five seconds anyway. " A dev? Where?! *Grabs butterfly net* CATCH HIM!!!
  8. But... that leaves... the accent? That's it? The great Gambit only gets a few seconds of screen time, and the only defining characteristic they allow him is the accent?! Well... that sucks.
  9. Gambit gets screen time? Happy happy joy joy!!! *does dance*
  10. Oh most certainly, but if you tone it down to lava carving out the logo, it could be quite nice.
  11. Actually, if formed into a finished, coherent idea, this could work. Just cut out the actual eruption. That's just stupid. Remember, punctuation is your friend.
  12. :drools: But I, too, wish Gambit was in it. Gambit, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine are the best. I need to stop using that emoticon now.
  13. I always wanted to save the redhaired guy that had his leg ripped off before he died. What was he, the engineering officer? Something like that. He always seemed cool.
  14. I second that. Actually, I really ought to be finishing that sketch so I can update my art thread. Or better yet, perhaps I should do my homework... P.S. You know I love you Mothie.
  15. Tombs is a program. It cannot die. Shut down perhaps, but not die.
  16. Hey, I love the idea of a planet of role-playing instead of hack and slash. But everything moves so slowly, and the roleplaying is so bland.
  17. BAN PLZTHNX!!! I feel spammy today.
  18. All right, having reread my last post, I feel like a dip****. Half of it wasn't even true. What was true was still overkill. May I rephrase it and hopefully say what I really meant? *ahem* There was reason to close that thread down. I take that much back. I'm also willing to say that I supose the mods aren't so bad now. I can't say, as I no longer post there. However, I stand by the fact that, in my experience, the mods were a bit harsh. I am usually in support of the mods, but Bio's moderation policies aren't much to my liking. I hope that's better. :">
  19. I can suffer through Peragus and K2 Korriban could be worse, but between the Selkath, neutrality laws, and those freaking snail-like underwater sequences, Manaan made me want to beat my head into a wall. <_<
  20. Flame war? Off topic maybe, but it looked like a discussion to me. He just closed it because someone wasn't praising Bio, and they simply couldn't have that. I remember at the end, shortly before I signed up here, anytime I said anything that didn't border on Bio propaganda got me flamed or the thread closed within a day or two.
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