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  1. Mostly because I play it a lot on P&P, but the classless experienced based system of White Wolf (Vampires: The Masquerade, for instance) has my preference. I know it has some balance issues, but it gives as the same time more freedom than class based systems and more control (from DM or dev perspective) of power (less cheasing or unbalance because of a poor tactic of development that could easily ruin your game).
  2. In the first area, you may want to do all the points of interest. Then, in Velehn, you should be less focused on this but more in following the main quest and the secondary quests around the area where the main quest leads you to. You can then look at the point of interests of these area without going too far. Around the tenth level, you go to the cities and the secondary and main quests around those areas until about the twenties where you can go to Skellige and follow main/secondary quests and the interest points. After that, you can go back to Velehn and clear the areas you missed. This
  3. If you kill everyone, in the main room (with the statue), there is the soul of the main protagonist that you can interrogate. You will then complete the quest and get the new quests.
  4. The check made is if you have accepted a second quest from the Dozens, not if you have done the second quest. If that's the case, I think you need to complete it and go with them.
  5. I've read all of it and many things are quite relevant (at least the issues). You should definitely have split your topic into one about gameplay and one about content. In a single player game with pause, I really don't like the 'tank/dps/heal' paradigm. I think that ranged opponents should focus on ranged enemies and not on 'the heavy armored fighter with a shield'. It would make more relevant to have defensive stats on rangers and mages. But if this is not the way the AI works, I will have to do with it. In this regards, the attributes and armors systems may need a bit of reworking. I
  6. From a tanking perspective, Perception and Resolve are your main stats to get enough deflection. But it's important if you also take abilities to up deflection during leveling. As said before, you either tend to focus on offensive stats and consider killing opponents before they kill you or defensive stats to take the hits with your followers doing the damages. Mixing both gives more flexibility but less efficiency. Your choice.
  7. It's easy to see which character is written by MCA, just count the number of "..."
  8. As far as we know, when the Engwithian created their own gods, they destroyed all other religions through use of inquisition. Thus, all the established religions are the religions of the 11 Engwithian gods. Eothas being one of the established religions up to recent times, it seems obvious he is considered as an Engwithian gods by Thaos and the inquisitors. Otherwise, its religion would have destroyed 2000 years ago. That doesn't mean there is no other god, being unique or multiple. Just that Eothas is a construct god. That also doesn't mean that Eothas is dead for ever or anything like th
  9. This is true. I probably don't use them enough, but at the same time, non encounter abilities can only be cast once per rest. I guess in the end, what I'm ultimately saying in this thread is, I thought the barb would be decent at OT (with some hybrid gear), when in reality he's not. And, that 2 fighters seem to reduce party down time (and reloading) so much more than any other tank option - imo Barbarian is not an OT. Paladin is with the correct choice of talents and attributes. It's matter of balance : you can't have a melee AOE dps being too tanky. Of course, having two fig
  10. Oh I definitely think bugs when I think Bugthesda, just out of interest were you running an unofficial patch at the time? *edit* I ask because the only version that was available for a long time had a 100% crash issue outside Rivet City. I don't think so. It was pretty close to the release of the game on my first playthrough (so unmodded). With the console, I could tp into the lab of the boat to go on with the main quest, so there was a work around.
  11. Crowd Control is your friend : fear, stun, confusion. Use it. Like a lot when there are too many enemies. A good part of the companions you can find have lots of crowd control abilities they can develop.
  12. I remember playing Fallout 3 and having this issue where near the "city in the boat" (don't rember the name), my game would crash. Always. This was a game stopping bug, at least for the main story. Yet, people never think Bethesda = bugs When Obsidian releases a game it's always the same "this game is crawling with bugs". Sure, easy. Every game has bugs. A lot. So, I won't say this game has no bugs. But I have yet to experience a game stopping one and I'm on my second ply through. Btw, software proof testing can be quite heavy. One of my former colleagues went developing for military nu
  13. It's good you are not a music criticist, you would rate any new music a 6 because it far worse than Mozart. Besides, as it's been stated before, PoE is better than BG in some aspects, like story and dialogues. All in ll, if you don't like being criticized, don't write critics...
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