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  1. Ok, thanks. If anyone could confirm that this is definitely a bug that would be helpful, please. Is there a console command, by any chance, that could manually trigger the quest? I think I'm about 14 hours in and restarting at this point would just make me want to quit.
  2. So I got to the Woedica Temple and blagged my way past the front door. According to walkthroughs I have looked at since, I am supposed to have gotten my hands on a Woedican hood somewhere along the line, put it on and gone past the big door and talked to the Shrouded Woman. I never found the hood and instead I went in with my party and they instantly attacked me. I killed them, found a "Lead Key" and that's it, I've left the temple, gone back up to the surface and the quest is still active in my journal, I can't seem to do anything to provoke it to update. Is this a bug? Please help. I spent a long time running around trying to work out what to do and it looks like I don't have a well placed save for redoing the temple.
  3. I am the EXACT same. All the issues you mention I am having too, and my system is massively overspeced for this game so there's no way it's the rig. This is really making the game a total chore. Are you using an SSD? My system is: Intel i7, SSD, GeForce GTX 770, 16GB RAM Windows 7, Steam
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