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  1. My take is that she was a nobody, perhaps a padawan even. She was there to serve two reasons: a) the setting of atton's pathetic background story and his subsequent redemption, and b) to show that even the least important of jedis can do something great by self-sacrifice.
  2. Marvellous artwork Kyla Carth! Keep up the good work and keep them coming!
  3. Not in the poll, but I would like Atton force crushed to nothing but a pulp. Bones crushed, skin ruptured, flesh minced and organs squashed. And then, *splatter*!
  4. Agree with all that has been posted on Nihilus. It would have been interesting to have him as the last boss of the game. Imagine fighting a darker mirror of yourself. Sweet...
  5. Aye, Rosbjerg I am overwhelmed by all the baby cuteness. Not that I'm complaining. :D
  6. Euroknight's baby daughter is so cute! :D
  7. No it is not. You're just unused to it. " I should think that is a Malay Islamic name.
  8. This noob is very very confused... Before I commit a faux pas, could anyone tell me what happened?
  9. Highest level was a LS male at 27. Tried the Hssiss trick but ran out of patience.
  10. Han Solo: "That's great Chewie, ALWAYS thinking with your stomach!"
  11. I simply cannot resist adding my voice to the already overwhelming accolades that are being heaped here. Good job Aimo! Keep it up!
  12. A thread like this would simply serve to attract flamers and trolls and before long we've got another flaming war on our hands. Look the other way if you can't take it and count to 10 before posting.
  13. It's almost like Obsidian's paying homage to the SWK! :ph34r:
  14. The worst is when you key in your attacks in the menu when the enemy is still a distance away and your character does nothing!
  15. Revan, malak and the rest of the KoTOR NPCs are in the official SW's site databanks. The entry was quite well written in which it did not specify Revan's gender nor did it spoil the ending of the game for those who have not played. Some might complain that it's too brief and pointless, but I think it was suitable considering the background of the character (RPG character).
  16. Thanks for the tips Nur Ab Sal and Darth333. I'll give it a try.
  17. Yup. One of my favourite Mesopotamian civilizations! And Odinson, your avatar looks like some entity with lightning aura so, Sith Lord.
  18. That's the signature Genndy Tarkovsky style. I read that the animator felt that many of today's cartoons had too much talk and not enough action, which was why he created Samurai Jack - to tell the story with minimal dialogue and let the atmospherics and action take the lead.
  19. Unfortunately that's about it for the muder case. It's just a lead up for Ghent to . (spolier for those who haven't got to this part and don't want to know the continuation of the plot yet).
  20. I too would like another installment with new characters and settings. Just as I suspect what Bioware intended for KoTOR - a stand alone story. IMO , the problem with carry over characters and plots is that everybody would have very high expectations and hopes, that the finished product would have difficulty living up to. And also the main story arc of the game would have to revolve around pre-determined dictums set by its predecessors, making new and perhaps even more exciting plot directions difficult to execute.
  21. LOL! Yeah, I guess any nick more than four syllabus long sounds like a droid designation eh? Sarjahurmaaja, I really like your nick. Sounds exotic, powerful. You are either a very high-ranking Jedi Master or an extremely dangerous Sith Marauder. Yup. Definately a Sith Marauder!
  22. Yes they do. The SW shorties are great. I lurve it that each episode is longer now. For those of you who are still unaware, you can watch the entire second season at the official SW site in small windows. Here's the link: http://www.starwars.com/clonewars/ Enjoy!
  23. Hmm, the scepter is a staff symbolizing sovereignty, So I guess that makes Deathscepter a Sith Lord, and a regal one at that!
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