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  1. Hmmm, I sense legal eagles waiting in the wings... Subpoena... Six figures... Full written apology...
  2. I prefer the robes of KoTOR I better. Especially the dark master robe you get after defeating the Sith Master on Manaan. It's sleek and deadly looking, good contrast with the sands of Tatooine.
  3. No wonder. "Living Forever" was from the 1991 LP "We Can't Dance" and "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" was from the 1986 LP "Invisible Touch" IT is better in my opinion, but WCD had several gems of its own.
  4. Didn't Vandar bite the dust if you played DS for KoTOR? He was with the fleet right? Hmm, it would seem that with the exception of vrook, all the other old foggies from Dantooine croaked. Shame about Zhar though, I thought he was a better Jedi Master than Kavar.
  5. Nope. Not familiar at all. Speaking of the jedi masters, who were the original ones from Dantooine who died on that Mirakula colony?
  6. English is a mandatory part of the education syllabus here though I never really got it right. I prefer my native tongue. And yes, screw those bitches that try to speak like yanks.
  7. yeah, maybe. Kinda like palpatine - powerful Sith, great wielder of the force. And no one on the jedi Council senses it.
  8. Thank David Gaider then. I too have to admit that his writing was on character interactions was superb on the first game. CHris Avellone has the vison while Gaider's got his way with words. One can only hope that mayhaps one day these two geeks... erm, I meant giants would team up - Avellone with the main story arc direction and Gaider handling the various scenes and interactions. The question is would gaider be willing to work as a subordinate writer? I shudder at the thought of him squashing Avellone to a grisly death.
  9. How on earth did Atris arrive at the top of the hierarchy anyway? How old was she? She was the Jedi Archivist, could it be that she had been using Sith Holocrons for a long time and no one else onthe council could sense it?
  10. [Yoda] Practice, you still need. But strong in you, the force is. Greatness in your future, I see.[/Yoda]
  11. My view on politics? Well, you've got the lefties, you've the righties. You've got the greens, you've got the blues. And sometimes you get Bushed.
  12. Put it there fellow Genesis listener! Fav tracks are "Living Forever" and "Tonight, Tonight" Best album was "Lamb Lays On Broadway"
  13. [stupid]Erm, because that's an option?[/stupid]
  14. And I thought this topic was about sinful threesomes... (Get thee behind my back, yer imp of perversion!) I don't have much liking for Carth or Bastila and my party members in KoTOR were always Bindo and Canderous. So when the intrepid trio were taken onboard the Leviathan, stripped to their undies (LF Revan + Bastila = ) and zapped (BDSM anyone!), it meant nothing to me. Though I do enjoy frying Carth; pity the storyline did not permit him to expire at that point. Oh, and the revelation was nothing special either.
  15. Anyone saw how emaciated Bale was in the machinist? That's dedication for you.
  16. Try Christian Bale or Johnny Depp.
  17. That's the same with me too, and I have to keep telling myself that those females with cute avatars may not be that hot in real life. Whenever I see Kaftan Barlast's avatar, I always picture a cheeky little girl behind the console. Not that far off in the behavioural department actually (cheeky, not girlish). j/k
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